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Front Door Review – Jac’y S


For twenty-five years, Jac’y and her husband lived with a problem that was right on their doorstep. Their old front door was badly designed, with ribs on the outside, so that every time it rained the water would hit the grooves, run down the outside of the door and come straight into the house. Leaking and even flooding became a regular headache for them but, as so many of us do, they tried to find a quick fix and just put up with it. In the end, it came to a head when they had a major flood and the insurance company refused to replace the damaged carpet unless they did something about the old door.

It wasn’t just the issue of leaking, either. The single door had a large glass panel next to it, which didn’t help with the moisture issue, and the tatty old screen door let the house down in terms of both security and curb appeal, making the whole façade look tired and run down. Jac’y and her husband wanted a door that was both attractive and secure, and they particularly wanted the flexibility of being able to let the fresh air in without fully opening both screen and door and leaving their home exposed to the outside world.

Jac’y visited the Doors Plus showroom and, when confronted with so much choice, was relieved to be taken under the wing of one of our friendly consultants: “I had no idea there were so many doors! It was a little bit mind-blowing really.” Having taken the time to understand exactly what Jac’y was looking for from a new front door, the consultant guided her towards the Guardian range of integrated screen doors, and she was immediately impressed: she says, “When I saw this door it was absolutely perfect.”

The new Guardian doors would be solid, secure and resilient, instantly solving the decades old problem of the leak, and the innovative 2-in-1 design meant there was no need for an additional screen to get in the way of this stunning new addition to their home. Jac’y says, “At Doors Plus there are many lovely doors, but all of them would have needed a screen door, which defeats the purpose of having a beautiful door. So to have this door, which has got both of them, it was just perfect.”

Best of all, for Jac’y and her husband, was that they would be able to open up the door and let in the breeze while leaving the screen in place. This ingenious level of convenience and security particularly appealed to them as an older, retired couple, as it would mean they could see who was at the door before opening up their home and potentially putting themselves in a vulnerable position: “That security point was very important.” They agreed that a set of double Guardian doors would be the way to go, to remove the need for a separate glass panel to fit the wide opening, and this would also create an elegant and welcoming entrance to their home.

The whole experience of working with Doors Plus was very easy, smooth and positive for Jac’y, and she puts that down to the approach and attitude of the team at every stage of the process: “The people were very, very good.” She appreciated the one-to-one attention from the consultant at the showroom, and was very impressed by the tradespeople who turned up to install her new doors. She says they arrived at the crack of dawn, worked solidly all day, and completely cleaned up after themselves at the end. Most importantly, though, “They were pleasant, nice people to deal with, and they enjoyed my doughnuts!” Describing the experience as “pain-free”, Jac’y says, “What is it the advert says? ‘Doors Plus…No Fuss.’ I can honestly vouch for that!”

Jac’y and her husband love how their new front doors have transformed their home. She says, “It just looks super. It’s changed the whole aspect of the house.” But the upgrade has also transformed how they feel when they’re in their home, and how they enjoy their living space. It gives them peace of mind that they’re protected from the elements and from unwanted visitors, as well as the flexibility to let in the breeze without leaving their home exposed. Crucially, there are no more piles of damp towels on the floor to soak up creeping water, or the anxiety of flood damage and the inevitable battle with the insurance company. They only wonder why they waited twenty-five years to make the change!

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