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How To Update Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors are a great way to save space and add functionality to your living areas and storage spaces, but they can become tired and outdated over time. Luckily, there are some easy and affordable ways to update or enhance your bifold closet doors and transform the look and feel of your space. Here are 4 ideas for how to update bifold closet doors or how to diy bifold doors for a fresh new look.
Idea 1 – Make Bifold Closet Doors Into Sliding Doors
This can be a great option if you want to maintain the functionality of the doors while achieving a more sleek and modern look. Sliding doors are also great if you have limited space in your room, as they do not require as much clearance as bifolds.


To make the conversion, you will need to remove existing bifold doors and track system. You will then need to install a sliding door track system and attach the new doors. This can be done with basic tools and can usually be completed in a day.
Idea 2 – Enhance Your Door with Decorative Hardware
Switching up the hardware on your bifold closet doors can give them a whole new look and feel, without the need for a major renovation. This can include handles, hinges, or even a fresh coat of paint. This is a quick and easy go-to for how to update bifold closet doors and you will be amazed at the difference it can make.

If your room has a modern feel, consider sleek, minimalist hardware. For a traditional home and décor, you can lean into this aesthetic with more ornate and decorative hardware. A chrome finish gives a contemporary edge, while brass or a matt black finish can complement a classic scheme.
Idea 3 – Install/Replace the Trim Around the Door
If you want an idea for how to update bifold closet doors without touching the doors themselves, consider the impact of the trim around your opening. Updating the trim can give your bifold doors a whole new lease of life. This can be done by installing new trim or replacing the existing trim with a different style. You can also paint the trim to give it a new colour and finish.

As with hardware, your choice of trim should complement your home style and décor. There are various styles available, from ornate and intricate to subtle and minimalist, and your choice of paint or stain is the finishing touch on the effect you want to create. Learn more about how to frame a closet for bifold doors.
Idea 4 – Replace Them with Trendy New Doors
For a more dramatic change, consider replacing your bifold closet doors with new doors that are on trend. Some popular options include barn doors, shaker-style doors, or mirrored doors. This can completely transform the look and feel of your closet and can be a great way to add a focal point to your room.

If you’re going to diy bifold doors without track, make sure you have the tools and know-how to get the job done right. Learn how to work out what size bifolds you need and how to trim your doors if necessary. Otherwise, call in a professional to install your new doors – no fuss.
Looking To Replace Outdated Doors?
Updating your bifold closet doors doesn’t have to mean a major renovation. Small, easy and affordable changes can make the world of difference! If you’re looking to make a bigger change, you may want to buy a diy bifold door kit and follow our step by step instructions for how to install bifold doors.

If you’re looking to buy a new set of doors for your storage space and want to know more about your options, the specialists at Doors Plus can give you advice about the standard bifold door sizes, how to measure for bifold closet doors, and how much to budget for new bifolds.

Still not sure how to update bifold closet doors on a budget, or want some bifold door replacement ideas? Talk to one of our experts at your nearest Doors Plus showroom and we can help you find the right solution for your home.

Sliding Door Ideas for the Living Room

Your living room is at the heart of your home, for family time, socialising, hosting and entertaining. Sliding doors can be a great addition to your living area, bringing both style and functionality to the space. From sliding door room dividers to double sliding doors for closets, they can provide a sleek and modern look, while also saving space and giving you flexibility. Here, we’ll explore some sliding door ideas for living rooms, as well as some tips for selecting the right size and style for your space.

Can You Put a Sliding Door in a Living Room?
Yes, sliding doors can be an excellent option for living rooms as they provide privacy and separation between spaces, while giving the flexibility for openness and natural light flow. Sliding doors have the added benefit of making your rooms feel bigger and more spacious as they don’t take up floor space when open.

Sliding doors can be used to close off storage, but they also work well as sliding room dividers. A partition sliding door for a living room can be used to close off a more cosy and intimate space from the dining room or kitchen area, for example.

There is a wide range of sliding doors to discover, in various materials, configurations and designs, so you can choose the look and functionality that suits your space. Here are some of our favourite sliding door ideas for living rooms.
5 Sliding Door Ideas

Barn Doors:
Barn doors are a popular option for sliding doors in living rooms as they provide a rustic charm and rich warmth. At Doors Plus, we have a range of different barn door designs to choose from, as well as various finish options for your handles and hardware to complete the look.

Pocket Doors:
Pocket doors are a great option for living rooms where space is at a premium. These doors slide into the wall when not in use, allowing you to maximize your living room space. You could even go for a double set of pocket doors to infuse your living room with added continental chic.

Glass Doors:
Glass doors can enhance a sleek and contemporary look in your living room. They allow plenty of natural light to flow through the space, uplifting your living area and making it feel more spacious and airy. With glass doors, you can separate your living spaces without blocking out the light, and enjoy interconnected living even when your doors are closed.


Al Fresco Sliding Doors:
More and more homeowners are choosing double sliding doors externally, to lead from your living room to a patio or decking area. You can even combine multiple sets of sliding doors to create a full panoramic effect, flooding your living space with natural light and bringing the outside in when it suits you.

Zone Living:
Sliding room dividers are one of our favourite sliding door ideas for living rooms that are large and open plan. These moveable walls give you the flexibility to separate larger spaces into smaller rooms when you need. Glass zone living doors maintain the spacious, open plan feel, while making your living spaces more usable and functional. They are also a contemporary style statement in their own right, with sleek aluminium frames in a choice of finish options.

FAQs About Sliding Doors in Living Rooms
What standard sizes are living room sliding doors?
Living room sliding doors are available in a wide range of standard sizes, or can be custom made to suit your space. The standard heights are 2040, 2120 and 2340 mm, and standard widths are 920, 870, 820, 770, 720, 620 and 520 mm, but not all sizes are available across all ranges.
What style of interior doors are popular now?
Currently, some of the most popular interior door styles are modern and minimalistic. Clean lines, simple designs, and neutral colours are all popular choices for interior doors. However, more traditional styles such as barn doors and French doors show no signs of going out of favour with Australian homeowners!
How much space do you need for a sliding door?
The amount of space you need for a sliding door depends on the style of the door and the size of the opening. For example, a pocket door requires enough space in the wall for the door to slide into when open. Alternatively, sliding doors need enough wall space on either side of the entrance to fully open, as they slide along the wall to give access to the opening. One of the benefits of sliding doors is that they don’t swing into the room and take up floor space.
What is the formula for sliding doors?
There is no specific formula for sliding doors, as the size and design of the door will depend on the size of the opening and your specific needs. However, most sliding doors come with instructions on how to measure and install the door properly. If you are planning a DIY job, learn more about how to get a sliding door back on track, and how to frame a sliding glass door.
What is the most popular interior door style in 2023?
The barn door trend is a prime example of one of the most popular interior styles this year. This type of sliding door offers a wide range of design options, from the classic and rustic to the contemporary and minimalist, as well as a choice of stainless steel or black carbon hardware. Many homeowners are opting for a clean, white finish for their interior doors, and glass remains popular for light flow and a feel of interconnected living.
Do You Need Help with Sliding Door Ideas for Your Living Room?
For more sliding door ideas for living rooms, visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom and explore our full range in person. We have a wide selection of materials and designs on offer in standard sliding door sizes, ready to install in your home, as well as custom made sliding doors to fit your space.

Our friendly team of experts can also give you more information about the cost of sliding doors to help you budget for your living room transformation.

Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors: New Looks for 2023

Sliding glass doors have the power to transform your indoor living spaces with light and flow, uplift your rooms, and bring the outside in. If you’re not currently getting the best out of your doors, some small adjustments could make all the difference.

Whether you want to know how to make your sliding glass doors look better with curtains, shades or other window treatments, or you want practical advice about how to boost the functionality and performance of your doors, we’re here to offer some ideas for sliding glass doors from the experts at Doors Plus.

We will cover some of the most popular and effective window covering ideas for sliding glass doors, as well as weather-stripping and maintenance tips. If you think you may need new sliding glass doors, we can help with that too!
1. Make Your Door More Adaptable with Light-Blocking Curtains
One of the appeals of sliding glass doors is that they let in plenty of light and make your living areas feel bright and airy, but this can also become a drawback. Rooms that get a lot of intense sunlight throughout the day can begin to feel hot and stuffy, and direct sunlight can also cause some furnishings to fade.

Light-blocking curtains are an effective solution for controlling the amount of light entering a room, giving you greater flexibility and privacy, and making your sliding doors work for you. There are several different curtain ideas for sliding glass doors so you can choose the right solution for your home – some curtains are designed to block out all light when closed, while others are semi-sheer and allow some light to filter through.

The benefits of light-blocking curtains include:

Keeping a room cool in the summer by blocking the sun’s rays.
Providing privacy, especially when the room is near a busy street or neighbour’s window.
Adding a decorative touch to your sliding doors, with various styles and colours to choose from.

Be sure to choose curtains that won’t interfere with the functionality of the doors – for example, use tiebacks to keep them out of the way when open. You can also make your doors more adaptable by exploring a wide range of other window treatment ideas for sliding glass doors, including roller shades and sliding shutters to balance design aesthetic with functionality.
2. Improve Insulation with New Framework
Many homeowners choose to replace windows or solid doors with sliding glass doors, for greater flexibility and flow between inside and outside spaces. The downside is that this can have an impact on heat loss if your doors are not properly insulated. This can make your home feel cool and draughty, and also result in higher energy bills.

If this is an issue for you, a relatively simple way to improve the insulation of your sliding glass doors is to install new weather-stripping or replace the framework altogether.

Weather-stripping comes in various materials, including foam, rubber, and vinyl. When choosing weather-stripping, consider the size of the gaps and cracks around the door and your local climate. Otherwise, you can install new framework in wood (a natural insulator) or aluminium (especially suited to extreme climates). The new frame should be airtight, with no gaps or cracks that can allow air in or out of the room. Find out more about how to frame a sliding glass door.
3. Catch More Natural Light with a Newly-Sized Door
If your current sliding glass door isn’t quite up to the task and your living space doesn’t get enough light, consider installing a larger door or double set of sliding doors. It’s no surprise that adding a larger area of glass will maximise the amount of natural light flowing into your room and can make the space feel bigger, brighter and more spacious.

For rooms that don’t tend to get a lot of natural light, a larger set of sliding glass doors can be an excellent solution. If concerns about privacy are holding you back, and especially if your doorway is overlooked, you can consider a sliding door with opaque or frosted glass panels to get the best of both worlds. This is also an effective solution if you want privacy between living areas.

At Doors Plus, we have a wide range of sliding glass door options to suit the style of your home and accommodate your practical requirements. You can choose timber or aluminium frames, with various finish options. These doors are made to measure, and multiple panels can be combined for a wall-to-wall opening.
4. Remove Frustration by Completing Overdue Repairs/Maintenance
One of the joys of a sliding glass door is that it gives you flexibility and convenience. It should slide smoothly to open or close, so that you can seamlessly flow between living spaces and invite the outside in when it suits you.

However, if your doors are not functioning properly, this can become a major frustration. If they are difficult to open or close, or come off their track, they are not only a pain to use but can also become draughty and pose a security risk. The good news is that some fairly simple maintenance and repairs can help to prevent and alleviate these issues, and keep your doors functioning effectively.

You should regularly inspect the door and track for any damage or debris, and clean as necessary. Lubricate the track and hinges to ensure smooth movement, and tighten any loose screws or bolts. If you need to take your doors off to fully clear and lubricate the track, you can follow our instructions for how to take sliding doors off and how to get a sliding door back on track.

If the damage is beyond repair, it may be time to replace your sliding glass door altogether and reap the full benefits of this timeless and practical door style.

Do You Need Better Sliding Doors?
If you think your sliding glass door needs a boost in terms of functionality or aesthetic appeal, there are several simple improvements you can make to your existing setup. Whether it’s window coverings ideas for sliding glass doors, or fixing practical issues with the framework or doors themselves, you may find that you can give them a new lease of life.

It may be that you need to go a step further and replace your tired old sliding glass doors with something new, fresh and fully functional to really get the benefits – from visual appeal and light flow to practical convenience and insulation. At your nearest Doors Plus showroom, our friendly door experts would be happy to talk you through the sliding glass door options in our extensive range, as well as giving you more information about how much sliding doors cost.

We can give you ideas for replacing sliding glass doors and help you find the right solution to transform your home.


How To Make Sliding Glass Doors Look Better

Sliding glass doors can be both a beautiful and practical addition to any home, but over time they can start to look worn and dated. However, with a few simple upgrades, you can make your sliding glass doors look better – inside and out – and even add value to your home.

Here are 5 ideas for how to make sliding glass doors look better.
Create a New Look with New Hardware
One of the simplest and quickest ways to update your sliding glass doors is to change the hardware. Old, damaged or worn hardware can make your doors look dated and detract from their overall aesthetic. This can impact both your interior design and your exterior curb appeal.

Consider upgrading your handles, locks, hinges, jambs, or even tracks and rollers, to give your doors a new lease of life. This has the added benefit of ensuring that your doors are functioning smoothly and keeping your home secure.

There are many different hardware options available, so you can match your handles, locks and hinges to the style of your home and décor. At Doors Plus, we have all the hardware you need to transform your sliding glass doors, whether you want to keep it simple and subtle, or make an eye-catching style statement.

Choose from various designs and finishes to complement both traditional and contemporary home schemes. Our door hardware ranges from antique copper to matt black, while exterior hardware finishes also include antique brass and stained nickel.

If you plan to replace hinges or tracks and need to remove your sliding doors, learn more about how to take sliding doors off and how to get sliding doors back on track.
Enhance Any Sliding Doors with Shutters
Another way to add instant style to your sliding glass doors is by installing shutters. Shutters can be a great way to enhance the look of your doors and also add privacy when needed. Not only that, but they provide additional insulation to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There are many different styles to choose from, depending on the style of your home and the functionality that you want from your shutters. You can opt for a homely and traditional look with stained wooden shutters, or a more modern effect with white or painted uPVC shutters.

At Doors Plus, we have a wide range of stylish plantation shutters that can be made to measure to refresh your sliding glass doors. You can even choose the width of the louvers, and enjoy complete control over light and privacy as you tilt your shutters to suit. So it’s not just about how to make sliding glass doors look better, but also about how to maximise their potential for your home and lifestyle!
Add Curtains For More Colour Around The Door
Shutters are one option when it comes to sliding door window coverings, but you can also consider blinds or curtains. Curtains for sliding doors can be a great way to add some colour and style to your space. They can make your rooms feel more warm and welcoming, as well as providing privacy and helping with insulation.

You can opt for lightweight, sheer sliding door curtains to allow some light to filter through, or heavier curtains to provide more privacy. Curtains frame your sliding doors with more visual interest, and allow you to stamp your personal style on your doors.
Reframe Your Sliding Door with a More Striking Wood or Metal
Reframing your sliding glass doors is a more involved project, but it can make a huge difference – not just in terms of how to make sliding glass doors look better, but also in terms of performance and security. If you have an older sliding door, and especially for exterior entrances, the frame may have become worn, warped or out of square.

Reframing will completely refresh the look of your sliding doors, boost your curb appeal, and also improve insulation and security. At Doors Plus, we offer timber frames that can add warmth and natural beauty to your home, or aluminium frames that create a modern and sleek look. You can choose from a range of colours and finishes to match your décor.

You can learn more about how to frame a sliding glass door, but you should also consider calling in a professional if you don’t have experience with this kind of project.
Tint Your Glass To Introduce New Colour and Reduce Interior Glare
Finally, you can consider tinting the glass in your sliding glass doors. Tinting can add a pop of colour to your doors and reduce the amount of glare that enters your home. This can also help to regulate the temperature in your home by reducing the intensity of the sunlight.

There are many different types of window tint to choose from, including coloured and reflective tints. These can usually be added to the glass in the form of a film. A coloured tint will infuse your rooms with a fresh pop of colour, while a reflective tint reduces glare.
Need Professional Help Perfecting Your Glass Door?
These are our top 5 ideas for how to make sliding glass doors look better, but if you’re still not sure what’s best for you, check out more ideas for ways to upgrade or enhance your sliding glass doors

Whether it’s new hardware, framework or window coverings sliding doors can be completely transformed with some relatively simple upgrades. If you think your doors need a more complex fix, or specialist attention, it’s worth getting a professional in to take a look.

At your nearest Doors Plus showroom, a member of our team can give you more detailed information about how to get the best out of your sliding doors, as well as introducing you to our framework, hardware and shutter options. If you think you may be in need of a complete replacement, we can advise you about the various options available, as well as the cost of sliding glass doors.

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