External Guardian 2in1 Doors

Your home should be your sanctuary, and our Guardian 2-in-1 range of external doors is the ultimate in safeguarding for you and your family.

This revolutionary, all-in-one solution combines a solid door frame and our patented Safeglass™ panel, with a secure stainless steel mesh, so you can enjoy natural light and fresh air from behind the safety of a locked door. It also means that you can check who’s at the door before giving them access, without the need of a separate security screen, and is ideal for incorporating a cat or dog access flap.

Our integrated 2-in-1 screen door design comes in a selection of external door styles for the front, sides and back entrances of your home, for all around safety and peace of mind.

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Ultimate peace of mind

Our exclusive Guardian 2in1 integrated screen door is an innovation in home security. A marine grade stainless steel mesh is housed within a SafeGlass window, so you get all the benefits of a robust and resilient security screen without the need for an extra screen door. For both security and style, the Guardian 2in1 has got your home covered.

Style on the side

You can create your own look with single or double Guardian side panels. Mix and match the style of your front door with a Guardian timber or composite side panel. From our sleek and contemporary Torrens to the easy-going charm of the Californian design, you can make your front entry your own with a stylish Guardian on the side.


Access for furry friends

A great choice for family homes, the all-around security of the Guardian 2in1 includes the option for an integrated pet door on selected designs. This makes it easy for your four-legged friends to come and go without you leaving your home exposed and vulnerable.

Room to breathe

The Guardian 2in1 is an excellent solution for laundry areas, which can get moist and stuffy. The SafeGlass window allows light into the space, and you can open the glass panel to let the air circulate while the mesh screen stays in place to keep your home secure.


Forget the juggling act

With the integrated design of our Guardian 2in1 doors, you get all the security of a screen door without the inconvenience. No more juggling and struggling to open up two doors when you get home with hands full of shopping, bags or small children. It also means you can choose a style of door that you love and you don’t have to cover it up with a metal screen.

Home safety made simple

The combination of a SafeGlass window and an integrated mesh screen gives you the option to open the window and check who’s outside before making the decision to unlock and open your door. It sounds simple, but the Guardian 2in1 really is a revolution in everyday home safety.



  • Multiple styles for front, side and back entrances
  • Option for integrated pet access
  • Painted white or pre-primed

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Exclusive to Doors Plus, our Guardian 2in1 is an external door and screen door in one.  Available as single or double doors, the Guardian 2in1 includes an integrated mesh screen and a panel of SafeGlass so that you can open the glass while keeping the door locked and the screen in place. This allows you to let in the breeze while keeping out the bugs and ensuring that your house remains secure, and also makes it easy to check who’s at the door before unlocking it. These doors are exceptionally robust and resilient against the elements. Available in either solid timber or with an HMR skin, the Guardian 2in1 range offers various different styles to choose from. Your doors can be painted white or finished with a dark maple stain, or they can be supplied raw or pre-primed, ready to be painted in the colour of your choice. You can even incorporate a pet door, so that your four-legged friends can come and go without leaving your home exposed.

You can choose a solid Pacific Ash timber door or a primed HMR composite door.  The mesh screen is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, and the glass panel uses Doors Plus SafeGlass.

You can choose single or double hinged doors, with optional side panels. The Guardian side panels can also be paired with external door products from other ranges, in order to create your own unique front entry.

Yes, two of the door styles in the Guardian 2in1 range allow you to integrate a pet door so that your furry friends can come and go while your house remains secure.

This will depend on factors such as the size of your door, the configuration you choose, and how you want your door finished – whether you would like us to paint or stain it, or whether you want it installed raw and ready to be finished in the colour of your choice. If new framework is required, this will add to the installation time, but we may be able to adjust or trim your door to fit your existing framework.

Guardian 2in1 doors are an excellent solution for any external entrance as they offer ultimate security and flexibility. This includes front and back entrances, laundry, garage and side doors.
The innovative integrated design of this 2in1 external and screen door makes it particularly suited to front entrances. Not only can you enjoy the convenience of only having to open one door every time you come home, but if someone comes calling you can open the glass panel to see who it is before unlocking the door and leaving yourself vulnerable. You can even combine Guardian side panels with a different front door and still enjoy all the benefits of the integrated screen door.
As an external laundry door, the Guardian 2in1 gives you the flexibility to open up the glass panel to allow hot air and moisture to escape, and fresh air to circulate. This helps to reduce damp and mould in the laundry room, and makes for a much more pleasant environment when loading and unloading appliances.
The option to include a pet door makes the Guardian 2in1 an all-around solution for any of your external entry points, and particularly those leading out into a garden area.

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