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Black Internal Doors – Zone Living Testimonial by The Mood Collective


Black Zone Living Bi-Fold Doors

More often than not, you know whether a house is the right place for you within moments of stepping inside.

For the owner of The Mood Collective Janika, the thing that sealed the deal was that their new home was a blank canvas, with a bright, open and interconnected layout.

They loved that the living spaces were free-flowing and felt that it would work perfectly for their family.

There was just one problem: they needed their home to function well for both work and play, both office time and family time.

Juggling the corporate role with a side hustle in interior styling and content creation – Mood Collective Australia – and her husband also works from home.

Although they had fallen in love with the open plan flow, with three children and a dog in tow they didn’t always want that energy – and noise! – flowing into their focused workspace.

Sometimes you just need to be able to close the door.

A Discovery: Doors Plus Zone Living

Janika and her husband had previously enlisted the help of Doors Plus to install new front doors, to improve security at the front of their home, and had found it to be a really positive experience.

They then heard about the Doors Plus exclusive range of Zone Living doors and wondered whether this might be the solution to their open plan problem.

After visiting the Doors Plus showroom, they chose a set of bi-fold Zone Living doors in a contemporary black finish, to complement their home style.

The hinged panels extend from wall to wall when closed, and then fold away to one side to open up the space once again.

The large glass panes allow a steady flow of light into the office space, and preserve that interconnected feel with the rest of the living areas, while also helping to keep out the noise and create a peaceful and focused environment.

Janika says, “Having Zone Living doors means we can enclose the space and have some quiet time when we need to concentrate and focus on our work.”

The Fit: Getting in the Zone

When the day came, Janika found the installation process to be just as smooth and straightforward as it had been with their front doors.

The installers were friendly, professional and efficient.

She says, “Both times, the installers have come in, just got on with the job, and it has truly been no fuss.”

Once the work was completed, and the installers had cleaned up and left, Janika was able to take a step back and admire the transformation.

She couldn’t have been happier with the end result, and the difference it was going to make for them as a family.

Seeing the doors at the showroom was one thing, but seeing them installed in her home and in use every day fully exceeded her expectations: “The finished product is honestly better than I envisaged when we went to the showroom.

Now that I see it in my space it’s even better than I thought it would be.”

The Results: Best of Both!

The Zone Living doors have allowed Janika and her family to fully embrace the openness and flow that they first fell in love with about their home, while also facilitating focussed work that can be zoned off from the noise and chaos of a young family.

With both parents working from home, Janika explains that it was essential to have the option of “a quiet space that’s dedicated to our work and what we need to get done.”

At the same time, they weren’t about to sacrifice the interconnected feel of their family living space.

She says, “This product has just given us so many options with our home.

It gives us the ability to open up the space when we want to, and close it off and create a quiet environment for us when we need that too.”

Since discovering Zone Living, and all the possibilities these innovative door solutions unleash for them as a family, Janika hasn’t looked back: “I found the Zone Living doors to be a complete solution for our lifestyle and for our home.”

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