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Glass Sliding Door Designs For Your Home

Sliding glass doors are at the top of many renovation wish lists these days, and it’s not surprising. The large glass panels maximise the flow and feel of natural light, giving you the full benefit of both open plan and outdoor living, and the sleek design flatters most contemporary décor choices. Not only that, but they slide away to one side when not in use, without eating into your floor space. If your space is restricted, or you just want to be able to make the most of what you’ve got, trading in your old hinged door for a sliding one can make your home feel more spacious in an instant.

But even something as simple and effortless as a sliding glass door comes in a whole variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Here at Doors Plus, we have a glass sliding door solution for any area of your home. For both internal and external doorways, you will find just the right glass sliding doors to match your architecture, interior design and lifestyle.

We have a wide range of door widths available, so whatever the scale of your home renovation project, we can design a solution to meet your needs. Whether you have an awkward narrow doorway or you want to close off an extra-wide opening, we can custom fit any of our beautiful doors to look right at home.

We offer both single and double-glazed doors, for maximum sound and thermal insulation when your doors are closed, as well as InsulSafe™ and SafeGlass™ options. Exclusive to Doors Plus, SafeGlass™ is 500 times stronger than ordinary glass. This means that whether an intruder attempts to break in or your child pops a fly ball in the wrong direction, you can be confident that your doors will stand strong. InsulSafe™ is triple-glazed SafeGlass™, 2 panels of clear Safeglass™ encasing a decorative glass panel. This guarantees maximum strength as well as superior noise insulation and energy efficiency – all of this, and you can still enjoy crystal clear views! For greater privacy, we also offer frosted glass in most of our sliding door solutions, see instore for the full range. This allows a pleasing flow of natural light, while providing complete privacy from prying eyes.

Internal Doors

The modern trend towards open plan living offers many obvious benefits, but it also comes with a number of downsides. Noise travels much more easily, and your home can quickly start to feel messy, without anywhere to hide it all away! Finding a moment of privacy can be a challenge, when you want some peace and quiet or a bit of alone time, and it’s tricky if various members of the family want to enjoy different activities at once. On top of that, large open spaces are harder to heat and less energy efficient.

Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired! Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired!

Glass sliding doors are an ideal solution to the open plan problem! Maintain the light, airy and spacious feel of open plan living, with the added flexibility of being able to zone off certain areas when you need to. The great thing about glass doors is that you don’t lose out on the light and the sociability of an open plan lifestyle, even when the doors are closed.

When it comes to the sticky issue of mess, why not opt for frosted glass in your sliding doors, to zone off a study, playroom or other living area that’s prone to clutter. The next time you get an unexpected visit from some last minute guests, all you have to do is slide the doors shut and they’ll never suspect a thing!

Glass sliding doors also solve the problem of temperature regulation. Especially in older homes, you may struggle with draughts, and an open floor plan only makes this harder to control. Zoning off smaller areas of your living space makes it much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature, whether you’re trying to warm up or cool down.

Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired! Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired!

For all of our internal glass sliding doors, you can choose clear or frosted glass in either a solid wood or composite frame, with a stain or paint finish to complement your décor.

External Doors

Installing sliding glass doors that lead from the inside to the outside can also really help to open up your home and extend your indoor living area. You might even choose to enclose a formerly open outdoor space so that it is usable all year round. Sliding doors are an ideal solution for this as they can be fully opened on warm and sunny days, but you can still enjoy the feeling of being outdoors, whatever the weather!

External Doors External Doors

For external sliding glass doors, you can choose either an aluminium or solid timber frame. Our aluminium door frames come in a range of designer colours, while timber frames can be stained or painted in the colour of your choice. Whether you want a frame that subtly blends into the exterior of your house and looks like it’s always been there, or one that makes a bold statement, we have the doors for you!

Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired! Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired!

For additional security, we also offer sliding glass doors with safety or security screens. We have designed a number of great options that will still ensure a modern style and unbroken view, but with added peace of mind.

Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired! Glass Sliding Doors – Get Inspired!


Glass sliding doors are an excellent complement to the popularity of open plan living and make a beautiful addition to any home. You can continue to enjoy the full benefits of an open plan lifestyle, with convenience and versatility thrown in too. Glass sliding doors will transform the way that you use your space and give you greater control over your heating and cooling. At Doors Plus, we combine sleek, contemporary style with durability, insulation and security.

Come on in to your local Doors Plus showroom today and take a look at our various glass sliding doors for yourself. Our professional specialists are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you find the perfect material, style and finish for your home and family.

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