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Totally Transformed The Look Of the House – Wide Entry Door & Guardian 2 in 1 Side Panel Testimonial


Over the last 28 years of living in their home, Annette and her husband have worked their way through various renovations and home improvements, but the front doors lingered as the last job on the list.

It was when returning home from holiday with fresh and critical eyes, and approaching their tired old front entrance, that they knew the time had come – the doors had to go.

The Problem: Out With The Old…

Their old doors were outdated, worn and cracked, and covered by an unattractive screen door.

This obviously had an impact on curb appeal, and the overall look and feel of the house from the outside for Annette, but it also potentially compromised the insulation and security of their home.

As she began to consider their options for a replacement, Annette found her head turned by some other houses in the area that had extra wide front doors.

These caught her eye as an attractive and welcoming entrance, and she really liked the look of them.

The Solution: Elegance & Security in One

It was then that she heard about the Doors Plus Guardian 2 in 1 security screen side panel as a potential solution.

The fact that the integrated design would mean there was no need for an additional screen to cover the door really appealed to Annette.

She began to glimpse the possibility of a front entrance that was both secure and aesthetically elegant.

They had always had screen doors over their front entrance for enhanced security, and liked to be able to open up their doors to let in some fresh air while leaving the screen in place.

But, as Annette says, “To cover up that beautiful door wasn’t going to be an option, so when I found out about the Guardian that was great.”

This 2 in 1 solution has a built-in stainless steel mesh, so the window panel can be opened without compromising on security: “I could open it up but still have the security there, let the breeze come through but not impede the view of the front door.”

The Experience: From Showroom to Installation

The Doors Plus name was familiar to Annette and her husband as a trusted brand for household doors, so they went to visit the Marsden Park showroom to really kick their door search into gear.

At the showroom, with the help of a Doors Plus specialist, they were able to see the Guardian door in action and get into a lot more detail about the exact style and configuration they wanted to go for, as well as the finish, fixtures and fittings.

They settled on the 1200mm Guardian door with an additional side panel, in solid Pacific Ash timber and extra strong SafeGlass.

Now, they could start to see their vision of a beautiful, solid and secure front entry door becoming a reality.

Reflecting on how helpful it was to visit the showroom and explore the doors in person, Annette says, “When I saw the door on display with the Guardian side panel I could visualise what it would look like at the front of the house.”

Annette’s husband had originally planned to do the installation himself, but when they realised that they could get the whole package done through Doors Plus, at a reasonable price, it seemed too good to turn down.

Annette says, “To have someone come in on one day, finish it and be done…we thought it would be a better option just to get it done totally by Doors Plus.”

Sure enough, from their first introduction to the Guardian side panel through to installation day, their experience turned out to be smooth, effortless and enjoyable: “I’ve been very, very impressed with Doors Plus. I could not fault them.”

The Results: A Front Entrance to Turn Heads

Annette and her husband can now enjoy a warm welcome home, and be proud of their front entrance when visitors come calling.

Thanks to the new Eden Wide front door and the integrated design of the Guardian 2 in 1 side panel, they can let in the breeze or check who’s at the door without compromising on security, and their beautiful new door can stand proud in all its glory, without being obscured by an unappealing mesh.

As Annette says, “The new door installation has just totally transformed the look of the house and I’m really, really pleased with it.”

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