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Front Door Design – 15 Considerations When Choosing The Right One!

As the entrance to your home, your front door makes a powerful design statement: not only is it a part of the home you see and use multiple times a day, it’s also one of the first things visitors notice when they drop by. A stunning front door has the capacity to transform your frontage, as well as give your interior space a makeover through providing improved lighting and ventilation.

A vital part of your security system, your front door can also make your home environment quieter and even help to reduce your energy bills! With so much resting on choosing the right door, finding one that’s exactly right can be a challenge. We can help! Read on to discover the various types of front door designs available, as well as information on what to consider before your purchase.

What are the key considerations when purchasing a front door?

When selecting the right front door for your property, taking the following factors into account can help you end up with a choice that’s right for you:

Aesthetics in a front door

Obviously how your door looks is critical! Factors such as the size, age and style of your property can all play a part in determining which colour and style is going to work best. It’s also worth considering what message you want your door to send out to others: whilst some people will want to make their front door a bold accent, others will prefer a more understated look.

If you’re not sure what’s going to work best for your home, our extensive portfolio of previous door projects can provide inspiration. Follow us on facebook, instagram or pinterest for regular updates. As architecture and front door experts, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding current trends and innovations. We are always happy to advise on what options are available, enabling you to have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Note that we can also create beautiful custom sized front doors which are tailored to your specific requirements some designs allow up to 2400mm high and 1200mm wide.Aesthetics of a Front Door Design - Showing Timber Front door Stained with Matching Sidepanel

Solid timber front door from the Eden range, stained in signature dark maple with matching sidepanel. 

Security with a front door design

As one of the main entry points to your home, it’s vital that the front door provides an appropriate level of security. A common assumption is that the security of the door depends on the sophistication of the lock: unfortunately, if the door materials, hinges and/or frame is weak, intruders will be able to circumvent the locks, simply by applying force to a weak point. A secure door won’t just be well-designed and made from high-quality, durable materials, it will also be well fitted.

A door that’s set within a robust frame and hung using premium fixings offers a good degree of security. It’s also worth considering design features that can make your door more secure: Clear Safeglass panels, for example, allow home occupants to clearly see who’s at the door without the need to open it. The Safeglass is 500% stronger than normal glass which can assist with security.

Consider adding a Security Screen with a triple lock system and 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh as standard, should be high on your list of requirements for your new front door design.

Showing a security screen door in front of an entry door

Security is important. Ultrasafe  security screen doors are an excellent choice in style & safety.  


A poorly fitted or maintained front door isn’t just an eyesore and a potential security risk, it’s also likely to significantly compromise the ideal temperature of your home. A door which offers poor thermal insulation means that heat is lost from your home during the cooler months, whilst hot air can more easily penetrate your home during warmer days.

Not only does this make your living environment less pleasant, it also means that the temperature control system in your home is going to have to work harder to maintain your desired temperature. A poorly insulated door can mean an increase in your energy bills, as well as creating uncomfortable warm or cold spots in your home.

As well as heat insulation, a high-quality front door will also incorporate some form of sound insulation. Particularly if you live in an urban area, protection from traffic noise is essential. A high level of sound insulation also ensures your privacy and reduces the risk of noise from your neighbours whilst carrying out noisier activities (DIY or instrument practice, for example).

an entry door with two matching sidepanels with Insulsafe Safeglass from Doors Plus

Insulsafe Triple Glazed options are an excellent choice in added Insulation, Style & Safety.


Like any other purchase you make, a front door needs to offer great value as an investment. Premium design, a solid build construction, high-grade materials and a skilled installation can all help your door to last longer. It’s also important the door has a guarantee which covers both build quality and workmanship.
durable front entry door

Durable entry door with suitably matched side panel. All inclusive of Doors Plus Safeglass. 


Some materials, like wood, require more maintenance than others in order to last. Along with your purchase we provide a door care & maintenance guide which will assist in caring for your new doors. It’s also worth remembering that some materials naturally require less maintenance than others: glass, for example, is a low-maintenance material, although does need regular cleaning in order to look its best.

Whilst natural timber can require maintenance ongoing, and depending on where you are geographically located maintenance could be required as often as monthly or quarterly.

Safety Glass in a front door design

It goes without saying that any materials used in an entry door need to be robust enough to cope with everyday wear and tear, including bumps, knocks and heavy traffic. Not only does the door itself need to be made from durable materials, it’s also essential that fittings and fixtures are designed so as not to break, splinter or deteriorate.

Particularly when it comes to glass door installations, ensuring that the glass is of a suitable specification for safe use in a front door is absolutely essential.

front door design safety is important

Safeglass as standard within the entry door range at Doors Plus.

Types of front entry door designs

Opting for a custom-built door allows homeowners to decide on a design that works well for their individual circumstances. That said, there are a number of aesthetic and practical factors to take into consideration before finalising a front door design. We’ve put together a checklist of design points that will help you decide on the style that’s going to work best for your home.

Single or double doors?

Traditionally, front doors have been single sized rather than a double installation. Whilst a single front door is still a great option, advances in styling, materials and installation techniques mean that double front doors are becoming a popular feature of many Australian homes.

Double doors undoubtedly make a strong style statement, providing an imposing feature that can really add to your frontage. They’re also incredibly convenient: when new furniture is delivered, for example, or you are entertaining and want guests to be able to circulate easily, having the option to open both doors can make life much easier.

Modern insulation and security options mean a double door is as safe and energy-efficient as a single choice. In addition, opting for a glass double door can provide a significant amount of natural light to your interior without needing additional windows. If you’ve previously had a single door, it’s often the case that a double door can be accommodated without issue.

Single doors provide many of the benefits a double door provides, but may work better in a more compact property, or one where structural issues (for example a retaining wall in close proximity to the single door space) mean that fitting a double door will present a challenge. Single doors may also be a better choice for people who prefer a traditional look.
double stained solid timber doors with insulsafe triple glaze decorative safeglass

Double doors from our Pyrmont range. Stained in signature dark maple inclusive of Insulsafe.

Single door layer or 2-in-1 front door design?

Of real advantage on warmer days, a 2-in-1 door offers the opportunity to let more light and fresh air into the home, without compromising on security.

A 2-in-1 door, as the name suggests, consists of a door with an added external layer. Fitted as a single unit, the door can be used as is, or, with an easy change of setting, used as two independent doors.

This type of door is particularly useful for older residents or those with children or pets. If your lifestyle or circumstances is such that security is always a priority (so leaving your front door open wouldn’t be an option), a 2-in-1 door can work really well.

Transparent or opaque?

Improvements in glass manufacturing techniques mean that it’s possible to enjoy doors which contain a significant percentage of transparent surface with no compromise on durability, security or insulation. With glass panels of many different shapes and sizes now a standard component of front doors, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the added light and aesthetic appeal which glass provides.

We offer doors which contain single, double or triple-glazed panels. More layers means better sound and energy insulation, which is why triple-glazed glass door panels are in such high demand. We offer doors made with Insulsafe. Designed to be stronger, more secure and safer than other glass options, each double-glazed unit is fitted with lead, brass or zinc panels.

Panels or a smooth surface?

Panels add visual interest, and are also a great way to add functionality to your door. Glass panels, for example, provide additional light as well as breaking up a single unit to give more interest. Classic doors frequently feature raised timber panels and moldings, to add visual interest.

The main advantage of panels is that it’s possible to integrate different materials in a visually seamless manner.


When it comes to the colour of your door, it really does come down to personal preference and the entire exterior of your house. We are able to stain in our signature dark or light maple colours with some of our range, or allowing a flush painted white finish with some other doors. While white seems to be quite popular nowadays, our customers opt for various colour variations depending on their needs. We can provide our doors pre primed or raw, so that you can paint in the colour of your choice. We encourage you to visit our showrooms so that you can see what various finish options we provide look like in real life.

Professionally painted and stained doors not only look better, the stain or paint also helps to protect the underlying material, increasing door life span and slowing the rate of deterioration. If you opt to paint or stain in the finish of your choice, to maintain your warranty the door is required to be sealed, undercoated and top coats applied all within the first 24 hours. Ensure you finish all sides, top and bottom and left and right faces.

Fittings and fixtures

Handles, hinges, door knockers, letter boxes, locks and latches offer some great opportunities to accessorise your door as you like. A carefully chosen handle, for example, or a detailed door knocker, can add an engaging finishing touch to any door. Door furniture enables homeowners to personalise their door, often for a modest financial outlay. The right fixtures also play a key role in ensuring the door is well hung and secure.

Have you considered front door frame design?

In many ways, the security and integrity of a door is only as good as the frame in which it’s mounted. Particularly if you are replacing an older door due to deterioration, it’s often the case that the frame is in a similar condition. In most cases, replacing both the frame and the door is the best way to create a long-lasting, secure front door solution.

There are a number of different frame styles, as well as a good range of materials from which to choose. Frames can also be selected to complement door choice, creating a single style unit.

What to expect from your door design, supply and fit

Whether you opt for big front door design, decide on a more compact model or feel that a 2-in-1 door is going to be right for you, the choice of manufacturer and installer is crucial to the success of your project. In general, to get the most from your door design, we recommend:

  • to have your front door design supplied and fitted by the same company. Not only does this mean you only need to commission the job once, it also means that the company will have done all the necessary assessment to ensure that what you’re ordering is going to be right for your property when it comes to installation.
  • aim for 100% job satisfaction. If one company is supplying and fitting, there’s no excuse for the job not to be done to the very highest possible standard.
  • pick a supplier who can demonstrate excellence in their field. Whether it’s trademarked products, a large number of positive or reviews, or evidence of extensive knowledge, well-established specialists with a track record of success are always a good bet.
  • find a company that takes pride in what they do. Is there evidence that they are dedicated to creating a front door design that’s exactly what you’re looking for?
  • using a company that puts customer care at the heart of what they do, demonstrating courtesy, respect, honesty and professionalism at every stage of your experience with them.

Get in touch to find out more about front door design options.

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