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Benefits of having a Screen Door

Choose the Right Screen to Suit Your Home

Do you have a front door that doesn’t have a screen door, especially coming into the hot Australian summer? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open your front door in the evening to let the cool breeze flow through your home?  Screen doors have many designs and patterns from which you can choose. So if you like traditional screens to federation screens, there are many designs to suit your needs.

Want Extra Security For Your Home?

You can get security screens to protect your family, at the same time showing off your elegant front door. With security screen doors, there is no need for you, or your children, to open the door to talk to strangers when answering the door. The security screens are plain and simple and are able to stop thieves from cutting or kicking the screen in. You can also get security doors to suit double doors and sliding doors. With triple lock being standard on security doors, it prevents the thieves from trying to use the crowbar to break in.


After Custom Made Screens?

All screen doors are different sizes: taller, wider, narrower and shorter. Measuring up for a screen door should be done by an experienced installer. If the measurements are out by even a few millimeters then there will be problems, because screens doors can’t be adjusted or trimmed down easily. Most people also forget to measure the position of the screen door handle, which shouldn’t be in the same position as the main door handle. Having the work done by a professional takes all the hassle away from measurement to installation.

We Have All the Products Under The One Roof

At Doors Plus we have screen doors that you can install yourself, but if you’re not a handyman or are unsure of how to measure, we have screen doors which are measured, made and fitted. Screen doors come in a range of colours and designs with optional extras. We also have screen doors to suit single doors, double doors and sliding doors, and screens to suit wider openings.

To see our entire range visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom to speak to a friendly consultant. We have our full range of screen doors displayed on the showroom floor and our professional staff will help you choose the right door.

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