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Guardian 2 in 1 Review – Kelly M


As a successful style blogger, Kelly takes pride in every design decision she makes about her home, and she shares her projects with an avid following. Over the last 10 years of living in their house, Kelly and her family have gradually worked their way through renovation projects, large and small, to make her home work better for her family and lifestyle, and to stamp her own style on their space, but the front door was one of those jobs that just kept falling to the bottom of the list.

A busy mum of five, with her own business on top of that, Kelly – unsurprisingly! – struggled to find the time and headspace to do her research and settle on what she wanted. Choosing a new front door is a big deal and not something that can be rushed or muddled through, and as a proud home stylist Kelly wasn’t about to make a snap decision: “The front door is something I’ve been putting off because I just haven’t been able to find what I wanted.” Whatever decisions Kelly had made about their interior living space and décor, she knew that her choice of front door was going to be instrumental in setting the tone for the rest of the home – and in creating a secure environment for her young family. She says, “I wanted something that was not only beautiful from the outside but that didn’t compromise on safety.”

When she couldn’t put it off any longer, Kelly checked out the Doors Plus website to get an idea of the options out there, and then she headed into their nearest store to really get stuck in. Kelly admits that the sheer number of styles to choose from was overwhelming at first, but she says the hands-on experience and advice from knowledgeable consultants really made the difference: “There are so many to choose from, but the staff were fantastic. I really had time to look at the individual products, open and close them, and just picture them in our home.” She found it helpful to be able to chat to the consultants about what she wanted in a front door, and what would suit their lifestyle: “We sat down and talked about exactly what I was hoping for.”

They very quickly settled on the Doors Plus exclusive Guardian 2-in-1 integrated screen door because it struck that perfect balance between style and security, without any need to cover a beautiful front door with a functional security screen. Kelly says, “What I loved about it, as soon as I saw it, was the fact that you have this beautiful exterior and then, on the inside, I could just open up the glass panel and the light and air would flow through. It just brightened up our whole entry way.”

With precious little time on her hands, Kelly also really appreciated how smooth and simple the entire process was – from choosing a door to seeing it installed in place: “From start to finish, the whole process of working with Doors Plus to choose our new front door was so easy.” At the measure-up, they agreed that they would need to update the frame around the door at the same time, and this was all taken care of by the Door Plus team. When installation day arrived, Kelly says, “Everything was ready to go: the front door was stained, the frame was stained, and even the dressing timber that you see from the inside and outside was all matched to the front door.”

Whatever concerns she might have had about the disruption of having a new front door fitted – the time, the mess, the inconvenience, and the distraction from the many other things that she needed to get done that day – they all faded away when she saw how quickly and seamlessly the team worked to get her new door in place: “We literally had this beautiful front door with the mess gone in half a day, and it was just finished!” She found that the install team put her completely at ease because, not only were they friendly, but they were also clearly experts in their field: “It was really lovely to have someone there that knew exactly what they were doing and was happy to answer any questions!”

Having put it off for so long, Kelly still can’t quite believe the transformation they have achieved simply by updating their front door: “I love my new front door. I didn’t actually realise how much of a difference a front door can make to the look of your home, until I found this.” And she’s not the only one who has been blown away by the new look – the unique and innovative design of the Guardian 2-in-1 has been causing a bit of a buzz among visitors, friends and neighbours! Kelly says, “We have had so many compliments about our new front door since we got it – even through to neighbours coming over to ask what sort of door it is and how it works.”

For Kelly, home styling is about creating a safe, personal and comfortable space for her family, so she feels confident that the Guardian front door was absolutely the right choice for them. She loves the way it looks, but it also gives them flexibility, security and peace of mind: “It looks fantastic from the outside, warm and welcoming, and then you’ve got this security screen where you can see out. I don’t have to worry about a grill or anything in the way – I’ve got this beautiful clear view out through the security screen when I’ve got the glass open, and then when I want a bit of extra privacy or it’s a bit cold, we just shut that glass door.”

Since her experience with Doors Plus, Kelly has never looked back: “I am always reluctant to start new projects because everything’s so busy all the time, and I always worry about what will happen if it doesn’t go to plan. But Doors Plus really just made the process so easy. There was no fuss, everything was just easy, they had great service, and a beautiful front door for us at the end of the day.”

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