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What is the Cost of a Sliding Door?


If you’re preparing for a sliding door replacement, or installing sliding doors in your home for the first time, you need to know roughly – and realistically – how much to budget.

The cost of sliding doors includes the doors themselves and the cost of installation.

There are many different factors that can affect the final cost, and certain choices you can make to keep the price down.

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These factors include:

• Standard sized or custom doors
• Material – solid timber, composite, aluminium, hollowcore, etc.
• Style of your sliding doors
• Configuration – single, double, or multiple sliding panels
• Any add-ons, such as glass, hardware, etc.
• Location in your home – internal and external

Depending on your specifications and your priorities, a sliding door can be a practical, space-saving choice or a stylistic design feature that transforms how you use your living areas.

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Read on to find out more about how the cost of sliding doors will be influenced by your goals and vision for your home renovation project.

You can also visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom to talk to an expert in person and get all your questions answered.

Types of Sliding Glass Doors

There is a huge range of sliding doors out there, for both internal and external door replacements.

Homeowners very often choose to incorporate glass into their sliding doors because this is a great way of creating light flow around the home, connecting living areas, or bringing the outside in.

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An external glass sliding door can provide panoramic views onto a garden or decking area, with the flexibility to fully open up your living and socialising space whenever it suits you.

An internal glass sliding door is an excellent way of closing off certain rooms and spaces when you need to, without blocking out the light or feeling disconnected from the rest of the home.

Read more about the different types of sliding doors for more inspiration about how they can enhance your space.

Glass sliding doors come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so there is something for every renovation budget.

Doors Plus - Sliding Glass Doors - Interior and Exterior

The frames can be timber or aluminium, and multiple panels can be combined for larger openings.

The overall cost of sliding doors for your home will depend on whether they are internal or external doors, the material you choose, and your exact specifications.

DIY Installation Costs

When budgeting for your renovation, it’s easy to forget about the cost of the sliding door installation.

Don’t get caught out!

After all, there’s no point splashing out on a stunning sliding door and then not being able to use it.

If you have the skills, equipment and know-how to install your doors yourself, this might save you some money, but be aware that it could be a more complex job than just hanging a replacement hinged door.

Particularly for large, exterior sliding glass doors, you will need to be experienced and confident, with at least one other person on hand to help you.

Check out our guide for how to install sliding doors and be sure that you’re the right person for the job before you give it a go!

You may also want to consider how to insulate sliding doors and factor this into the cost of your DIY job.

The other option is to hire a professional to install your doors for you.

They will usually charge a call-out fee and an hourly rate, so it adds to the final cost of sliding doors, but they are likely to get it done efficiently and to a high standard.

If your doors are custom made, rather than a standard size, such as panoramic al fresco glass sliding doors, it’s wise to pay for an expert to complete your sliding door installation.

Sliding Door Installation Costs

Some types of sliding doors are more complex to install than others.

A pocket door that slides into the wall will require a whole cavity wall unit to be installed, rather than just a sliding track.

External glass sliding doors come as a full unit, including the frame, whereas internal sliding barn doors can be hung on a track.
Some installations are therefore far more complex and time-consuming than others, which affects the cost.

Sliding doors sizes are also a factor – a large internal room divider or external al fresco doors are a bigger installation job than a single sliding pantry door, for example.

To get an idea of the latest pricing for different types of sliding doors, including installation, you can visit the Doors Plus catalogue and compare your options.

For example:

• External timber and glass sliding doors, 2 panels, including installation
• External aluminium and glass sliding doors, 2 panels, including installation
• Internal solid timber sliding barn door, with track and backing board, including installation
• Internal aluminium and glass Zone Living sliding doors, custom made and installed
• Single internal timber or hollowcore sliding door, including installation

Sliding Door Installation Costs – The Final Cost of a Sliding Door

Sliding doors can be an excellent choice for any home – inside or out.

Whether your sliding door replacement is about practicality, style, light flow, or sociable living, it’s a good idea to know your options and to understand the factors that affect the final cost of sliding doors.

As we’ve seen, these include:

• Size and configuration
• Material and style
• Complexity of sliding door installation

You can get a good idea of the products and styles on offer by browsing our online catalogue.

This will get you inspired to think about how sliding doors could transform your home, and give you a clear cost comparison.

Doors Plus - Sliding barn door for space saving

The next step is to visit your local Doors Plus showroom for a one-to-one consultation with one of our resident door experts.

This is the best way to get fully clued up, and to make the right choice for your home and your budget.

We can arrange a free measure and quote, and can also discuss our delivery and installation packages.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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