Doors Plus: Styles That Work for You

Doors Plus: Styles That Work for You

When you visit our showrooms, you will be amazed at the variety of doors and the professionalism of our skilled staff. This focus on quality products and high levels of service are a result of our mission to improve the lives and homes of our customers.

We don’t just provide doors, door furniture and accessories; we create solutions that answer problems and meet the practical needs of you and your family.

Traditional and Modern Solutions for Your Home

Hinged Opening Doors: This is the traditional door that we’re all used to having in our homes. Fastened to the door and the jamb, the jointed hinge allows the door to swing open to the left or the right, depending on your requirements and the suitability of your space.

Sliding/ Stacking Doors: This smart solution helps you open up your internal space and also bring the outdoors in. Sliding and stacking doors are both great ways to enhance your alfresco area and enjoy the view from your home.

Bi-fold Doors: Extremely versatile, these doors can be used to divide a room and create zone living areas or to enhance an entertainment area by opening out into a garden. By installing retractable screens along with the bi-fold doors, it’s an effective way to enjoy an undisturbed view while also keeping insects out.

French Doors: Our french doors, made of quality timber and fortified glass, are a guaranteed way to add a touch of elegance and charm to your home. It immediately makes a space look larger by letting light into a room.

Large Doors: We developed our range of large doors in response to the need created by modern architecture and a trend of wide entrances. Useful for moving large pieces of furniture into and from homes, these doors also help make a strong style statement.

Guardian 2-in-1 Doors: This dual solution combines a front door and a safety screen door in one. This makes for an attractive entrance solution that helps keep you and your family safe.

What solution suits your space?

Visit our showroom and speak to our consultants about your home and your door needs. They will be able to provide you with information and guidance about the most suitable solution for your home.

The Doors Plus Difference
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