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Always Going To Be Hamptons – Wainscoting Testimonial


When Adam and Vicky bought their new home in Marsden Park, it was on one condition: Vicky had her heart set on giving the house a cool and sophisticated Hamptons feel.

She knew exactly what she wanted, and although she had come round from the idea of building their dream home from the ground up, she wasn’t about to compromise on that dreamy, resort-style look.

This was going to be their forever home, after all. “It was always going to be Hamptons,” Adam admits.

More Than Just Doors

The first job, from Vicky’s point of view, was to buy a new door for the walk-in pantry because she hated being able to see all of the clutter.

To achieve the clean and minimalist Hamptons style, they wanted a neat bi-fold door to close off this space.

Once they started looking at the many options and styles available in the Doors Plus collection, Adam also suggested that they could get a beautiful feature barn door.

When they visited the showroom in Minchinbury, they were surprised to find that there was so much more on offer besides doors.

Other home renovation products started to catch their eyes, and they found themselves dreaming bigger.

As Vicky explains, “The range that you had… I couldn’t believe that you had wainscoting.

I just thought it was all doors. You had wainscoting, you had shutters. There was such a big range.”

It was the wainscoting that really marked a turning point for Vicky and Adam.

As they explored the different effects that could be achieved with this customisable wood paneling, they could immediately see how their home might be transformed into that elusive Hamptons retreat.

They had turned up to the showroom with doors in mind, but what they had discovered had sparked their imaginations even further: Vicky says, “We went there, had a look, and found the most gorgeous barn door. In the end, I found more things – wainscoting to turn it into Hamptons! So exciting!”

Above & Beyond

It wasn’t just the range at Doors Plus that came as a happy surprise.

They also found that the friendly and helpful service made the whole process enjoyable, exciting, smooth and painless.

Their Doors Plus consultant was able to open their eyes to the possibilities, answer their questions, and walk them through their options.

Vicky says, “Kate was just gorgeous from the word go.

Really helpful. We were only going there for doors and then when I found out that she had wainscoting, she showed me all the different ones they had.

She was very, very helpful.” Adam agrees: “They were knowledgeable, and they put us at ease.

They told us what was available, what could be done, and the service was prompt.”

When it came to installation day, the Doors Plus team arrived on time and virtually completed the work within a day.

They returned the following day to make a few small adjustments and ensure that the job had been finished to the highest standard, and they cleaned up after themselves to leave the home in good order.

Living the Hamptons Dream

Vicky and Adam couldn’t be happier with the end result. Adam describes the original look as “plain, boring gyprock walls”, whereas the wainscoting has added depth, texture and character to the home.

As Vicky says, “It changes the whole look. It’s like a wow feature.

It’s better than putting a picture on a wall. It’s just gorgeous.” In fact, she loves it so much that she’s got her sights set on the family dining-room next!

It really is a transformation that infuses the whole home with the chic Hamptons feel, and it has the added benefit of providing protection against knocks and scrapes.

The hard-wearing paneling can even stand up to the dog as he bolts down the hall after his toy.

The couple have been able to completely refresh and uplift the character of their home through a quick and easy process that surprised them at every turn with how exciting and enjoyable it could be.

As Vicky says, “I got that Hamptons look that I was trying to achieve, with no fuss whatsoever.”

As Adam puts it, “Doors Plus is a no-fuss company, and deliver what they promise.”

As Vicky sits back and surveys her forever home in all its new-found glory, she says, “I can’t tell you how happy I am. It’s absolutely awesome. That Hamptons look? Love it.”

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