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Standard Internal Doors Sizes (in Australia)



Did you know that the standard internal doors sizes can differ from external door sizes?

It makes sense because they’re performing a different function in your home, both aesthetically and practically, but it may not be something that you’ve ever thought about before.

Knowing the standard sizes for internal doors in Australian homes will help you determine whether you need custom doors for your space or whether you can choose from the wide selection of fully finished or primed doors that are ready to hang.

The benefit of standard doors is that they tend to be more cost-effective and there is a great choice of materials and styles. However, many people choose custom made doors because of unusual, non-standard openings, restricted space, or as a stylistic choice.

Bifold Internal Custom Door in Dark Maple Finish

There is no single standard internal door width in Australia, but hollow core, glass and timber door sizes include a selection of set widths and heights as standard, pre-made options.

Here are some of the key things that you need to know.

Standard Internal Doors Sizes

The most common internal doors sizes in Australian homes are 820mm wide by 2040mm high, but standard door sizes range from 520mm to 920mm wide.

As so many newer homes are now being built with higher ceilings, many doors are also available as 2340 internal doors, as well as the standard height of 2040mm.

Comparison chart - Height and Width - Internal Doors

Internal Doors Sizes by Style

As you begin to explore the various types of internal doors for your home, you will find that different styles of door come in different standard sizes.

This is something to think about when weighing up the exact specifications of your opening, your style preferences, and your budget.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are a type of classic hinged door with a flat surface and made up of economical hollow core.
Standard sizes:
• Width: 520, 620, 720, 770, 820, 870, 920
• Height: 2040 or 2340mm

Flush Panel White door

Panel Doors

Panel doors can either be timber or composite construction.

Available with timber panel options, pressed skin panels or routed panels and are available in a variety of designs that add interest to your rooms.

Standard sizes:
• Width: 460,520,620,680,720,770,820,870,920mm
• Height: 2040mm
*Not all sizes are available across all designs

White Sliding Double Door for Wardrobe

French Doors

French doors are single or double hinged doors, featuring one or more glass panels from top to bottom.

You can choose full glass doors or multiple smaller panes, and they’re great for encouraging light flow between rooms.

Standard sizes:
• Width: 520, 620, 720, 770, 820, or 870mm
• Height: 2040 or 2340mm

White French Double Door

Glass Doors

Glass doors are becoming increasingly popular as a way of connecting and uplifting living spaces, and adding contemporary style to any home.

They can be single or double, hinged or folding, with one or multiple glass panes.

Standard sizes:
• Width: Standard single door width, 620, 720, 770, 820, or 870mm
• Height: 2040mm
*Custom sizes are available for wider openings.

White French Door

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide into a cavity in the wall when open and are particularly convenient for tight spaces, such as small en suite bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Standard sizes:
• Width: 720, 770, 820, 870
• Height: 2040

White French Door in Wall Cavity

Double doors

Double doors can be hinged or sliding, and they open in the middle to create a wide entrance.

They can be solid, for maximum privacy and insulation, or glazed for light flow and a more open plan, connected feel.

Standard sizes (per door):
• Width: 520, 620, 720, 770, 820, 870, 920mm
• Height: 2040 or 2340mm
*Not all sizes are available across all designs

White Double Door

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors consist of multiple panels that are hinged together to fold in the centre.

Multiple bifolds can be joined together for wider openings and can fold away to one or either side. 2, 4, 6 can be combined, depending on the size of the opening.

Standard sizes:
• Width: 620, 720, 770, 820, 870, or 920mm
• Height: 2040mm or 2340mm (certain ranges)

Internal White Double Bi-fold Doors with Glass Panes

Sliding Doors

An alternative to hinged or folding doors, sliding doors run on a track and slide along the wall to open.

You can choose single or double sliding doors, and one of the key benefits is that they don’t take up floor space by swinging into the room.

Standard sizes:
• Width: 620, 720, 770, 820, 870, or 920mm
• Height: 2040mm, 2120 or 2340mm (certain ranges)

Sliding French Door

Internal Door Size FAQs

What are standard interior door sizes?

Standard internal doors sizes can range from 420mm to 920mm wide, and from 2040 to 2340mm high, depending upon the style and door range.

The standard, ready-made options will vary depending on the exact style of door you choose, with some ranges and style options only available in certain sizes.

The most common interior door size in Australian homes is 820mm wide by 2040mm high, but many newer properties now have taller doorways of 2340mm so this is fast becoming a standard size for many ranges.

If your opening is a non-standard size there are plenty of custom made options to consider, but the cost of internal doors tends to be more budget-friendly with standard sizes.

What width do internal doors come in?

Depending on the style, most internal doors come in standard widths of 420, 460, 520, 620, 720, 770, 820, 870, 920mm.

Certain ranges are available as extra wide options, up to 1200mm.

Your choice of standard widths will depend on the style of doors you go for, or you can choose custom made doors to suit your specifications.

What is a standard door width Australia?

The most common standard door width in cm in Australia is 82cmm, or 820mm, but ready-to-hang doors are available in a range of standard widths, with an extensive choice of materials and styles.

Standard sized doors can be as narrow as 420mm or as wide as 920mm.

Are all internal doors a standard size?

Not all internal doorways are the same height or width, but there is a range of standard sizes that fit most Australian homes.

A huge selection of door styles is available in these ready-made options, so they can be supplied pre-primed or finished with a paint or stain.

If your doorways are a non-standard size, you may need custom made doors to fit.

It also depends on the location and function of the doors in your home – for example, you may need a narrow pocket door for a small bathroom, where space is limited, or compact bi-folds for a laundry room.

Standard sized doors available at Doors Plus are designed for particularised trimming for narrow opening so that they can be installed into existing framework.

What is the most common door size?

The most common internal doors sizes in Australia are 820mm by 2040mm. 2340 internal doors are also becoming more common in newer properties with taller doorways.

If you have standard sized doorways, you will find a huge range of door styles, materials and configurations to choose from – whatever your budget.

What size doors do I need?

Most Australian properties have standard internal doors sizes, so it’s most likely that you have a door jamb size for an 820mm door.

This means you need a door that is 820mm wide.

The standard height is 2040mm, but if you have higher ceilings (for example, in a new build, or a home that you’ve built or renovated yourself) you may need a door that’s 2340mm tall.

It’s important to accurately measure your opening so that you know what you’re looking for when exploring your style options.

At Doors Plus, we can arrange a free measure and quote, and many of our doors can be trimmed down slightly on each edge for a flush fit.

Find out more about how to install internal doors.

3 Panel White Stacker Door with Glass Panes


The size of your internal doorways may not be something that’s taken up much of your headspace before, but it’s helpful to know where you stand before you start weighing up your options.

If your doorways are a standard size, you can choose from our vast collection of ready-to-hang internal doors in composite, timber, aluminium or glass, with traditional and contemporary designs to suit any home.

If you need something a bit more out of the ordinary – no problem! – we have plenty of stunning custom doors that can be made-to-measure.

Visit your local Doors Plus showroom to discover our pre-made and custom options for yourself, and to arrange a free measure and quote so that you know exactly how your doorways measure up.

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