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Tale of the Pink Front Door – Megan & Mark Morrison


Megan & Mark Morrison

It’s been 13 years since Megan and Mark built their family home, where they currently live with two of their four children, and two dachshunds.

With the busyness of family life, juggled alongside their careers, they have inevitably accumulated a long list of outstanding home improvement projects over that time.

This past year, they decided to draw up a checklist on a whiteboard and start making some serious progress. First up: a new front door. If only they could agree on what they wanted…

Practical vs. Pretty

As a photographer and content creator, Megan has an eye for visual aesthetics and is drawn towards the pretty and the colourful.

Mark, on the other hand, was keen to prioritise practicality and security.

Apart from their existing door being a bit tired and dated, they had their suspicions that someone had attempted to break in in the past, so this was also on Mark’s mind as he considered replacement options.

As Megan explains, they locked horns over this, and struggled to find something that would make them both happy: “I wanted a pretty door.

Mark wanted a functional door. And I didn’t want to put a security screen on a pretty front door.”

For some time, they were at a stalemate.

An Open-Minded Reccie

Mark was aware of Doors Plus through his profession as a painter, so he set about researching their options and the Guardian 2in1 really caught his eye.

The strong and resilient security screen was a big plus for him, and the fact that it was integrated into the door would also mean a more sleek and attractive finished look.

It was clear to Megan that he had his heart set on this door, but she was still unsure that it would tick the boxes for her.

Trying to keep an open-mind, she headed to the Doors Plus showroom to see Mark’s dream door for herself, confident that they would be able to find a compromise somewhere amongst the extensive Doors Plus collection.

Then Things Got Personal

Their visit to the showroom only confirmed Mark’s feelings about this unique door. He says, “When we went and looked at the door at Doors Plus itself it was like, wow, that’s exactly what I wanted.”

Megan, too, was impressed when she saw the Guardian 2in1 for herself.

Knowing how passionate Mark was about this option after all his research, she began to visualise how this door might have the potential to meet all of their criteria – and do it in style.

They agreed on a compromise: Mark would get the door he desperately wanted, and Megan would choose the colour – pink!

Crucially, the integrated security screen would mean no extra screen fitted over the front of her beautiful new door, and that really appealed to her.

The doorway at Megan and Mark’s house is wider than the standard opening, so they arranged to have their door made in a custom size.

They opted for the 3/4 glass panel, rather than the full length panel, so that their small dogs wouldn’t be able to see out of the door at the bottom, and they chose to have it installed raw so that Mark could paint it himself.

They also went for black hinges and a black pull handle, for their personal touch of style, and they installed their own digital thumbprint lock for added security.

As Megan says: “In the end, Mark really wanted that door. I wasn’t sure. But from going into the store, choosing the door, to them letting us have what we wanted, panting it ourselves… It was the best decision. It was seriously no fuss.”

“Shout Out to Todd!”

Following their positive experience at the showroom, Mark and Megan were just as impressed with the carpenter who came to install their door.

He arrived when he said he would, took pride in doing the job well, and cleaned up once he was finished. He fitted their chosen hinges and handle, and installed the door so that it was ready to be painted.

As Megan puts it: “He was amazing.” And Mark agrees that the whole process was seamless: “Absolutely no fuss. Really, it was!”

Harmony in the Home

Finally, both Megan and Mark are in love with their new front door.

The outstanding practicality and flexibility of the Guardian 2in1 ticks all of Mark’s boxes and keeps their home secure, day and night.

For Megan, it’s transformed the look and feel of their entrance – inside and out – and she can’t stop looking at it: “I’ve got a gorgeous front door, painted in my favourite colour.”

The large glass window invites plenty of light into their home from the outside, making the whole area feel bright and fresh, and they have the flexibility to open up the panel and let the breeze in when it gets warm.

As Megan says, “It’s lighting up my life!” After being locked in a stalemate for so long, Megan has to concede: “Perfect choice of door, Mark!”

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