Large Doors

Large Doors

Wide entrances are a definite trend amongst modern large homes in Australia. In part, this is because large doors make a strong style statement and lend a feeling of grandeur to the property. The sturdy and secure structure keeps the house and its inhabitants safe.

Additionally, in the absence of side or rear entrances, the front door becomes the entry for large pieces of furniture or household electronics, creating a further need for a large entryway.

In response to this need, Doors Plus introduced the 1200mm range of large doors.


Solid Timber

If you’re renovating your home and looking for a large, attractive entry door, our 1200mm range will delight you. At Doors Plus, we use 100% Pacific Ash timber to ensure you have a strong and safe door. We do not use veneer. This means you can easily paint or stain the timber to achieve the look and finish you desire.

Solid Timber with Glass

If you’re looking for the grandeur of a large door but were looking to add some glass detail without compromising your home’s safety, be sure to check out our large doors with Safe Glass (TM). Perfect for the modern or traditional home, these doors let natural light into your home.
If you’re looking for a large internal doors, in addition to our timber options, we also offer composite doors with or without glass.

Find out more about our solutions

Contact us today or visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom to have a look at our quality products on display. Should you have any questions about our products and services, our expert consultants are at the showroom 7 days a week.

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