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A Laundry Door Solution That’s Functional & Stylish

Tired of Your Old Laundry Doors?

Most people think that a laundry should have a plain, flat door because nobody will notice it. They just want something simple because that’s the type of door they have now, so the replacement should be the same as the original. Just imagine looking at your stylish external folding door, then to the side you see a plain door. NOT appealing.

Did you know

  • There is a variety of designs
  • You can get glazed doors
  • You can modernise your laundry door

modern laundry door with in built venetians

Fancy a Venetian Laundry Door?

At Doors Plus you can get half and full venetian doors, with finishes of paint or stain. Being double glazed, vacuum sealed and having Venetians between the glass panels, there is no need to clean or worry about maintenance. If you have a laundry that doesn’t have a window or you would like to let more light through, Venetian doors would be suitable for you. Being double glazed Safe Glass you can keep the cold out and the warmth in. Having a Venetian in your laundry door allows you to control your privacy, and the amount of lighting, by opening and closing the Venetian.

Not Just Any Half-Glass Door!

Have you got one of those half-lite or third-lite laundry doors, that came standard when the house was built? If you want to retain the style, you could change it to a similar 9 panel half-glass, which would still give you the same look but changes the style of the door. However, if you want to alter the style completely – you could choose full glass to give your laundry door an entirely different look.  A laundry door could also complement your front or back exterior door. Wouldn’t you like to have a matching door for your laundry?

Choosing the Right Laundry Door

At Doors Plus there is a range of external laundry doors from which you can choose, including various designs, styles and glass options. Once you visit a Doors Plus showroom, our friendly staff will be able to help you find the right laundry door to suit your needs. We also offer painting or staining services so that you can obtain a professional finish. If you are unable to install the door, our qualified carpenters can get the job done for you. Doors Plus will also deliver your doors, so if you can’t transport them to your home we can arrange delivery for you. If your laundry door is weathered, or just needs updating, Doors Plus has the door for you.

So, don’t do what others do and get a basic exterior laundry door. Let your imagination run wild, visit us today.

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