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Laundry & Patio Doors Review – Kate S


As an interior designer and product stylist, Kate Sparks knows how to look at a space and realise its full potential. She spends her time creating beautiful, unique and functional nurseries, play rooms and family environments that work for her clients and enhance their lifestyles. So she understands, better than anyone, that a family home is more than bricks and mortar, and that it’s the personal touches and attention to detail that transform a space and bring it to life. And when it came to updating her own living space, there was an added level of poignancy to her efforts.

Kate is bringing up her young children in the home that once belonged to her grandparents so, as she says, it is a space that it very personal to her and that holds an important place in her heart: “Within these walls are my childhood memories, and to be able to bring my own children up in this home is really special.” She wanted to refresh and modernise the space, and make it work better for her family’s day to day living, but of course she was anxious to retain the feel and character of the home that has meant so much to her over the years.

With her professional eye for design, she knew what she was looking for and wasted no time: “When I first walked into Doors Plus I had my eye on French doors; I do love the look of French doors, and I just love the way that they offer that open plan living.” But once she was in the showroom and browsing the collections in person, the consultants introduced her to a wide range of options, from French doors, to folding, stacking and sliding ranges, and she was inspired by the various smart solutions for a contemporary, open plan feel. Although she’s a pro when it comes to interior design choices, Kate really valued the time the consultants took to walk her through her options and help her find the solution that would work best for her home.

Talking with a Doors Plus specialist about her vision for the space, her specifications, and the various pros and cons of each of the options, Kate settled on her perfect match. As she puts it, “I fell in love with their bi-fold doors.” She opted for the stylish Bona Vista aluminium and glass bi-fold doors because they would flood her living space with natural light, and give her the option of spacious, open plan living that flows seamlessly from inside to out: “My favourite part of the new install would have to be the flexibility to open them right up. It just creates a whole new environment.” These doors suited Kate because they are sleek and contemporary, but also subtle in design, and they fold away discreetly when open, so they don’t make a striking statement that might not be in keeping with the rest of the house. They are also a secure and durable choice for a family home with small children.

But Kate didn’t stop there! While visiting Doors Plus, she also chose a new door for the laundry, which backs on to the children’s play room. This was quite a dark space that needed an injection of natural light, but Kate also wanted a highly practical, no fuss solution. She chose the Harmony Venetian door, with an integrated Venetian blind encased between two panels of clear, Doors Plus Safeglass. This gave her the flexibility to open up the blind and let the sunlight in, or close it for privacy when necessary. For Kate, this was a convenient and practical option, and super easy to clean, and she didn’t have to compromise on style.

This combination of good-looking products, exceptional functionality, and the stress-free convenience of the comprehensive Doors Plus service is what sold the whole experience to Kate. As she explains, “Practicality is number one as a busy mum. You want something that you’re not going to have to constantly be working at. You want something that’s just functional and easy for everyday life and something that obviously looks nice as well.”

She loved that she could visit the showroom and view her options in person, get expert advice from a specialist, and solve multiple problems around her home in one go. On top of that, she didn’t have to worry about delivery and installation: “What I loved about Doors Plus? It was all done for me. Installation was very professional. They were on time, and they were tidy. To find a tradesman that is tidy is a bonus.”

Kate’s home is her sanctuary. It’s a place that’s full of family history and sentimentality, but it is also being filled and shaped, every day, by new memories that will be treasured by future generations. She wanted to make subtle, practical and stylish changes that would bridge this gap and enhance the environment for her family. It’s a delicate balance and a precious space that needed to be handled with care, so Kate was relieved to be able to trust the safe, reliable and expert hands of the Doors Plus team – from consultants to carpenters, and everyone in between: “They came, they measured, they installed it fuss-free. Easy.”

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