What Makes Us Different?

At Doors Plus, we deliver services that save your time and reduce the hassle of replacing your doors. These value-add services are what make us stand out from the competition; that’s the Doors Plus Difference.

No-Fuss Services
  • One to One consultation: Our trained and experienced staff will provide you with a one-to-one consultation to assist you in choosing the right door for the right application. They will help you navigate through the hundreds of doors on display in our showrooms to help you find something that suits your needs and budget.
  • Free measure and quote:Once you have decided on the door solution for your home, our consultant can arrange for a no obligation measure and quote to ensure that your door fits your space perfectly.
  • Painting and staining: Over 25 years of experience coupled with the latest technology enables us to provide the professional finish you want for your doors. Our expert craftsman stain and paint doors so that they are ready for installation.
  • Delivery: Only got a hatchback? Not sure how you are going to get you new doors home safely? No need to worry, we can arrange it for you.
  • Expert Door Installation: Whether you are replacing your internal or external doors our many and qualified carpenters will ensure your doors and frames, if applicable, are fitted perfectly.
Innovative Products and Quality Materials
    • Safe Glass™: Exclusive to Doors Plus, Safe Glass™ is up to 500% stronger than ordinary glass. If broken under extreme force, it will break into small granules to prevent serious injury as opposed to normal glass which breaks into shards and slivers. Safe Glass™ was devised to provide protection and safety for your family and introduced across the entire range in many fashionable styles, Australia wide.
    • InsulSafe™: Decorative panels of glass and Zinc, lead or Brass are sealed in a double glazed unit in a range of traditional and modern designs to suit the look at feel of your home. Creating a triple layer of Safe Glass™ brings benefits of safety, insulation and energy efficiency.
    • Paint ‘n’ Peel™: No body likes painting around the glass panels in a door. Paint ‘n’ Peel™ was developed to make painting and staining doors easy. Paint ’n’ Peel™ is a film that we apply to the glass panels before your door leaves our factory. Forget the painstaking job of masking of the glass before painting or staining. All you have to do is paint, trim and peel.

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