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Whether you’re renovating your entire home or just replacing one or two elements, upgrading your internal doors is a great way to refresh and uplift your living space. Gone are the days when doors were purely functional – today, the huge range of materials and designs on offer gives you the opportunity to inject a sense of style and character into your home, and to complement your interior décor. Your internal doors also play a key role in directing the flow of light, noise and energy around your home, transforming the look and feel of your rooms, and supporting how you actually use your space.

Our extensive collections of internal doors are designed to bring quality and style to every home. We have engineered timber options, lightweight and economical composite doors, contemporary aluminium styles, and plenty of glazing choices. Depending on your space and preferences, you can choose hinged, sliding, stacking or folding doors, and we offer a choice of paint or wood stain finishes so that your doors immediately look right at home.

Our stylish doors can stand out as a decorative feature in their own right, or function as discreet room dividers that slide away when you want to open up your space. Some of our ranges are fully finished and ready to install, and others can be custom made to your specifications.


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By Area

Every door in your home has a role to play. You might want mirrored doors for your bathroom or wardrobes, sliding doors to zone off your living spaces, or a solid, well-insulated door for your home office to give you maximum peace and privacy. The challenge is to balance visual appeal with the practicalities of your lifestyle, so that you love your doors and they work for you. We have a huge collection of styles that have been expertly designed for each area of your home.

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We use the highest quality materials, the latest technology, and innovative design to create unique and stylish doors that are also high performing, practical, functional and durable. From our sustainably sourced Pacific Ash timber to our expertly engineered composite doors, there is a range to suit every home and every budget.

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By Function

Our doors strike just the right balance between style and functionality. Every range is designed as a practical solution for the modern home, while offering extensive design, finish and configuration options. Whether you need classic hinged doors, a double set for a wider opening, a space-saving sliding solution, or innovative room separators from our Zone Living range, our functional yet fashionable solutions have got you covered. Visit your nearest showroom to explore our full collection.

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Enhance your home, by using doors that compliment your interior style. Hinged or sliding barn doors create a modern industrial feature, while French doors embrace the Hamptons style adding light and texture. At Doors Plus we have a huge collection of internal doors to choose from. For a traditional look, stained engineered timber adds warmth, while sleek modern doors with subtle designs blend seamlessly into eclectic and contemporary finishes. Maximise the functionality of open plan living with the Zone Living Range.

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By Construction

Internal doors come in a wide variety of materials and constructions, so you need to think about what you want from your doors in terms of both performance and finish. Knowing how the door is made will help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your home.

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Plus Products

Plus Products

Plus products have been introduced into the Doors Plus range to make it even easier to renovate your home. These complementary home decor products can be measured, made and installed by our team, giving our customers a one-stop-shop for all their home renovation projects.

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The simple answer is: the ones that you love. We have a huge choice of material, style and finish options, and each has its own benefits, but it really comes down to your own tastes and how you want your doors to function in your home. You should think about the style of your interior décor, so that you don’t choose doors that look out of place, but you should also consider the flow from room to room, the filtration of natural light, and durability of the material. Think about how you use your rooms and how your doors will enhance your space, and then choose a style that you love.

Interior and exterior doors serve a very different purpose. Interior doors play a key role in how you use and enjoy your living space, giving you privacy and sound insulation when you need it, or flexibility in terms of your living areas. Our Zone Living range of folding, sliding and stacking internal doors allows you to open up your space for integrated family life and entertaining, and then to close off smaller living areas when it suits you. Glazed internal doors help to encourage a flow of light between rooms, and the style of your interior doors will also form an element of your interior decor.
Interior doors might be engineered timber, hollow core or composite in construction and are usually 35 mm thick, whereas external doors are more likely to be timber, fiberglass or aluminium and are 40 mm thick.

This really depends on the finish and look you want to achieve. We have both timber and aluminium bi-fold options, with a choice of finishes, and glass panels help to uplift your living space with more light flow. If you want to be able to zone off an area for more privacy, though, you might choose solid bi-fold doors rather than incorporating glass.

Standard heights are 2040 and 2340 mm. Standards widths are 870, 820, 770, 720, 620 and 520 mm. At Doors Plus, all of our doors are designed with a trimmable timber rail, so the door can be trimmed down in order to be installed into an existing doorway. This is great for older homes where the frame may have moved or is out of square.

Yes, we have a range of styles that can be custom made to suit your space, up to 2400 x 1200 mm. For much wider openings, our internal Zone Living range allows multiple sets of folding, sliding or stacking doors to be combined. For example, 8 folding panels can fit an opening of up to 3900 mm, and 6 stacking panels can reach up to 7200 mm in width.

This will depend on your space and exact specifications, as well as the doors you choose. Factors such as material, size, style, configuration, hardware, and adjustments to your framework, will all affect the final cost. We can visit your home to check your requirements, measure up and provide a quote so that you know where you stand before we get started.

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