Zone Living Bi Fold Doors

Zone Living is our solution to an open plan lifestyle with maximum flexibility. Your home should be a place where the whole family feels comfortable, relaxed and able to get on with their day, but in an undivided living space this can sometimes pose a practical problem. What if you’re entertaining guests in the dining area while the children are watching TV, or someone needs a bit of peace and quiet to get their homework done?

Our exclusive Zone Living bifold doors provide a contemporary and practical solution, without saying goodbye to your open plan lifestyle. This space saving design is particularly useful for openings that are too wide for a standard single or double door – a common feature in large, open interiors.

Every home and every family is different, so our Zone Living bi-fold doors are custom made, just for you. Manufactured in aluminium , your bi-fold doors are both effortlessly functional and styled to suit your home. Having glass panels helps to keep the sense of continuity and flow that is so attractive about open plan interiors, and makes every zone feel light and airy.



Benefits & Features
  • Practical bi-fold design
  • Flexible and stylish
  • Aluminium with a range of colour and finish options
  • Includes Safeglass™ panels

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Zone Living Systems

Open plan living is a great way to maximise space and allow for a natural flow of light and energy though your home. It is characterised by undivided open rooms that combine living, dining and kitchen areas in one large space, separated only by open doorways.

However, it comes with a few practical problems. What happens when you want to watch TV when your child is doing homework? Or when you turn on the heating on a cold winter day and it takes forever to get warm because your heater is attempting to heat the entire space instead of just one room?

Enter, Zone Living.

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Create Flexible and Convenient Living Zones in Your Home
  • Practical bi-fold design
  • Flexible and stylish
  • Aluminium with a range of colour and finish options
  • Includes Safeglass™ panels
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