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Wide door & UltraSafe Security Screen Door Review – Penny


Penny and her husband have lived in their home in Brisbane for 16 years, sharing it with their four children and then with their children’s partners, at times. Needless to say, their front door has seen a lot of comings and goings over the years, but it hasn’t always stood up to the challenge.

Like all of us, Penny wants to feel safe and secure in her own home, and it got to a point where the old, tired front door could no longer give her that reassurance. The lock wasn’t reliable, so Penny could never be completely sure that the door was actually locked and secure, and when the defences were put to the test the house was in fact broken into. But even before that final blow, Penny had had her frustrations with the door, and in particular the fact that the opening was too narrow to move large furniture items or appliances in and out. Performance and practicality aside, she just didn’t like what she saw when she opened her own front door. Both the door and screen were out of date and dirty, and the whole area needed to be refreshed and uplifted.

Although she was in and out of her front door multiple times a day, it was one of those things that Penny had just tried to ignore because she didn’t have the time to get stuck into a long, complicated or stressful renovation project, researching and managing multiple suppliers to get the job done. But then she found Doors Plus.

When she felt that she couldn’t live with the old door and the lack of security any longer, Penny visited her local Doors Plus store to see if we could help her out. She was pleased to find that the visit was quick, straightforward and very helpful. She says, “My first visit to Doors Plus didn’t take a lot of time – I don’t have a lot of time – so we went down, saw Harry and the gang, and they looked after us. It’s been a very simple process from the start to the finish.” They selected a wide and stately front door from the Eden range, combining solid timber with translucent glass, and an Ultrasafe security screen, and arranged a free measure and quote.

It was a great relief to find that their Doors Plus consultant would handle everything for them, arranging an installation team to fit both the timber door and the screen door, so they just had one point of contact and didn’t have to fuss with finding and managing their own contractors. Penny’s concerns about making time for a renovation project began to ease and she started to let herself get excited about how her new doors were going to refresh and uplift her home.

When the day of the installation arrived, there was again that creeping question of how much of Penny’s day was going to be taken up with managing it all, and how much mess and disruption it was going to cause – the less glamorous side of any renovation project! – but once the team got started, any anxiety she had felt soon melted away: “Installation was amazing – very professional, very friendly.” The fitters instantly put Penny and her husband at ease, looked after them and kept them informed about what was going on. Penny says, “They were really quick, didn’t take up a lot of our time. They were great to deal with, from when they arrived to when they left.” They cleaned up after themselves, and left the home utterly transformed.

The old door and glass side panel have been replaced with a single wide entry door and new framework, giving an opening of more than a metre wide for moving large items in and out. The damaged and dirty screen has been replaced by the Ultrasafe security door, giving Penny and her husband complete peace of mind that their home is protected. The 3-point locking mechanism can be latched or deadbolted with the key, for maximum security, and the 316 marine grade mesh has been rigorously tested for impact, knife shear and Jemmy, so they can confidently put that previous break-in behind them. Penny says, “I’m very happy with my big door and my Ultrasafe. It’s all I wanted.”

Not only that, but the whole front entrance is now completely refreshed, and Penny has a beautiful front door to be proud of. Her elegant and striking Eden door is made from quality Pacific Ash timber, and the translucent SafeGlass panels invite plenty of natural light into the entryway while providing added security and insulation. The Ultrasafe security door is sleek and subtle, and stained with a dark maple finish. Penny says, “I just love it. It just looks gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. It’s massive, it’s pretty, it works. I don’t struggle with it. I love the timber, I love the colour. It’s just beautiful. Love, love, love it. Very happy.”

All of Penny’s hesitations or concerns about the time and stress involved in any kind of home renovation project evaporated when she experienced the Doors Plus approach. She says, “Doors Plus – No Fuss! And it’s very true.” From her first visit to the store, she realised that we were going to handle it all for her, get it done quickly, and leave her with a door that brings her both joy and peace of mind.

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