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How Much Does It Cost to Install Plantation Shutters?

The appeal of plantation shutters is clear, from style and versatility to energy efficiency. But if you’re planning to refresh your home with these sleek shutters – inside or out – you will at some point need to get an idea of how much does it cost to install plantation shutters.

Here, we will highlight the various costs associated with installation, as well as considering the different factors that will affect the final outlay. For more information about the overall costs of plantation shutters themselves, check out How much are plantation shutters?

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So, you need to budget how much to install plantation shutters? Let’s take a look.

What Does a Plantation Shutter Installation Cost?

As a rough guide, professional installation is based per hour, and depends on the experience of the tradesmen and on what is being installed.

As ever, it pays to get a personal recommendation if you can, so that you know your tradesperson has completed jobs to a high standard in the past. Always use a fully trained and qualified contractor, rather than just going for the cheapest option to keep costs down.

To save on installation costs, you may opt for a DIY fit. But if your job is particularly complex or you don’t feel confident that you have the necessary expertise to get it done well, we would recommend finding an experienced and trusted professional.

What Factors May Affect Labour Costs when Installing Plantation Shutters?

No two installations are the same. The question of how much to install plantation shutters will depend on the scale and specifics of the job.

• The Size of the Window

The size of the window will affect labour costs because of the time and expertise it takes to get the job done right. Installing plantation shutters in a corner window, a large bay window, or a floor-to-ceiling picture window is likely to cost more because the job is more complex and time-consuming.

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• The Location/Accessibility of the Window

If your window is awkward to reach, this will make the job more complex, and may require specialist tools and equipment. For skylights, for example, an installation is likely to take longer and involve more skill, which will add to the costs.

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• The Hours You Are Available

If you need the installation to take place outside of 9-5 working hours, because of your availability, this will likely drive up the cost as many contractors will charge more for working outside of “normal” hours.

Should I have Plantation Shutters Installed Professionally?

If you have never fitted plantation shutters before, we would advise paying for a professional installation. DIY can be tempting when you’re thinking about keeping costs down, and budgeting how much to install plantation shutters, but it can be a complex job and you don’t want to pay the price further down the line!

When you hire a fully trained and trusted contractor to take care of it for you, you can be confident that your shutters will look the part and work seamlessly. They will get the job done quickly, and without any headaches on your part. It is almost always worth paying a professional to get the best outcome.

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Once your shutters are properly installed, it’s generally easy enough to fix any minor issues that arise with general wear and tear over time.

Plantation Shutter Installation FAQs


• Is it hard to install plantation shutters?

This depends on the complexity of your particular job. In general, plantation shutters are relatively simple to fit, but if you have a very large window area, with multiple shutter panels and mid-rails, this will be a more complex and time-consuming fit. There are several important factors to take into account, such as whether it’s an inside or outside mount and whether there are any obstructions. Proper installation and alignment is essential for plantation shutters to work effectively. Learn more about how to measure for plantation shutters.

• How long do plantation shutters take to install?

For a simple window, plantation shutters can be installed in as little as one hour. For a bigger job, such as a large bay window or multiple shutter panels, it’s likely to be more like three hours. A whole house could be fitted with plantation shutters in a day or two.

• Can plantation shutters be installed on any window?

Yes, plantation shutters can be fitted to windows of all shapes and sizes, including corner windows and skylights. Additional support rails can be added for extra wide or extra tall windows, and bi-fold shutters are a convenient solution for tight spots where space is limited. Learn more about how plantation shutters work.

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The Best Way to Budget an Installation Is to Visit the Store for a Quote

As you can see, the question of how much to install plantation shutters depends on several different factors. The best way to find out exactly how much do plantation shutters cost to install is to arrange for a free measure and quote with your nearest Doors Plus team. We can also give you advice about the best wood for plantation shutters and how to clean your shutters.


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