External Hinged Composite with or without Glass Doors

The simple hinged style is a popular choice for both internal and external doors, but when it comes to selecting your material there are some careful considerations to take into account. For external doors, it is particularly important to choose a material that promises an outstanding finish if you want to achieve a glossy door.

We use Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) – a reconstituted wood panel product – because it is highly versatile, denser than plywood, and gives a smoother finish than natural timber. This makes for external doors that are not only fortified for your safety, but the finish of Composite allows for variations in design, and a ready surface for painting your door in your chosen colour.

Our external hinged composite doors are a more economical choice than timber, especially if you want to replace multiple external doors in a matching style, but you can be sure of exceptional functionality and style by adding Safeglass™ panels

Benefits & Features
  • Popular hinged style
  • Left or right opening
  • Fortified and secure external doors
  • A smooth finish, ready for painting
  • Available in a choice of designs and SafeGlass™ Options

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External Hinged Doors

Hinged doors, which can be left- or right-opening, are usually the first option that most people consider when looking for a replacement door or during renovation.

At Doors Plus, we have a wide range of hinged door options. Available in a variety of materials, you are guaranteed to find one that complements your décor and fits your budget. If there is insufficient room for the opening action, they are also available in a space-saving sliding option.

End-to-End Solution

Once you have visited our showroom, and selected the material of your choice, we offer you a FREE measure and quote. If you find the perfect door but want it in a painted or stained, we can and will deliver the finished product you dream of. We also offer door installation.

The Doors Plus Hinged Range

When you visit one of our showrooms, you will be spoilt for choice with our large selection of hinged solutions. They include:

  • 100% Solid Timber: Pacific Ash timber, from a renewable source, is strong and long-lasting. Since this is not just a veneer, it can be re-sanded when required.
  • Solid Timber and Glass: When solid timber is combined with Doors Plus Safe Glass (TM) feature panels, it adds a touch of class to your home. Allowing extra light to flood into your home, this design component adds to your home’s value and street appeal.
  • Climactive – Fibreglass Doors with or without Glass: The pre-finished fibreglass skin has a foam core and will not rot, split or warp. It is low maintenance, weather-resistant and comes in a great range of designs.
  • Composite with or without Glass: These strong doors boast a solid construction and feature square cornered routed panels. They are available in traditional and modern styles and come finished or ready-to-paint.
Benefits & Features
  • Popular hinged style
  • Left or right opening
  • Fortified and secure external doors
  • A smooth finish, ready for painting
  • Available in a choice of designs and SafeGlass™ Options
The Doors Plus Difference
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