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Entryway Ideas That Add Interest To Your Home

From sweeping statements to subtle hints about your home, your entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your property. And as such, it’s their first impression on everything from your home décor to the style of your house. When it comes to making the most of your entryway, making the right impression and putting your stamp on your property, our entryway ideas are an excellent place to start.

With so many different sizes and shapes of entryway, it’s important to pick an entryway idea that suits your space specifically. For wide entryway ideas to make your space cohesive to long narrow entryway ideas to enhance the space you have, making clever choices for your décor, design and choice of door can make a world of difference. Read on for our top entryway ideas and decor tips to make your space look better than ever:

Small entryway ideas

For many homes, a sweeping and grand entryway doesn’t fit into the average floorplan. As such, an entryway can be tighter and require specific planning – making it all the more important to find inspiration and focus on making the space as light and bright as possible. While solid doors or double doors work wonderfully in large entryway spaces, small entryway ideas involve bringing as much light and airiness into the space as possible. This is also true when looking for small mudroom entryway ideas.

That might mean investing in doors that bring in plenty of light into the space, or simply settling on lighter, Scandinavian-style tones over dark woods to expand and lighten the space as much as possible. Painting your entryway a light or pastel colour can also add more depth to the space, especially combined with a contrasting or similarly toned door and frame. For small entryway ideas, it’s the lighter and brighter the better.

Large entryway ideas

While clutter can be a problem with smaller entryways, for large entryway ideas, a space that’s too sparse can feel cold and empty. If you happen to have a larger space than typical for the entry to your home, the first thing you should consider replacing is the front door – and potentially the doors into your living space. A single-width door can quickly look lost in a large entryway, but this can easily be resolved by investing in a wider door or a door with glass panelling to make better use of the space.

While light and bright colours will also work for entryway décor ideas, you could also consider investing in statement furniture pieces, like an heirloom table or bench. You can even dabble in some pattern designs to fill the space better. A bigger entryway is also more practical, making it perfect for shoe and coat storage – whether out in the open or concealed, depending on your style preferences. Rugs and soft furnishings, decorative signs, or art pieces on top of a console table can also be an excellent way to soften larger spaces and make them feel homier for your guests.

Entryway ideas for modern homes

If you’re all about clean lines and modern décor, there’s nothing like old-fashioned doors and fixtures to ruin your aesthetic. For quick and effective entryway decor ideas, modern touches such as streamlined, contemporary-style doors are the way to go. Whether you’re looking for something incredibly simple or you like the idea of bringing more light in, replacing doors can provide that immediate facelift.

Wooden or tile floors are a practical and modern way to update any entryway space, as is stylish storage designed to hide away shoes, coats, and bags to leave a clean and minimalist finish. Bright pops of colours as well as monochrome whites and blacks are an excellent way to enhance your décor while keeping it stylish and modern – as well as practical for day-to-day cleaning.

Entryway ideas for classic homes

Perhaps you aren’t so in love with the modern look, and you’re more about the classic or practical style when it comes to your home. In that case, your entryway certainly doesn’t need to be neglected – and there’s plenty that can be done to make it feel more like home. Depending on the size of your space, either a single door or an attractive double door could be the perfect choice to make the most of your entryway space.

One excellent way to unify the areas in your home, and make your entryway feel more classic, is to bring colours and patterns through from other living spaces. Whether it’s utilising the same floors, using the same wall colours or even adding matching artwork to the living room or study fair go, creating a flow from your entryway to other rooms in the home can really open up the space. Without the need to go overly contemporary or modern. Darker wood tones and classic colours are also excellent ways to create an entryway you’ll enjoy.

Entryways to suit narrow spaces

For many homes, a narrow entryway is standard – after all, it means more room for the rest of the home. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave your entryway as a blank space. Long narrow entryway ideas could include investing in a door that fits the space better, especially if your narrow entryway is lacking in light. While overhead lighting can be gloomy, lighting directly through your door can help make the space feel less claustrophobic.

Much like small entryways, narrow entryways lend themselves well to bright colours – but you can also use methods to shorten the space to combat any odd shapes. Using rugs and painting in block colours, even on the inside of the door itself, can help make a narrow entryway feel more cohesive. You may even want to consider swapping out internal doors for glass ones for living spaces to create a much-needed feel of openness.

Entryways to suit open spaces

With many modern houses having entryways that are part of an open floor plan, it’s even more essential to ensure your décor provides proper flow and is as functional as you need it to be. If you don’t want shoes or coats cluttering up a room that is essentially your kitchen, living space and entry in one, built-in storage is one of our top modern open entryway ideas to ensure everything stays in place and looks great.

If you’re going to be able to see your front entrance from most places in your home, having a door that you like is even more important. You want to choose a door that matches your existing décor, or you could even opt for a colour block contrast to make your front entryway a feature. Because of the openness of these kinds of floor plans, choosing a smaller amount of glass – or frosted glass – is the best way to let light in without sacrificing privacy.

Picking the best door for the job

So, when it comes to your long entryway ideas or general entryway décor, how do you pick the best door for the job? While many homeowners don’t think of their doors as something easy or convenient to change, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With a professional service like Doors Plus, providing an instant facelift to your home with new doors for your entryway is incredibly easy.

With so many options on the market, you can pick a door that suits the style of your home and choice of décor personally. You can even match interior and exterior doors for a cohesive finish, which is especially vital in closed-off entryways. In some cases, you may want to expand or reduce the space for your entry door, which can take additional building works but is well worth the result.

While there’s no one rule for which door to pick for your home, smaller spaces will always benefit from more light – something you can easily achieve by picking a door with glass or glass surrounds. Similarly, larger spaces needed a grander door to make up the space and prevent your entranceway from feeling lost or insignificant. As for finish and colour, that’s the ideal way to match your new door to existing décor – or even make a bold statement.

Whether you’re looking to make your entryway more practical, more tasteful, or more streamlined, the furniture you pick can make a world of difference. If you need a lot of storage for your family, built-in shoe and outerwear storage might be ideal. If you’d like your entryway to reflect the décor for the rest of your house, the use of artwork and colour themes can be a powerful way to convey that.

Start with a door from Doors Plus

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