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Shaker Doors Sizes for Your Home Renovation Project


Have you been staring at the same tired doors in your home for years? A simple door swap can breathe new life into your space. If you’re looking for a stylish and versatile option for your renovation, it’s time to shake things up with Shaker doors!

Doors Plus - 4 Panel French Door - Hampton Style - Clear Gass

Shaker doors are known for their clean lines and sturdy construction. Their simple panels fit perfectly whether your vibe is a modern farmhouse, coastal chic, or classic elegance. Picking the right size Shaker door is key to making sure your renovation dreams become a reality.

Ready to find the perfect fit? Let’s dive into seven popular Shaker door sizes and the magic they can bring to your home!

Understanding Shaker DoorsDoors Plus - Shaker Door in Pantry

Born out of a religious community known as the Shakers, these doors were designed with practicality, craftsmanship, and elegant simplicity in mind. Here’s why they’ve become a favourite for homeowners:

• Design: Shaker doors are known for their clean, uncluttered look. They usually have five pieces: four form a frame around a single, flat centre panel. No fancy carvings or decorations – it’s all about functional beauty.
• Materials: Traditionally, Shaker doors were crafted from solid timber. Today, you’ll find them in both:
• MDF. Medium-density fibreboard offers a smooth surface ideal for a painted finish, making it a budget-friendly choice.
• Solid timber. Natural woods bring warmth and beautiful grain patterns for a classic look.

The Importance of Door Sizing

Don’t underestimate the impact of door size! It’s not just about whether it fits the doorway – the right size has an enormous influence on how your space works and looks.

• Functionality: Have you ever tried to squeeze a lounge chair through a doorway that’s too small? An undersized door creates a daily hassle. Choosing a size to suit your room and furniture needs makes life a whole lot easier.
• Aesthetics: Imagine a tiny door in a grand entry hall – it would look completely out of place! Door size should complement the room’s proportions to create visual balance and a sense of harmony.

Standard vs. Custom Sizes

• Standard sizes: Many door manufacturers offer standard sizes to fit common door openings. This is a convenient, cost-effective option for straightforward replacements.
• Custom doors: If you have an unusual opening, want a dramatic oversized door, or have specific design ideas, custom doors give you endless possibilities!

Doors Plus - Custom Made Shaker Styles

7 Standard Shaker Door Sizes

While custom sizes offer endless possibilities, knowing a few standard Shaker door dimensions can streamline your renovation plans. Here’s a rundown of common sizes and where you’ll often see them around the home.

1. Closet Doors

• Typical sizes: 620mm – 870mm (width) x 2040mm (height).
• Best for: Wardrobes, linen closets, and smaller storage spaces. Closet shaker doors optimise space in tighter areas. Consider bi-fold or sliding Shaker doors for even more space efficiency in confined rooms.

2. Bedroom Entry

• Typical sizes: 820mm (width) x 2040mm (height).
• Best for: Standard bedroom doorways, offering privacy and sound control. The 820mm width comfortably allows enough space for people and furniture, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms.

3. Bathroom Doors Doors Plus - Shaker Doors On Barn Track - Bathroom

• Typical sizes: 720mm – 820mm (width) x 2040mm (height).
• Best for: Bathrooms, offering a balance between space-saving and comfort. Bathroom shaker doors tend to be slightly narrower than regular bedroom doors to fit smaller spaces yet still allow enough room for comfortable entry and exit.


4. Pantry Doors

• Typical sizes: 620mm – 720mm (width) x 2040mm (height).
• Best for: Maximising space in a smaller pantry or creating a sleek, hidden entry. Pantry shaker doors are often the narrowest, saving valuable floor space. They can also be cleverly integrated into the overall kitchen design for a seamless look.

5. Large Openings (e.g. Dining Room)

• Typical sizes: Single doors: 820mm – 920mm (width) x 2040mm (height). Double doors can use two standard-width doors for wider openings.
• Best for: Creating a grand entrance to dining rooms, living spaces, or studies. Oversized single Shaker doors add a touch of drama, while double doors give a classic, symmetrical look perfect for formal spaces.

Doors Plus - Double Shaker Doors

6. Laundry Doors

• Typical sizes: 720mm – 820mm (width) x 2040mm (height).
• Best for: Dedicated laundry rooms or laundry closets. These sizes usually align with bathroom doors for design consistency and to accommodate the installation or removal of appliances.

7. Hallway Doors

• Typical sizes: 820mm (width) x 2040mm (height) – standard bedroom door size. Larger hallways may use wider single or double doors.
• Best for: Dividing spaces along a hallway, such as closets or small rooms. Shaker doors help create visual rhythm and a sense of order in long hallways.

Custom Sizing Options

While standard sizes work well for many renovations, sometimes a custom approach makes all the difference. Here’s when you might want to consider custom Shaker doors:

• Unusual door openings: If your home has doorways that fall outside standard measurements, custom sizing guarantees a perfect fit.
• Unique design vision: Maybe you dream of a grand, oversized Shaker door for a dramatic entryway or a slim, space-saving door for a tiny under-stair nook. Custom doors bring these visions to life.
• Matching existing doors: If you’re renovating only part of your home, custom sizing can help new Shaker doors blend seamlessly with your older doors.

At Doors Plus, we understand the importance of getting the sizing just right. Our team is here to guide you through the entire custom door process. We’ll start by taking precise measurements of your door openings to find the ideal custom door size for your space.

Doors Plus - Shaker Doors in Bathroom - Before-After

Need help envisioning the perfect door? We’ll offer design guidance, helping you choose the right style of Shaker door and those perfect proportions that will truly bring your renovation vision to life.

Finally, rest assured that your custom Shaker doors are built to the highest standards. Expect quality craftsmanship, durability, and a beautiful, tailor-made finish for your home.

Transform Your Space With the Perfect Shaker Door

Ready to see your renovation dreams become a reality? Shaker doors offer timeless style and incredible adaptability, perfect for revamping any room in your home. Their simple elegance complements every design taste, whether you dream of a minimalist space or a cozy, classic look.

The key to a successful transformation is finding a Shaker door that fits both your space and vision. Need extra room? Consider a narrow Shaker door. Aiming for a grand entryway? Go for an oversized statement piece!

Ready to find your perfect match? Visit your local Doors Plus showroom. Explore our range of Shaker doors, visualise them in your own home, and get a free measure and quote. From there, let us help you bring your renovation vision to life!

FAQs About Shaker Doors Sizes

What Is the Width of a Shaker Door?

Shaker doors come in a variety of standard widths. Common widths include 620mm for closets, 720mm – 820mm for bathrooms and bedrooms, and 820mm – 870mm for larger spaces like dining rooms.

Don’t forget that custom sizing is always an option for those unique doorways or extra-dramatic looks!

Doors Plus - Shaker Door on Barn Track with Glass Panel

How Much a Shaker Door Can Be Trimmed?

Doors Plus Shaker doors can be trimmed upto 20mm off top or bottom and 10mm off sides, which gives more flexibility than other door manufacturers in the marketplace.

How Thick Should Shaker Doors Be?

The ideal thickness for a Shaker door depends on its material and intended use. MDF Shaker doors are often around 35mm thick, offering a solid construction while remaining budget-friendly. Generally this is the thickness of interior doors in Australia.

How Many Panels Does a Shaker Door Have?

The classic Shaker door design features five pieces. Four pieces form the frame (the stiles and rails), with a single, recessed panel in the centre. This clean, uncluttered design is a hallmark of the Shaker style! Although there are many shaker designs now, with multiple recessed panels, with and without glass, and even mirror options on one side.

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