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Kelly Came Back! Guardian 2 in 1 Door & Sidelight Review


The Problem: A Tired Old Screen Door

In the 18 months since moving into their family home, Kelly and her husband had gradually updated and refreshed various areas of the property but their old front door was still letting the side down.

These uplifting renovations only highlighted the fact that the front door was tired and dated, and out of keeping with the style of the house.

With a keen eye for design, as well as practicality, Kelly felt the impact of this on the overall aesthetics of their home: “It hasn’t been the door we wanted.”

But it wasn’t just about style and curb appeal, either.

There was a big gap underneath the door, the screen door was a poor fit, and it tended to let all the bugs in.

Kelly wanted to find a door that would complement the rest of their contemporary home, and that would be practical and functional as a screen door.

She was also really hoping to make the most of the light that floods into the home from the front and the brightens the interior living areas. She says, “We weren’t really sure what style of door we wanted to use. We wanted something that was modern but made sure that it still fitted in with what our family needed.”

The Experts: On Hand to Help

Having used Doors Plus before, Kelly immediately knew where to turn, and she was confident that she would get the advice, service and results she was looking for.

She knew what she didn’t want from her front door, but wasn’t sure exactly what her options were for a replacement so she really appreciated the personal service and advice from people who know their doors inside and out and would take the time to understand what she and her family needed for their home.

The Solution: The Guardian 2 in 1

With the help of a personal consultant at her local showroom, Kelly quickly found her match in the Guardian 2 in 1.

The innovative design of this integrated screen door would give her the convenience and security of a robust screen, with all the contemporary style of a chic front door.

The large window floods their home with natural light, and the glass panel can be opened to let in the breeze, while the screen stays in place.

Kelly says, “One of the things I love about the Guardian 2 in 1 is that the security screen is built there into the door so I never have to worry about whether or not the door is left open or who’s on the other side. We know that, no matter what, we’ve got fresh air and light coming through and there’s never a security risk for the kids.”

The Process: Smooth & Seamless

Having made her selection, Kelly was able to arrange a measure and quote, delivery and installation through the consultant at the showroom.

She knew what she was getting, how much she was paying, and when it would all happen, and having worked with Doors Plus on previous home renovations she was confident that everything would run smoothly: “Every single time we’ve worked with Doors Plus we’ve had exceptional service in the showroom and in home during the installation, and we’ve never had any problem – the whole process is just no fuss.”

Sure enough, the new door was delivered and installed on time, without any trouble. Kelly says, “The carpenter that we had was amazing. He was really fast and efficient, he was happy to answer all the questions that I had, and did an amazing job.

There was no mess left behind, we just had a beautiful new front door.”

The Result: A Door That Does More

Everything, from the frame and window to the fittings and finish, looked exactly as Kelly had planned.

The Guardian 2 in 1 is the crowning glory of their family home, single-handedly uplifting the look and feel on the outside and the inside. The screen door is both stylish and practical, modern and convenient, and gives the family flexibility.

Compared to the old door and ill-fitting screen, it really is a breath of fresh air!

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