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Internal Door Buying Guide

What makes for the ideal interior door? Different people will answer this question in different ways. Fortunately, we have put together an easy-to-follow buying guide to help you secure the perfect interior door.

Interior Door Checklist – Things to Consider

Before you order the perfect interior doors for your space, you need to know exactly what you are dealing with. Follow our handy checklist and plan each element ahead of time.

Select your door type

There are a number of things to consider when you select the right door. Will it be exposed to extreme changes in temperature, what sort of weather will it have to endure. Different doors will offer different benefits and different materials will work for different environments.There are a multitude of different internal door types on offer. Take a look at our guide below for more information.

Measure up and select a size

Never order a door without thoroughly measuring the space first. We’ve included details on different door sizes below.

Assess your budget

Interior doors can vary greatly in price, with various materials used such as a Composite, Timber, Aluminium and Glass, additionally costs may vary in the accessories you choose as well as whether you want a full service or DIY. Discuss the budget with your family so you know what you are dealing with. Be sure that when you’re aware of your budget when talking to the person installing your doors so they can advise you of the best product for your needs.

Select your fittings

What sort of effect do you want to create with the interior door handles? Do you need stainless steel hinges or will traditional butterfly hinges suffice? All of this needs to be discussed to tie the interior door into the wider aesthetic of the property.

Internal Door Types

You need an internal door that reflects the vision you have for the interior space you will be working with. Fortunately, there are a variety of different interior door types, each designed to provide its own unique aesthetic. Approach your internal door installation project in the same way you would approach any other element of an interior redesign, and create a beautiful theme that runs through the entire property.

Flush Doors

Flush doors consist of a single skin, and are usually featureless. The advantages of this are twofold; on the one hand, these doors provide a sleek finish that goes well with more modern decor, while on the other, they tend to be the most inexpensive doors available.That means you get a shiny new door without being too far out of pocket. The convenient nature of flush doors means that once primed, the surface can be painted to tie the door into any interior elements or themes you wish to highlight.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are the traditional choice for an interior. These doors will incorporate one or more inlaid panels into the design, and are ideal for developing craftsman or traditional colonial aesthetics throughout a property.

Panel doors offer several key benefits for people looking to introduce new internal doors to their property. First of all, the hollow core reduces the material required and reduces the cost. That means they are economical and affordable, without losing out on looks or quality. They also provide good noise insulation and improve the acoustics of your home to stop sounds echoing up and down your halls into your bedroom or living room.

As with flush doors, this type of interior door is available either in solid wood or with a hollow body, with the hollow specification usually working out to be less expensive.. Panels may be square or rectangular, with beveled or straight cut edges or may incorporate more sophisticated design elements, like arches.

Bifold Doors

Internal bi-fold doors represent a step towards sophistication, not just in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of structure and architecture, too. Bi-fold doors utilise hinges and a top track to open into a concertina, adding a unique twist to more traditional interior concepts. Bi-fold doors are great because they save you significant space. By folding, rather than opening, bi-fold doors take up less space which can be useful if your door is inconveniently placed and can’t extend fully due to furniture or inconveniently placed appliances.

As the manufacture and installation is more complex, bi-fold doors tend to be more expensive, although the cost can be mitigated by opting for hollow body panels rather than solid internal doors.

Internal Glass Doors

Using glass in an internal door is a great way to facilitate the flow of light around a property, to give the impression of a larger space or simply to add a sleek-looking design element. Internal glass doors usually incorporate a single or multiple glass panels into an internal wooden door frame.

Glass doors are incredibly popular among people who want to let light into rooms while also maintaining privacy. They are most commonly used as doors to patios and veranda’s, but they work perfectly indoors and are a very popular french style of door. They give your home a bright and airy feel, without having to have all your doors open.

Popular glass door styles for interiors include the classic French door, which constitutes two doors with glass paneling, which open away from each other. This option is ideal for creating a signature entrance into an important space within the property.

Standard Internal Door Sizes

standard internal door sizes and their measurements

Internal doors are available in a variety of standard door sizes, with most doorways catered to. The standard heights are 2040mm and 2340mm.

Standard door widths are:

● 870mm
● 820mm
● 770mm
● 720mm
● 620mm
● 520mm

With many people wanting their own personalised option, different door sizes can completely change the look and feel of an entrance and even the ambiance of a room.

Remember that these are just examples of common dimensions for internal doors. Other sizes are available and custom doors are also available for any non standard size openings, such as our Zone Living Range.

Always measure every doorway within the space before placing an order or take advantage of our FREE Measure & Quote service after you have visited a showroom. The best person to ask is one of the experts at Doors Plus, we are always happy  to answer and questions or queries about the styles of doors on offer.

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