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Internal Door Fitting Cost

Internal Door Installation Costs Introduction:

If you’re planning a home renovation project, you’ll know that accurate estimates are key.

You need to know how much the work is realistically going to cost you and how much wiggle room there is in your budget.

It’s the only way to avoid nasty surprises later on, or even an unfinished job because the costs ran away from you.

When buying doors for a new build, or replacing tired old doors with something more functional, fresh and stylish, it’s important to know how the various options stack up against each other on the budget spreadsheet.

Internal Door Fitting Cost Estimation Sheet

And it’s not just about the cost of the door itself.

As well as asking, “How much do internal doors cost?” you need to consider the additional costs that can sometimes be hidden or overlooked, such as finishing, installation and hardware.

When you fall in love with your dream doors, it’s easy to get carried away.

But make sure you know how much you’re expecting to pay to get the door delivered – along with the relevant hardware – fitted in place, and finished to your tastes.

When you know where you stand, you can then decide whether you want to do the fit and finish yourself or leave it to the professionals.

So, let’s take a look at that question in more detail: how much do internal doors cost?

How Much do Internal Doors Cost?

There is no straightforward answer to this as there are so many different types of internal doors, and factors such as material, construction, configuration and finish will all impact the final cost of your doors.

Generally speaking, the more cost effective are doors that are a standard size and ready to hang (find out more about internal doors sizes).

Doors Plus - Marsden Door

Many doors can be custom made to fit the size and specifications of your opening, but this is likely to increase the cost.

If you get your doors supplied raw or pre-primed, this might save you money up front but remember to factor in the cost of a contractor if you’re going to pay a professional to paint or stain them for you.

Otherwise, the finish can often be included in the price, as a package deal.

The cost of internal doors can therefore range from as little as $50 to as much as thousands of dollars depending on the size, configuration, material, with or without fitting and finishing costs. Let’s break it down a bit more.

o How much to hang a door?

This will depend on whether you choose to hang your door yourself or pay for a contractor to do it for you. The cost will depend on the size and configuration of your doors, and also whether your existing framework needs any work in preparation for the new doors. Carpenters will usually charge a call-out fee and then charge by the hour, and the work will include installing the hinges, hanging the door, and fitting the handles. And that’s just for a standard single hinged door. For more complex installations, such as bi-folds, sliding doors and stacking doors, the cost will inevitably be higher than the cost of installing a single hinged door, and you will likely be charged by the panel.

Doors Plus Installer Carrying White Door

o Cost to replace interior doors

So how much does it cost to replace internal doors, not just hang a new door? The cost of replacing your doors will generally be slightly higher as it involves removing the old doors, preparing the framework and hardware, and installing the new doors. Contractors are likely to charge depending on the time required and the complexity to replace an internal door, but again it will depend on size, material, configuration and exact specifications.

Doors Plus - Before and After Comparison - Before Doors Plus - Before and After Comparison - After

o Internal door material options vs cost

When asking how much are internal doors, material is a huge factor. A standard MDF honeycomb hollow core door can be as cheap as $49, some up to $60 or more, while timber, glass or aluminium will have a higher price tag. To answer questions like how much do internal wooden doors cost, you will need to weigh up the benefits of each type of material, such as longevity, insulation and visual aesthetic, as well as the varying costs and what those costs include.

Doors Plus - 4 Panel and Hollow Core Door Comparison

You can check out the Doors Plus catalogue to see our current package offers, and compare the costs and benefits of each material. For example, you could get a Marsden hollow core panel door for a certain price which is including fitting, whereas the same 4 panel door in solid timber would be close to double the price including installation. Similarly, our Picton hollow core bi-folds are available from a particular price point per hinged panel, fully installed, whereas the solid timber and glass bi-folds in the Ashfield range would cost just under double that bifold, including installation. A single timber French door could cost a particular price, whereas aluminium gives a sleek, contemporary look and is exceptionally hard-wearing, but can double the price. So even the question, “How much do internal French doors cost?” isn’t as simple as it sounds!

o Internal door finish options

You can choose to have your doors supplied raw or pre-primed, and then either finish them yourself or arrange for a professional painter to do the job for you. Many of our timber doors are available fully finished – either painted white or stained dark or light maple – and this can be included in the price, so there’s nothing more for you to do to have your doors looking the part. For example, our stylish Hamptons or Mascot timber internal doors with SafeGlass can be stained dark maple and installed, refer to our catalogue for the latest price. At the other end of the spectrum is the Nova hollow core door that can be supplied with a white melamine skin that doesn’t need painting or finishing. This is currently on offer in our catalogue for a great price, fully finished but excluding installation.

Doors Plus - White Door in the Bedroom

o Internal door styles

We can’t answer the question, “How much do new internal doors cost?” without considering style and personal taste. Generally, the more economical doors are flat panel doors, with a subtle and versatile style that can fit in anywhere. But if you’re looking for something with a bit more character, you will probably need a little extra money in the pot. For example, a solid timber barn door with a carbon steel track comes in at a higher price per door, including installation, for true statement style. You might ask how much do internal sliding doors cost, but it will depend significantly on how much you want your doors to stand out as a feature.

Maybe you’re also wondering, how much do internal bifold doors cost? Bifolds are usually charged per panel and costs can vary including installation, although Doors Plus currently has a deal on bi-folds so check it out in our latest catalogue, and yes we can stain and install.

Doors Plus - Ashfield Bifold with Glass Panes Stained in Dark Maple

What’s the cheapest internal door option?

Having considered all of the factors that come into play when asking how much do internal doors cost, you might just be looking for the most budget-friendly option.

If you only want the door itself, and are happy to arrange the fit and finish with a contractor, you can get a single hollow core door for under $100, checkout in store for the latest price.

However, the easiest option is a fully finished door, in a standard size, ready to hang.

The Doors Plus Nova door is a hollow core construction with a white melamine skin that doesn’t need painting, and it’s currently on offer. See in store for details.

• Simple and versatile style
• No need to paint
• Easy to wipe clean
• Ready to hang
• Lightweight and durable

Doors Plus - Nova - White Door

DIY vs Professionally Fitted Internal Doors

As you can see, the question “How much do internal doors cost?” doesn’t come with an easy answer.

The cost can vary dramatically, and it often doesn’t take into account the actual installation, so it’s important not to be caught out. You have several options here – you can buy a door as part of a package that includes installation, you can buy the door itself and arrange for your own contractor to fit it, or you can fit it yourself (see, How to install internal doors).

You should only attempt to hang a door yourself if you’re confident that you’ve got the skills and the tools you need to get it right. It’s always worth paying for a job to be done well in the first place, rather than having to pay for it to be fixed later on.

As we’ve seen, the cost of the fit will depend on the size, material, style and configuration of your doors, as well as the condition of your existing framework, and any hardware requirements.

At Doors Plus, many of our packages include installation so there are no unexpected costs further down the line.

We can come to your home to fully understand your specifications, measure up, assess your existing doors and framework, and provide an accurate quote for the job, so you know exactly where you stand up front.

Measure and Quote

Visit your nearest showroom to get a better understanding of your options and various cost comparisons, and talk to one of our friendly experts to arrange your free measure and quote.

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