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Your Glass Can Be Half Full

Doors Plus has been fitting quality doors in Australian homes since 1989. We know how important it is for you to have superior doors in your home so at Doors Plus you will find our products are comprised only of the best materials. Because the safety of you and your family are important, all of the glazed doors that we feature, both internally and externally, are installed with Doors Plus SafeGlass™.

Doors Plus SafeGlass™ is glass that is tempered using a process that heats, then quickly cools the glass to harden it. This process increases the strength of the glass to about 500% stronger than ordinary glass. If the glass is struck with extreme force and broken, Doors Plus SafeGlass™ will break into small harmless granules, rather than long slithers of dangerous jagged glass that can cause injury to you or your loved ones. Best of all it complies with Australian safety standards AS1288 and AS2208.

Safe & Aesthetically Pleasing

The use of glazed doors within your home allows plenty of available light to filter through into rooms. A door set using glazed doors is often a good solution to maximise the light from one room to another. All of the glazed doors displayed in our showrooms also have the option of a solid design, by matching glazed doors with solid doors in the same design helps to keep the consistency and natural flow throughout your home’s interior.

Doors Plus SafeGlass™ comes in an array of designs and styles. You can choose clear glass for maximum light and transparency, or frosted glass will give you more privacy. There are also designs with roses, birds or tulips.


Doors Plus SafeGlass™ is also a feature of the double glazing and triple glazing option – Insulsafe™. Clear double glazing helps to increase the insulation of your home, while triple glazing adds a decorative touch by including zinc, brass and lead panels within a sealed double gazed unit. Because the unit is sealed, the decorative panels will not tarnish or discolour.

When you visit a Doors Plus showroom, be sure to ask your consultant to show you the range of decorative glass panel options available.
To find out more about Doors Plus SafeGlass™ and Insulsafe™, contact your nearest showroom and speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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