Indoor and Outdoor Door Painting and Staining

Painting or staining a door isn’t easy. It takes expertise and patience. Most importantly, it takes time. You may have the best intentions to put the finishing touches on the raw doors you’ve installed, but you find yourself constantly postponing the task. This is largely because:

1. You have a busy schedule filled with other commitments and finishing a door becomes a non-essential.

2. You aren’t sure how to go about the task and have to spend hours of research and watching how-to videos on YouTube before you can even start.

3. You have to invest in paint, stain, varnish and brushes that you may never use again and will end up having to store.

At Door Plus, we take the fuss out of finishing your doors. When you purchase from our range you can choose to take advantage of our professional painting and staining service.

For stunning doors, look no further than us.

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise, we have developed the skills and advanced methods of professionally finishing your doors to suit your home’s architecture and interiors.

  • We finish our doors on a specially designed paint-and-stain line, which means a smooth and even finish.
  • Our stained timber finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood by enhancing the characteristics of the grain in a variety of beautiful timbers.
  • We can paint the doors you select, prior to delivery, so that they are ready for installation. You can even arrange for a Doors Plus carpenter to install your new door for you.

Visit your nearest showroom, and one of our friendly consultants can assist you in seeing the range of Doors we can Paint or Stain for you, some exclusions apply. Alternatively we have some solutions available from our fully finished range of doors on display in all of our showrooms.

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Visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom today and to see our professionally finished doors. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, talk to our consultants about your painting and staining needs.

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