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Wooden Door Designs For Your Home

Wood is a versatile natural material for doors in and around the home, balancing style with functionality.

There is a huge range of different types of wood doors for both interior and exterior entrances, constructed from different kinds of natural wood materials – from lightweight pine to rich mahogany.

You can find out more about the character and benefits of each type of wood here.

Wooden doors offer many different designs to complement both heritage and contemporary style homes, and can be finished in a classic stain or a modern tone to complete the look.

Here, we will introduce some popular wooden door styles to refresh or update your home.

Barn Doors

The latest wooden door design for homes across Australia is the barn door trend – and it’s easy to see why.

Engineered Pacific Ash timber in a range of rustic barn door designs can complement a traditional or country home, or create a standout design feature in a stylish contemporary scheme.

Barn doors can be installed as hinged or sliding doors between rooms, giving you the flexibility to close off smaller, more intimate spaces when it suits you or to throw your doors open for light and flow between living spaces.

Sliding panels sit flush against the wall when open, creating an eye-catching feature wall in their own right.

Many homeowners choose to install barn doors as a stunning bedroom entrance, or even as statement wardrobe doors.

As well as a choice of wooden barn door designs, you can select hardware to complete the look you want to achieve – whether that’s a classic black carbon track or sleek stainless steel.

You also have the flexibility to stain your doors and bring out the natural wood grain of the Pacific Ash veneer skin, or paint them for a clean and modern effect.

Doors Plus - Barn Doors - Painted White - Stained

French Doors

French doors are a timeless wooden door design for home style that never goes out of fashion.

The combination of engineered timber frames and glass panels allows a flow of natural light between living areas, even when your doors are closed.

The continental charm of these elegant doors suits both traditional and contemporary homes, with their understated and effortless style.

Designs range from a single large glass pane to multiple smaller panes, and you can choose either clear or translucent glass to balance light flow and privacy.

Double glazing offers excellent insulation, and the frames can be stained or painted to complete the look.

If you’re looking for the latest wooden door design for homes around Australia, the French style is sure to be on the list.

Doors Plus - French Doors - External - Internal

Contemporary Style

Incorporating glass into timber doors is a great way of achieving a more modern wooden door design for homes with a contemporary style.

Clear or translucent glass makes for a fresh, airy and open feel around the home, and a flow between rooms.

Clean lines and subtle routing can create a sleek and modern look, and many homeowners are choosing extra wide front entry doors in a contemporary style to make even more of a statement.

At Doors Plus, we have a range of contemporary front and back entry doors that combines Pacific Ash timber with thin, subtle panes of glass.

Doors Plus - Hamptons Door - Before - AfterDoors Plus - 4 Panel Solid Wood Door on Barn Track - Before - After

Our chic Hamptons collection of contemporary wooden internal doors features clean lines and sleek glazing to suit modern interiors and design schemes.

Wood doors can be painted white, for a clean and contemporary finish, or you can really make your doors stand out in the colour of your choice.

Traditional Doors

The natural character and quality of Pacific Ash makes these doors an ideal fit for traditional style homes.

A classic 4 panel design can work throughout the interior, and an elegant front entry door can put the finishing touch on a traditional exterior.

The timeless Shaker style really leans into the classic charm of wood doors, with panelling and square moulding in a range of solid, glazed or mirrored designs.

Doors Plus - Door Style Featuring Solid Panels and Glass Panels

Beautifully engineered timber with a Pacific Ash veneer skin, our traditional wooden doors can be stained to enhance the grain of the wood, with either a light or dark finish to suit your home style.

Panelled wooden doors are popular as external entry doors, in every room of the house, and even as hinged or folding wardrobe doors.

The time-honoured aesthetic of Pacific Ash, as well as the strength, durability and insulation capabilities of these doors, makes them a classic choice for the family home.

Wooden Door Design FAQs

• Which door is best for a main door?

For a main front entry door, or a door that gets a lot of traffic and usage, it’s important to balance visual appeal with durability and performance. Wooden doors make a good choice because they add curb appeal and – if treated well – are built to last. You can find a wooden door design for homes of all types and styles, and finish with the stain or colour of your choice to achieve the look you want. If your hallway or living areas could do with more natural light, it’s a good idea to choose a door that incorporates one or more glazed panels.

• How do I choose a house door?

When choosing a new door for the exterior or interior of your home, you need to consider the available space, the functionality of the door, the look you want to achieve, and your budget. There are many different materials to choose from, each with their own features and benefits, as well as a wide range of design options. Find out more about wood doors sizes and the cost of wood doors, or speak to a door specialist and browse the various options in person.

• How do you hang a barn door?

Barn doors can be hung on a sliding track, to sit flush against the wall when open, or installed as single or double hinged doors. At Doors Plus, the tracking system is supplied with your doors, and we can arrange for one of our professional carpenters to hang them for you. You can find out more about how to install wood doors if you think you may have the skills and experience to do it yourself.

Doors Plus - Installer Hanging Barn Door (2)

Is It Time to Replace Your Doors?

If your old doors are letting you down in terms of style or performance, it might be time for something new.

If draughts or poor insulation are the problem, you can find out more about how to insulate wood doors to see if there’s an easy fix, but if you’re ready for something new there’s a whole world of style and design options out there.

Whatever you want to achieve with your new doors – whether it’s a simple replacement or a more extensive home renovation – the experts at Doors Plus are here to help.

Visit your nearest showroom to explore our wooden door designs for yourself, and get all your questions answered in a one-on-one consultation with a specialist.

We’ll help you find your match!

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