Closing off an Archway with Doors

Many homes built in the 70’s and 80’s have archway’s that divide rooms.

Archways are now perceived by many as outdated and homeowners are looking for ways to update this feature.

Rising costs of Electricity

It is common knowledge that electricity prices in Australia are on the rise. Homes with open planned designs or large rooms that are unable to be sectioned off are costly to heat and cool.

Many homeowners are now looking for ways to square off archways and find solutions to close off rooms.  This process can be quite exhaustive and most likely need to be completed by a professional builder.   

Archway Door Solutions

Doors Plus can provide you with a variety of door solutions to close off rooms that feature an archway. Installing doors for archways in a house may be quick and easy. In every Doors Plus branch, we employ local qualified carpenters who will be able to assist you.

The nature of archways in the home and how they were built means that there is no standard size.  Therefore, the option to install a simple door frame and hinged door just won’t work.  At Doors Plus you will find a variety of options to choose from. Choose between, hinged, folding or sliding options with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 doors. All of the doors in our range have the ability to be trimmed down in size and installed into an existing opening without compromising on the strength of the door.

before archway closed off with bifold doorsafter archway closed off with bifold doors

Arched Interior doors

Interior doorways with an arched top require a customised door to be made by a professional timber craftsman. A process which can take months of planning and building. At Doors Plus we can provide a range of solutions to update your arched internal opening, from sliding doors to bi folds or french door options.

before archway old kitchen area closed off with double french doorsafter archway old kitchen area closed off with double french doors

Sliding Doors

To close off the archway with sliding doors, a track is installed on the wall beside the opening. As an option, our qualified installers are also able to install a timber panel to square off the archway and make the door way more streamline.

Barn Door tracks

Iron Barn door tracks are an emerging trend in Australian homes. Doors Plus has a variety of iron barn door tracks that can be installed with any of the internal doors in our range.

Bi-fold (folding) doors

At Doors Plus you can choose from a variety of folding doors, with 2, 4, 6 or 8 panel options. If you choose to have a bi-fold installed, the archway will need to be squared off. If this is the choice you prefer, call into a showroom to arrange a free measure and quote.   

Before archway entry closeoff with timber bifoldsafter archway entry closeoff with timber bifolds

Hinged French Doors

Hinged doors are the most common style of door found throughout the home. French doors feature glass panels, which allow the natural light to filter throughout your home. Hinged doors do require the arch to be squared off so that a frame can be installed.  

Before kitchen archway with new double french doorsafter kitchen archway with new double french doors

Zone Living

Exclusive to Doors Plus Zone Living is available in a variety of finish’s and styles. Zone Living products also feature double glazing. This minimises heat, cool and noise transference. Zone Living Products are all made to measure and be supplied as hinged, sliding, stacking and bi-folding doors. Choose between Clear or Obscure glass as well as 7 different panel designs.  Zone living helps you to create more usable living space in your home.

To find out more, visit your local Doors Plus store or call our 1800 number listed on our website.