Popular Interior & Exterior Modern Door Designs

Popular Modern Door Designs – Here’s What You Need To Know

At Doors Plus, we specialise in helping our customers find the right outdoor or interior door, to suit their style, fit their space and work for their lifestyle. Whether you’re building a new house or just looking to refresh your home, we have a wide selection of contemporary door designs, in various styles and materials, that can be fully customised to fit your modern home.

All of our products are made from high quality wood, fibreglass, aluminium and other materials, and we will measure, manufacture, finish and fit them for you – no fuss! Your door design can be stained and painted to suit your tastes, or we can leave them raw to be finished in the colour of your choice. With such a huge selection of door styles on offer, we guarantee that you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the most popular door ideas we offer, from front to back entrances and throughout your home.

Front Doors

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Front door entryways are your welcome to your guests, and gives a taste of what they can expect to find inside. If you’re going for a contemporary style with your interior décor, the best place to start is with a modern and stylish front door.

We offer everything from solid timber wood to fibreglass, with optional glazed panels in simple or decorative glass, so you can find the perfect blend between style and practicality. By matching your front entryway with a complementary internal doors, you can set the tone for your interior design and achieve a stylish, contemporary flow throughout your home.

Front Doors Front Doors

With our Guardian 2-in-1 range, even screens can be tasteful and contemporary. A revolution in screen door technology, these innovative external doors have a built-in screen, giving you ultimate convenience, flexibility and security, with a strikingly modern inspiration. Our exclusive ClimActive doors are another example of where style meets functionality. Made from durable fibreglass, they are built to withstand harsh weather, extreme temperatures and excessive wear and tear. Didn’t think it was possible to find something modern and beautiful yet able to stand up for itself? Think again!


Every home is different, but no matter how wide your front entryway is, we have modern designs that will fit right in. If you want to finally be free of your outdated door, with its tired old side panel, we can remove the panel as well as the door and fit a wider, more contemporary door that complements the front of your home and makes a welcoming statement. If you’d rather keep your existing side panels, we can simply update them with our SafeGlass sidelights. This way, you still get the benefit of natural light in your hallway, while achieving the modern feel that you’re striving for.

Patio & Alfresco Doors

Does your old patio door need a little updating? We specialise in patio and verandah doors that complement your home and enhance your lifestyle, opening up your living and socialising spaces and inviting even more light into your home.

From solid timber wood to aluminium, we have some beautiful ranges of patio and garden designs in a choice of colours, so that your outdoor space becomes a natural extension of your home. With our Panoramic and Bona Vista ranges, you can choose sliding, stacking or bi-fold options, depending on your space and tastes, while our modern French door designs are a sleek and elegant solution.


Even when the doors are closed, large panels invite the outdoors in, maximising the light in your living areas and allowing you to enjoy the view – all year round. You can even add fly screens, hideaway screens or ultrasafe screens to your patio doors, for security and privacy.

For truly alfresco living and dining, why not go one step further and choose some aluminium and glass garden doors to enclose an outdoor space, making it fully functional all year round.

Safety Screens

Tired of coming home to your ugly safety screen door? Security and peace of mind don’t have to come at the expense of contemporary style, and our modern safety screen doors are the proof.

We have safety screen solutions for every type of door, so that you can enjoy fresh air and natural light, without the bugs and dust. The aluminium mesh is subtle yet strong enough to withstand cutting or tampering. For added security, our screens allow you to check who’s outside before fully opening your door.

We even offer hideaway retractable screens that are ideal for double or bi-fold doors. Made to measure, they fit seamlessly over your existing doors and simply pull across when the door opens. The unobtrusive mesh allows you to enjoy the view, while feeling secure and protected from the elements.

Security Screens

All of our security screens are made with an aluminium frame and a 316 Marine-grade stainless steel mesh that has been rigorously tested to withstand impact, cutting and tampering. It is also anti-corrosive, to stand up to the elements.


Our security doors can be custom made to fit your doorway, no matter how narrow or wide. We can design a security door to work with any hinged or sliding door around your home, for both single and double openings. Available in a range of stylish colours, our security screens complement the modern feel of your home, while letting in the breeze when they are open, and giving you peace of mind.

Internal Doors

A modern update to your house wouldn’t be complete without taking care of the internal doors as well. The extensive Doors Plus collection includes a wide range of popular designs that will seamlessly integrate with any contemporary interior. If you’re worried about choosing the right design to complement the feel and flow of the rest of your home, we can help you find your perfect match.


Our huge selection of hinged doors is ideal for every room and hallway in your house, whether you want timber or composite, glazed or solid, stained or painted. Whatever your style, we can finish your door to match, or leave it raw for you to paint in the colour of your choice.

What about those ancient wardrobe doors? Our internal door ranges include a number of beautiful sliding or bi-fold designs that make for stunning, contemporary wardrobe doors, in harmony with the rest of your house.

We also carry a popular range of sleek and modern French doors. You can opt for clear glass, to increase the flow of light, or choose a frosted option for greater privacy. The solid timber can easily be painted to match any décor, or you can choose an elegant wooden door stain.

Zone Doors

An open floor plan is becoming far and away the most popular layout for modern living, and while this is a great way to maximise space and light, and to make your house feel more sociable, it does come with a number of drawbacks. At Doors Plus, we believe in the Zone Living solution. This allows you to enjoy the openness of your layout, with the flexibility to close off certain areas as needed. It’s a great way to increase privacy, reduce noise and improve your energy efficiency.


You will find just what you’re looking for among our many beautiful, modern solutions to Zone Living, including hinged, sliding, stacking, bi-fold and French options. Whether open or closed, they are designed to complement your modern décor and enhance your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for maximum sound insulation, frosted glass to increase privacy, or clear glass to maintain the light and airy feel of open plan living, we’ve got the solution for you!


Glengary Barn Doors

Exclusive to Doors Plus, our Glengary Barn Doors are leading the way in the trend for characterful and modern solid timber wood doors. The unique sliding design brings their own distinctive style to your house and makes a stand-out feature, whether open or closed.

We offer single or double panels to work in your dining area, bedroom or as a unique wardrobe. You can select from 11 sleek and contemporary rail designs, 4 different door designs, and 3 finish options so that your new feature perfectly complements your interior décor. If you fancy a different door on Barn Door Tracks, we have a vast range of available options across our Internal Door Range.



Doors Plus carries so many stunning door designs that you will be spoilt for choice! No matter what you decide, we will make sure that your doors are an excellent fit and finish for your house. With more than 30 years of experience in finishing, our outstanding team will use advanced techniques to ensure that your doors effortlessly complement your modern architecture and décor.

We have qualified, professional staff on hand in all of our Doors Plus showrooms, 7 days a week, to walk you through our collections and help you find the perfect match for your needs, budget and tastes. Stop by your local showroom today, experience the quality and variety of our products for yourself, and ask us your questions!