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Bi-Fold doors are also a very practical option for separating living areas in your home where the space is too large for a single or double door to be effective. A variety of configurations are available to suit most applications. The Flex Zone range includes a specially designed bi-fold option which is exclusive to Doors Plus. We designed this to create more flexible and convenient living areas in your home. The concept is to install the Doors Plus, Zone Living folding System, also available in sliding & stacking, which will divide the large open spaces of your open plan home to provide more usable smaller areas which are more efficiently heated or cooled. This will help you save on energy bills and bring the room to a comfortable temperature, quickly.

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Give your walls some character

Add some depth and texture to flat internal walls with decorative wall panelling. Our customisable wainscoting can be added to the bottom section of your walls in hallways or living areas to enhance a traditional home décor or add a chic design feature.

Make a feature of it

Wainscoting is a simple and elegant way of creating an eye-catching feature wall in one or multiple living areas. Whether you want to add warmth and character to a bedroom, or classic elegance to a dining-area, our decorative wall panelling makes a stunning feature in its own right.


Show your hallway some love

Wainscoting has the power to utterly transform the look and feel of your hallway and fully incorporate this area into the styling of your home. Whether it’s the first space you enter when you open the front door, or a passageway that ties your living areas together, wall panelling allows you to embrace your hallway as a standout feature of your home.

Your style, your way

Our fully customisable wainscoting includes 12 different combinations of panels, inlay moulds and rails, so that you can find the look that’s right for you. The backing panels are available in wide or narrow beadboard designs, as well as a flat panel option. The top rail is also interchangeable, with both 55mm and 100mm options, and adjustable timber uprights offer customisable spacing.


In harmony with Shaker

Our wainscoting wall panelling is designed to complement both the Shaker and Shaker beadboard internal door ranges, making it easy to achieve consistency and harmony throughout your home. The clean lines of the minimalist Shaker style, with tasteful panelling and understated timber mouldings, lifts any hallway or living area with its simple yet refined character.

The complete package

We will measure, make, deliver and install your wainscoting for you to your personal specifications. We have a team of qualified and experienced carpenters on hand to get the job done to the highest standard, and this is all included in the price you pay. Your panelling is supplied pre-primed and ready to be finished in the colour of your choice.


  • Brings interest to plain, flat walls
  • Complements both traditional and contemporary homes
  • 12 different combinations to choose from
  • Match both the Shaker and Shaker beadboard styles
  • Made to measure wall panelling in the minimalist Shaker style
  • Customisable Spacing
  • Supplied pre-primed, ready to be finished in your colour choice

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Wainscoting is decorative wall paneling that typically covers the bottom third of the wall. It consists of backing panels, upright timbers and a top rail. There is a wide range of combinations to choose from, and the spacing of the timbers can be customised to create different looks. Wainscoting can be used to add character to a particular room, or as a design feature in a hallway or entrance hall.

Wainscoting wall paneling potentially dates back as far as the 16th century, and is often associated with Victorian architecture and interior design in Britain. It was originally used as a practical solution for reinforcing and protecting the lower part of the wall in high traffic areas, covering up scuffs or damp patches, or improving insulation. However, it has since become a decorative choice in many homes, adding character to flat walls, and has become increasingly popular in Australia over the past 5 years.

Wainscoting is created by using lengths of paneling and timber to create a custom look. Each installation is custom designed around your rooms and spaces. We offer 12 different combinations of panels, inlay moulds and rails. The backing panels are available in wide or narrow beadboard designs, as well as a flat panel option, the top rail is interchangeable, and the spacing of the uprights can be customised.

Wainscoting is installed pre-primed and ready to paint in the colour of your choice.

Wainscoting can be installed throughout the home. However, as it is made from MDF, high moisture areas should be avoided or thoroughly sealed with the correct protectants.

Wainscoting may also be referred to as wall paneling, a dado rail, chair rail, beadboard, wall moulding, tongue and groove, and more., depending on the specific characteristics.

Wall paneling is where sheets of grooved panels are hung on the wall, either over the gyprock or in place of it, to provide added decorative interest.

A chair rail is a section of decorative moulding that’s fixed to the wall, originally designed so that when a chair was moved back from the table it didn’t mark the wall. Similarly, a dado rail is horizontal moulding around the perimeter of the room. Beadboard is wall paneling with vertical grooves routed into the surface. Beadboard can be hung to cover the entire wall or a section of it to create interest and texture. Tongue and groove is another style of wall paneling, where boards are slotted into each other using a tongue and groove design to give a smooth and flat finish.

For a long time, wall paneling has been found in more traditional homes and design schemes, but the recent trend has seen wainscoting sit beautifully in Hamptons style, beachy and coastal homes. Thanks to the customisable nature of wainscoting, and the different effects you can create, we see it being used across many decors.

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