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French Door Sizes: Finding the Perfect Fit in 5 Simple Steps

Picture this: a French door swings open, inviting sunlight to dance across your floors and a gentle breeze to fill the air. 

Now, imagine another set of French doors inside, elegantly separating your dining room from your cozy reading nook. 

Whether you’re channelling a classic French vineyard-inspired escape or a sleek modern retreat, the dimensions of your French doors can make or break the magic.

But don’t worry; choosing the right French door size doesn’t have to be daunting!

This French door size guide will walk you through five simple steps to pick the ideal size for your internal and external French doors.

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5 Steps to Finding the Perfect French Door Sizes

These steps apply to finding the perfect internal AND external French door sizes for your home.

Step 1: Measure Your Door Frame and Entryway

Accurate measurements are key because when it comes to doors, “close enough” just won’t cut it!

Take the following measurements from the door frame.

  1. Height: Measure from the floor to the top of the frame.
  2. Width: Measure across the door frame at the top, middle, and bottom. Hopefully, these measurements will all be identical, but if they’re not (possibly because of settling or construction variances), use the smallest width to ensure the door will fit.
  3. Depth: Measure the depth of the door jamb. This is especially important if you’re considering double doors because there needs to be enough space to accommodate both doors when they’re closed.

Step 2: Understand Standard French Door Sizes

Standard French door sizes vary between internal and external doors.

Interior French door dimensions are typically between 620mm and 870mm wide per door leaf, with a 520mm option for narrow entries. The standard height ranges from 2040mm to 2340mm. 

What’s a door leaf, you may be wondering? It refers to a single panel of a door, which is handy to know in the context of French doors, as they often come in pairs!

Exterior French door measurements are usually 720mm to 920mm wide per door leaf, with heights ranging from 2100mm to 2400mm high. 

Keep in mind that these measurements may vary across manufacturers.

For a flawless door fit, consult with the experts at Doors Plus.

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Step 3: Determine the Right French Door Size for Your Space

Finding the right French door size is a delicate dance between aesthetics, functionality, and those sneaky space requirements! 

Consider these essential factors:

  • Room scale: A larger room may accommodate wider and taller doors, while a smaller space may require more standard dimensions.
  • Traffic flow: French doors should not obstruct pathways or restrict movement within a room. They should ideally open in a direction that complements the room’s layout and maximises space.
  • Furniture placement: Your doors need space to open freely, so make sure your furniture won’t obstruct them.
  • Lighting and energy efficiency: A larger door allows more light and heat from the sun into your home, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and heating.
  • Privacy: Larger doors mean more visibility, while smaller ones allow more privacy. Consider frosted or textured glass for added privacy.

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Step 4: Explore French Door Size Options

There are French door sizes available to fit various spaces, from small interiors to grand entrances.

Standard interior French door dimensions usually fall between 620mm and 870mm wide per door leaf, with a 520mm option for tight spaces. Heights commonly vary from 2040mm to 2340mm.

Exterior French door measurements can include widths ranging from 720mm to 920mm for each panel, with heights spanning from 2100mm to 2400mm.

Visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom to explore our range of internal and external French door sizes.

Step 5: Customise French Doors to Fit Your Needs

Do you need French doors to fit non-standard openings? Do you want French doors that seamlessly blend with the style of your home?

Customising French doors is the solution!

Choose from various sizes, glass types, styles, and finishes to meet your home’s needs.

At Doors Plus, our French Doors have many customisable features.

For our internal French doors, choose from

  • Traditional or contemporary designs.
  • Engineered timber, semi-solid timber construction, aluminium, or hollow core (a light inner core made from cardboard and a thin outer layer of plywood or fibreboard).
  • Hinged or sliding configurations.
  • Single or double doors.
  • Half or full-panel mirrored options.
  • Dark or light maple stain, signature white and various colour options in our aluminium range.

Doors Plus - Internal French Doors - Aluminium Black Finish

Our external French doors feature

  • Traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Natural Pacific Ash Timber.
  • SafeGlass™, which is 500% stronger than normal glass! If broken with extreme force, it crumbles into small, harmless granules.
  • Signature white or Dark Maple stain

French Door Sizes FAQ


What Is a Standard Size for French Doors?

The most common Standard French door is 2040mm high by 820mm wide and 40mm thick for exterior doors, while the standard size French door for interior use is 2040mm by 820mm wide and 35mm thick. There are other standard sizes available and vary between internal and external doors.

What Size Gap Between French Doors?

A gap of approximately 3-5mm between double French doors is recommended. This space allows the doors to close smoothly while providing a tight enough seal to prevent draughts. 

Doors Plus - External French Doors - Stained Dark Maple

What Is the Standard Size of French Doors in MM?

Standard heights are 2040-2340mm for internal doors and 2040 – 2120mm for external doors. Standard widths per door panel are 620-870mm for internal doors and 620-920mm for external doors.

What Is the Standard Size of a Double Door?

The standard size of a double French door (with a standard gap between the two panels) is approximately

  • 1245-1745mm wide for an internal double door.
  • 1245-1845mm wide for an internal double door.

What Is the Maximum Width of a French Door?

The maximum width for an external French door panel is typically 920mm. A generous four-panel design, with standard spacing between each panel, would take the total width to 3695 mm.

An internal four-panel French door design (with an 870mm maximum width single panel) would measure up to 3495mm wide.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Standard-Sized French Doors?

Standard-sized French doors are widely available, ready-made, and often more affordable than sliding or bi-fold doors. So, choosing standard French doors can save you time, effort, and money!  

Another bonus is that hardware and replacement parts for standard-sized French doors are readily available, simplifying maintenance and repairs. 

Need Help Choosing a French Door?

Check out our extensive range of internal and external French doors to find the dream door that matches your space, style, and budget.

Choosing the right French door size is just a call or click away!

Contact us today or find a Doors Plus showroom near you for all your door needs, from expert selection to professional installation.

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