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1001+ Ideas for Wardrobe Doors and More

You’ve searched through the plethora of ideas, the thousands of images and concepts for wardrobe doors on websites and social media.

  • Mirrored options
  • Timber options
  • MDF Options
  • Large
  • Small
  • Wide
  • Tight

The list goes on…

But have you considered having just any old door as a wardrobe door? Follow the K.I.S.S Principle – Keep it Simple Savvy. [we replaced stupid with savvy, sounds nicer]


Do your wardrobe doors take up too much space when they are open, or do your existing sliding wardrobes just need a little bit of a revamp?

The doors plus wardrobe system is centred around an easy to use track assembly which allows you to put any standard sized internal doors into a sliding cupboard situation. That means for openings of around twenty-one hundred millimetres high or twenty-four hundred millimetres high we will have door options for you to choose from.

The doors run easily on fitted rollers at the bottom of the door. And are easily adjusted in height, the top track is there simply as a guide.

With any wardrobe unit the doors must overlap each other by at least 25mm. The wardrobe system is available in 2 door set ups, giving you access to half of the space at any time, 3 door units giving you access at any time to 1/3 of the space or 4 door units allowing access to half of the available space.


Any interior door in the Doors Plus range can be used in the wardrobe tracking system, which means that all of your interior doors can be matching. Choose from plain flat interior doors, or panelled doors that can be used to create a feature in your bedroom. But why limit yourself to the bedroom, maybe you have a hallway cupboard or a hidden laundry that could use these.

The only thing necessary is that the bottom of each door needs to be routed to take the roller housing, you can do this at home if your handy, we can supply the doors pre-routed or you can choose to have the complete unit fitted by one of our qualified tradesmen.

Please have a look at the working display in a showroom near you and remember that all of the interiors doors that you see throughout the showroom can be used with our sliding wardrobe system.


Doors Plus