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Covid 19 Corona Virus Outbreak Update – [updated 31st Aug 21]

Please note that Doors Plus store in Fyshwick, ACT will be closed until further notice.

Updated on 31-08-2021

Please note that Doors Plus stores in Melbourne, VIC will be closed until further notice.

Updated on 11-08-2021

Please note that Doors Plus stores in Greater Sydney & NSW Central Coast stores will be closed until further notice.

Stay safe and we look forward to assisting you in the future – Updated on 27-07-2021

General COVID19 Response Direction & Advice

Social Distancing at Doors Plus

We encourage you strongly, to please continue to maintain good hygiene practices.

Additionally it is important that we continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Social distancing is the practice of separating yourself from another person, maintaining that distance and practicing other key principles.

COVID 19 Corona Virus Outbreak Update - Doors Plus Update

We would ask that if you are entering a Doors Plus showroom that you maintain the social distancing practice, and if you have hand sanitiser to use, please do so before entering the showroom.

We also have a bathroom available, where you are able to wash your hands before moving throughout the Doors Plus showroom.

Further Advice

Minimising disruption to our customers is very important to us, as is the health and safety of our team members and customers. To prevent the spread of the virus, in accordance to the Australian Government Guidelines, we’ve put the following measures in place.

Our team of installers have been provided with the government guidelines and will take all necessary steps to ensure our customers and they are as safe as possible.

When our installer arrives, they will maintain Social Distancing Guidelines & other guidelines set out by the Australian Government.

Rest assured that Doors Plus are taking all precautions to ensure that it is still business as usual and our approach is to manage this situation in a balanced, calm and measured way.

We encourage our customers to Wipe down all surfaces such as Handles, Keys & Locks when our carpenters leave their premises for their own peace of mind.

Under the advice of the relevant health organisations and the Australian Government, we ask you to make payments using credit or debit cards, wherever possible and limit Cash Handling during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

We are able to take orders and payment over the phone, and it would be our advice to collect the full balance prior to installation.

For intermittent handling of cash, we have instructed all staff to perform hand hygiene immediately after handling cash (either soap and water or hand sanitiser, whichever is available).

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by Coronavirus. We have great respect and admiration to all health care workers, community organisations and the government bodies who are on the front line working so hard to contain this virus.

And please if you are feeling unwell or believe that you may have potentially been in contact with anyone with COVID 19 (corona virus), we ask that you please do not enter the Doors Plus showroom, however please give us a call, utilise our Live Chat service or send us an email enquiry, and we will do our upmost to assist you.

From all at Doors Plus, Be Safe.

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