Front Entry Doors in Solid Wood, Glass Panels, and more!

Your front door is your welcome home, your first line of defence against unwanted visitors, and your protection from the elements.

The style of your door sets the tone for the rest of your home, so if it’s old and tired, damaged or ugly, a new front door could completely transform the look and feel of your home. It needs to look good on the outside, while keeping you safe and comfortable on the inside.

We have an extensive range of front door and side panel options, from stunning single or double timber doors to the superior durability of fibreglass, featuring stylish and innovative designs that balance aesthetics with performance.

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Keeping it classic – a solid choice

For traditional solid timber doors that ooze character and charm, and a warm welcome home, we offer the Pyrmont, Flinders and Balmain collections. Choose from a selection of different designs, with optional moulding, and you can also incorporate clear, frosted or decorative InsulSafe glass.

Style and security in one

Our innovative Guardian 2 in1 solution is an integrated security screen that combines style with ultimate peace of mind. With solid timber and composite options, the door includes a built-in stainless steel mesh behind extra strong SafeGlass. Durable, weather-resistant and convenient, the Guardian 2 in1 is a revolution in front door security.


Change it up with wider options

There’s no need to feel restricted by your current front door setup. If you’ve got a door with a glass side panel and want to refresh the look, check out our timber and glass Eden and Arcadia ranges for front doors of up to 1020 or 1200 mm wide. Changing up your configuration with an extra wide front door can transform the front of your house and make a real statement.

Stay cool with laid-back charm

Our Californian range of timber front doors is all about easy-going charm and effortless style. With simple parallel lines and optional glazing, these doors set an informal and contemporary tone. There is a range of standard sizes to fit your opening, but our Californian front doors can also be custom made to fit any space up to 2400 x 1200 mm.


Doors with ultimate staying power

For front doors that can stand up to the elements, whatever the weather, our ClimActive range is unbeatable. With the latest in fibreglass technology, a polyurethane core and a moisture-proof, anti-rot bottom rail our ClimActive doors offer outstanding insulation and are guaranteed not to warp, split, peel or rot. Choose from various designs and glazing options.

Find your finish

For doors that suit your home and style, our Regent range is varied and versatile. From deep square routing to contemporary and minimalist designs, you can find the look that suits you. This diverse range includes both solid and glazed options, and your front doors can be painted white or pre-primed for you to add your own finishing touch.


Sleek glass for contemporary chic

Our Hartley collection of timber and glass front doors have the power to transform your front entrance with a slick and modern look. Thin panes of translucent glass, in a choice of three contemporary designs, allow a flow of natural light into your hallway and give your home instant chic curb appeal.

Holding on to heritage charm

We offer several front door designs that embrace and celebrate the heritage character of solid timber. For a front entrance that’s stately, warm and welcoming, our solid Pacific Ash timber doors are rich with traditional charm, and some options feature a ledge scroll design for an added elegant flourish.



  • Timber
  • Composite
  • Fibreglass
  • With or without glass
  • Clear, translucent, decorative Insulsafe™, clear double-glazed
  • Single or double
  • Optional matching side panels
  • Choice of painting and staining finishes
  • Wide range of traditional and contemporary styles
  • Large sizes available
  • Optional peep hole for security

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Your front door is both your welcome home and your first line of defence. It’s best to use solid, strong and robust materials that can stand up to the elements, insulate your home, and protect your property against intruders, but you also want a door that you love to come home to. We use beautiful Pacific Ash timber for our solid wood front doors, such as the Arcadia and Balmain collections, because it is a stable and robust material, but it also has plenty of character and warmth. With both traditional and contemporary designs to choose from, a timber front door is an elegant and striking addition to any home.
We also offer solid composite doors, such as the Regent and Torrens ranges, which come with a primed high moisture resistant skin for excellent robustness and protection against the elements. Our exclusive ClimActive doors are made from a polyurethane core and a fibreglass skin for the ultimate in resilience, insulation and durability.
Whatever material, design and finish you go for, we have a range of screen and security screen doors that can be added to your new front door. Nu Breeze screen doors allow you to let in the breeze, while the Duraview flyscreen mesh keeps out the bugs. Our Ultrasafe security screen doors offer superior security and peace of mind, with a 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and triple lock mechanism. Screens are available as single or double hinged doors, or even sliding and stacking options. We also offer our exclusive Guardian 2in1 integrated security screen door in either timber or HMR skin, for ultimate security, convenience and flexibility.

For security and insulation, we recommend choosing a solid front door. We have ranges in both solid Pacific Ash timber and solid composite materials, depending on your budget and preferences. Solid doors are stronger and make it much more difficult for anyone to break in, whereas a hollow core door is made with a cardboard honeycomb inlay panel and is easier for an intruder to kick in. Front doors should also be constructed from a material that can withstand the elements, and that keeps your home well insulated from the outside in. Our solid timber Arcadia range offers strength and durability, with optional raised moulding and multiple designs and configurations to suit your space and style. Alternatively, our Torrens and Regent ranges use a solid construction and a primed high moisture resistant skin, for excellent robustness and resilience against the elements. These, as well as the solid MDF Clifton range, offer various different designs and optional glazing, so you don’t have to compromise on style or natural light in your entranceway.

The most common front door size in Australia is 2040 x 820 x 40 mm thick, but standard widths also include 870, 920,1020 and 1200 mm. Many homeowners are now choosing taller front doors, at 2400 mm, for a more grand entrance. For homes built before the 1970s, when Australia was still using the Imperial system for construction, standard door heights were 77’ x 29’ (1960x755 mm). Doors Plus products can be trimmed down and still remain under warranty, which means they can be retro-fitted into existing framework and even slightly out of square door frames.

It is most common for front doors to swing inwards. This is not only convenient for pushing the door open when you arrive home with full hands, but it’s also safer and more secure. If a door is fitted to swing outwards, this usually leaves the hinges more exposed to potential tampering, and it is also easier to close the door on an unwanted intruder if you can push it closed from inside the property. It’s also much simpler to attach extra security hardware, like latches and chains, to a door that opens inwards. A door that swings outward could be a potential hazard to anyone standing on the other side, and it is also more exposed to the elements when open. The most common configuration for a front door is where the frame has a double rebate, which allows for a screen door to open outwards, while the solid timber door opens inwards.

Front doors are generally 40 mm thick, compared to internal doors that tend to be 35 mm thick. Most external door jambs are double rebate, allowing for both a door and a screen to be installed, and these are designed so that a 40 mm door will sit flush with the framework. For a robust and secure front door, you also need to think about materials and construction. Your best choice for security, longevity and insulation is a 40 mm thick solid core door.

This will depend on the size and configuration of your doors (single or double, with or without side panels), and on whether you need any adjustments to the existing framework. Our professional and experienced carpenters are both highly skilled and efficient at what they do, and will ensure a professional and quality finish, without the fuss. They will also be happy to answer any questions as they go along.

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