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Doors Plus was founded with a mission to improve the safety and aesthetics of Australian homes by providing high quality doors and related services.

Bi-Fold doors are also a very practical option for separating living areas in your home where the space is too large for a single or double door to be effective. A variety of configurations are available to suit most applications. The Flex Zone range includes a specially designed bi-fold option which is exclusive to Doors Plus. We designed this to create more flexible and convenient living areas in your home. The concept is to install the Doors Plus, Zone Living folding System, also available in sliding & stacking, which will divide the large open spaces of your open plan home to provide more usable smaller areas which are more efficiently heated or cooled. This will help you save on energy bills and bring the room to a comfortable temperature, quickly.


Advantages of Installing a Pet Door

Giving your furry companion its own entry and exit point offers a whole range of benefits for both pet and owner. Here are three of them!

Easy access to the outdoors means your dog can enjoy those backyard runs whenever the urge hits or your cat can sneak out for a quick prowl. Keeping your pet active and engaged is essential for its health and happiness!

Dogs need to go when they need to go! A pet door means fewer desperate indoor accidents and less cleaning for you. Cats with outdoor access often choose to do their business outside as well, keeping your home and their litter box fresher.

No more stressed-out barking, scratching at the door or chewing on furniture out of boredom! Your pet knows they can go in and out as they please, reducing anxiety. Owners get the peace of mind that their furry friend isn’t holding it in all day or feeling trapped. It’s a win-win!

Why Choose Doors Plus for Your Pet Door

At Door Plus, we understand that your pet door isn’t just an opening – it’s a gateway your pet will use countless times. That’s why we partner with trusted brands like Staywell® to bring you pet doors designed to withstand the wear and tear of enthusiastic pets.

The Staywell® original 2-way pet door features:

  • Rigid, transparent plastic flap: Your pet can see through and easily navigate the door. The sturdy material holds its shape under lots of use.
  • Durable plastic frame: Designed to handle fast exits and entries.
  • Adaptability: Works with many door and wall materials like wood, metal, MDF, and brick.
  • Control options: The 2-way lock and included closing panel let you manage when your pet can come and go.
  • Size options: Available in multiple sizes with flap openings of 175mm x 152mm, 267mm x 228mm and 356mm x 305mm.

Choosing the perfect base for your pet door is just as important as the pet door itself! Here’s why Door Plus doors are your go-to:

  • External blockboard doors: Constructed from premium Pacific Ash timber, these doors are known for their strength and versatility. The blockboard construction allows them to be safely modified to accommodate a pet door without compromising the door.
  • External solid joinery doors: This range offers exceptional durability and superior craftsmanship. The solid construction provides a tough base for your pet door, withstanding pet traffic with ease.
  • Guardian 2 in 1 doors: An excellent choice, the Guardian 2 in 1 door offers an entry and screen door in one. These doors deliver a modern look and they’re built to last, perfectly suited for adding a pet door.

Installation Made Easy

Whether you’re a DIY warrior or prefer the help of a professional, Door Plus has you covered for your pet door installation.

  • Our team of skilled installers has extensive experience with pet door integrations into various door types.
  • We handle everything from a proper fit to a clean and safe finish.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet door is installed perfectly without compromising the integrity of your door.
  • We provide clear installation guides and resources with our pet doors.
  • Our friendly support team can answer questions and offer advice throughout your project.
  • Feel empowered to tackle your pet door installation with confidence.

Ready to find the perfect pet door?

Say goodbye to constant door duty and give your pet the freedom it deserves! Explore our pet door range today.

Contact us for expert advice and a free measure and quote on your pet door project, or pop into our nearest showroom and explore our range!


  • Durable plastic frame and panel
  • 2 way opening
  • Dual lock control
  • Multiple sizes available
  • DIY or professional installation

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Start by measuring the widest part of your pet's body (usually the shoulders or hips) and the height from the top of their shoulders to the bottom of their chest or belly. Add 25-50 mm to both measurements for comfortable clearance. 
If you have a puppy or kitten, be sure to factor in their potential growth when selecting a pet door size. Reputable pet door brands will provide sizing charts that use your pet's measurements and sometimes even their breed to help you choose.

Most pet doors are designed to be installed in common materials like wood, metal, MDF, and even brick or glass (with professional assistance). Always double-check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your door.  
It's important to choose a pet door that matches the thickness of your door. If you have a difficult installation or feel unsure about the process, it's best to get professional help.

Regular maintenance will keep your pet door working properly. Frequently wipe down the flap with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris - you can use a mild pet-safe cleaner for tougher grime.  
Keep an eye on the weatherstripping around the frame for any signs of wear and replace it as needed to maintain a good seal. Lubricate the hinges and any locking mechanisms (if your model has them) at least once a year.

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