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Your external doors have a key role to play in how your house looks to the outside world, but they are also your first line of defence against the elements or uninvited guests. A stylish front door can transform the exterior of your home and seriously boost your curb appeal, and any side or back entrances need to be equally secure and durable.

From statement solid timber front doors to our innovative Guardian 2-in-1 entry & screen door solution, our collection of external doors brings stylish design together with quality materials and innovative engineering, for entry doors that will keep your home and family secure. We also have a wide range of stunning and versatile folding, sliding, stacking and French door solutions that allow you to open up your living space onto a patio, verandah or decking and enjoy alfresco dining or entertaining.

Visit your nearest showroom to discover our huge selection of designs, materials, configurations and sizes, and choose stylish new external doors that will stand the test of time for your home and your family.


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Whether you want a stunning new front door that welcomes you home in style and boosts your street appeal, a practical yet stylish laundry door, or a dramatic set of alfresco doors that opens up the back of your home, we’ve got a huge range of external door solutions for all around style and security.

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We use the highest quality materials, the latest technology, and innovative design to create exclusive external door solutions that are stylish, practical and highly durable. From our sustainably sourced Pacific Ash timber to highly resistant fibreglass, we have balanced aesthetics with performance to develop an extensive collection of external door ranges to suit every home and every budget.

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By Function

Whether you want classic hinged doors, a grand double entrance, a space-saving sliding solution, or stunning alfresco doors that fold or stack away to let your living space flow onto your outside area, we have a wide range of door styles and designs on offer so that you can find the right fit for your home. Our choice of quality and resilient materials strikes a fine balance between style, security and longevity.

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At Doors Plus, we are always working to design and engineer cutting edge external door solutions that work harder for your home and your family. Our extensive ranges of front, side and back doors includes hinged, single or double, and extra large options in a range of different materials and designs. We also have a wide selection of folding, sliding, stacking and French doors that are ideal for uplifting your living space with natural light and creating a versatile al fresco area.

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By Construction

As well as the look of your external doors, it’s important to think about how you need them to function and perform over time. Understanding the characteristics and benefits of different types of construction will help you make the right choice for your home and lifestyle.

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Screen Doors

Screen Doors

Your external doors are not just there to look good, they are also your first line of defence. At Doors Plus, we specialise in solutions that combine style with strength and performance. Our Ultrasafe security screens and safety screens are custom made to sit in front of your existing hinged or sliding doors, giving you an added level of protection and peace of mind.

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Plus Products

Plus Products

Whether you’re renovating your entire home or just replacing a few key elements, upgrading your internal doors is a great way to freshen up your space. Until recently, the style of an interior door was not considered very important. In large part this was due to the lack of options. However, at Doors Plus you will find a wide selection of internal doors in a variety of designs and materials.

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Exterior doors come in a variety of heights and widths. The most common heights are 2040 and 2340 mm, while the standard widths are 820, 870, 920,1020 and 1200 mm. For homes built before the 1970s, when Australia was still using the Imperial system for construction, the most common standard door size was 77’ x 29’ (1960x755 mm). A real benefit to purchasing Exterior Doors from Doors Plus, is that we have taken the various sizes available and customised our products specifically for replacement. Doors Plus Exterior door products can be trimmed within a certain guideline, and still remain under warranty. This means in most cases they can be installed into existing openings. 

At Doors Plus, we have sourced the best wood for an exterior door, suitable for Australian Climate conditions. Doors Plus utilise 100% solid Pacific Ash timber for external doors that are strong, resilient and versatile. The wood is quarter sawn, not face cut, which means it is much less likely to cup, bend or warp. This also makes the wood more stable and gives a straighter grain. Our solid Pacific Ash doors are long-lasting and can be re-sanded as required, unlike doors with a thin veneer. The Exterior Wooden doors can also be trimmed, painted or stained to suit any decor. All of our timber comes from a sustainable, ethical and responsible source. 

External doors are the doors that are used around the exterior of your house, including front and back doors, side, laundry and garage entry doors. This also includes patio or al fresco style doors that open out onto a garden, verandah or decking area using either a folding, sliding or stacking mechanism.
The main difference between external doors and internal doors is thickness. External doors are generally 40 mm thick, whereas an internal door is 35 mm thick. As a first line of defence and security for your home, external doors should be made from a sturdy material with a solid core, and should be able to withstand exposure to the elements all year round. Our innovative ClimActive range of external doors is specifically designed with this in mind, using the latest in fibreglass technology and a polyurethane core to achieve superior protection, resilience and insulation. Internal doors are more about style, and day to day functionality, so they can be constructed with a more lightweight or hollow core, with plenty of designs and configurations to choose from.

For security and insulation, we recommend installing solid external doors around your home. We have ranges of external doors in both solid Pacific Ash timber and solid composite materials, depending on your budget and preferences. Solid doors are stronger and make it much more difficult for anyone to break in. A hollow core door is made with a cardboard honeycomb inlay panel and is easier for an intruder to kick in. External doors should also be constructed from a material that can withstand the elements, and that keeps your home well insulated from the outside in. Our solid timber Arcadia range offers strength and durability, with optional raised moulding and multiple designs and configurations to suit your space and style. Alternatively, our Torrens and Regent ranges use a solid construction and a primed high moisture resistant skin, for excellent robustness and resilience against the elements. These, as well as the solid MDF Clifton range, offer various different designs and optional glazing, so you don’t have to compromise on style or natural light.

When you install double doors, you will have a “working door”, which swings open and closed for general coming and going, and a “fixed door”. In the past, to stop the working door from opening or closing too far past the fixed door, the doors would be rebated, meaning they were cut to slot into each other without any gaps. The problem with this is that it can compromise the construction of the door if the indent is cut too deep. 
At Doors Plus, our solution is to install a mushroom stop to the fixed panel so that when the working door closes, they sit tightly against each other without any gaps, while preserving the sound construction of the door itself.

Rebated doors
Rebated doors
Mushroom stop
Mushroom stop

The standard height for an external door frame in most Australian homes is 2040 mm, but many homeowners are choosing 2400 mm for a more grand entrance. Many of our external doors can be trimmed down or built up to fit your existing framework, or we can install new framework if required.

This will depend on the size and configuration of your doors (single or double, with or without side panels), and on whether you need any adjustments to the existing framework. Our qualified and experienced carpenters are both highly skilled and efficient at what they do, and will ensure a professional and quality finish, without the fuss. They will also be happy to answer any questions as they go along.

There are benefits to both wood and fibreglass, so it depends on your budget, preferences and priorities when choosing your new door. Our solid timber ranges, such as Arcadia, are made from high quality Pacific Ash timber that has been quarter sawn, not face cut, which means it is much less likely than other timber alternatives to cup, bend or warp with changing temperatures and moisture. This also makes the wood more stable and gives a straighter grain. Our solid Pacific Ash doors are long-lasting and can be re-sanded as required, unlike doors with a thin veneer. They can also be trimmed, painted or stained to suit any decor.
Fibreglass can be a more economical choice, but with ranges like ClimActive you get all the benefits of the very latest in fibreglass technology for outstanding protection against the elements. These doors are guaranteed not to warp, split or rot, whatever the weather, and a moisture-proof bottom rail prevents water from pooling at the base and causing the door to peel. The fibreglass skin can also be easily painted in the colour of your choice.

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