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What is a Standard External Door Size in Australia

When we talk about “standard door sizes”, we’re referring to a range of dimensions that most door collections will offer because these are the common external door sizes for Australian homes.

There are several different standard widths and heights, but the most common external door dimensions are 2040mm high x 820mm wide x 40mm thick.

Doors Plus - External Standard Sized Door with Glass Panels Stained in Dark Maple

Choosing from standard sized doors helps to keep the cost of external doors down during your home renovation, but there are also multiple reasons why you might want or need to go for custom made options.

Standard vs Custom External Doors

If your home has standard external door sizes, you can choose from a wide range of doors that are ready to hang.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching front door, an economical and functional laundry door, secure back doors, or external doors with advanced weather resistance, standard sized doors come in many different material and style options.

Buying from the standard door sizes tends to be the cheapest, quickest and most straightforward way to replace your doors, and you can finish them to your own tastes – “standard” doesn’t have to mean “generic”!

Doors Plus - External Door - Unique 2-in-1 Guardian Door

Benefits of standard:

• More cost-effective
• Quicker to deliver and install
• Fit within existing framework
• A huge range to choose from

On the other hand, if your external entrances are a non-standard size or you’re planning more of a major transformation, you can get external doors that are made to measure.

These tend to come at a higher cost than standard sized doors, and can take longer to make, deliver and install.

One of the main advantages of custom doors is that they give you the opportunity to create something unique for your home.

For example, if you’re planning to open up the back or side of your home onto an al fresco dining area, you can get rid of your standard sized external doors and create a panoramic opening, with custom made French doors, sliding, folding or stacking doors.

Alternatively, you could say goodbye to your standard front door and go for something extra wide to boost your curb appeal.

Doors Plus - External Double Door Side Panel With Glass Panels Painted White - BeforeDoors Plus - External Double Door With Glass Panels Stained in Dark Maple - After

Benefits of custom:
• Not restricted to standard sizes
• Made to your exact specifications
• Transform your home with custom made patio doors
• Boost curb appeal with something unique

Types of External Doors

Your priorities and preferences may not be the same for all types of external doors. What you’re looking for from your doors will vary depending on their function and position around your home.

o Front/Entry Door – Your front entrance door forms a key part of the overall aesthetic impression of your home. You might choose a look that subtly complements the style and architecture of your property, or make a statement with something unique and eye-catching. Incorporating glass into your front doors helps to invite lots of natural light into your hallway, and extra wide configurations can make for a majestic entrance. As well as boosting curb appeal, security is also a top priority for front entrance doors.

Doors Plus - External Double Door Painted White - Guardian 2-in-1

o Back Door – Back doors are less about turning heads and more about getting the job done. They need to be robust and secure, and able to stand up to the elements. You might choose a back door with a high moisture resistant skin, or highly durably fibreglass. Back doors with glass are also a great way to bring more natural light into darker rooms or hallways at the back of your home.

Doors Plus - External Door Painted White - BeforeDoors Plus - External Door Painted White - After

o Patio Doors – Custom made patio doors can completely transform the look and feel of your home, and the way you use your indoor and outdoor spaces. With either timber or aluminium frames, you can achieve wall-to-wall doors that open out onto a patio or decking area, for al fresco dining and entertaining. Large glass panes flood the interior of your home with light, and you can choose hinged French doors, folding, sliding or stacking doors to suit your space and preferences.

Doors Plus - Bona Vista Slider In Patio Pristine White finish

o Laundry Access Door – External laundry doors can combine practicality, resilience and style. Aluminium doors, or an HMR skin, are ideal for the high moisture conditions, and glazed doors can make a laundry feel more spacious and airy. For maximum security at this side or back entrance, you might consider a door with an integrated security screen.

Doors Plus - External Laundry Door with Glass Panel

o Garage Access Door – For external garage entry doors, solid yet economical blockboard offers security and resilience. There is also a wide choice of timber, composite and fibreglass options, and you can choose a traditional or contemporary style to be in-keeping with your home. An integrated security door goes the extra mile to protect your valuable possessions, such as tools, bikes or outdoor equipment.

Doors Plus - Garage Access Door Painted White - BeforeDoors Plus - External Door Painted White - After

Standard Door Height

To measure up for a new external door, you need to first find out the height of your opening.

Inside the door frame, run a tape measure from the top to the bottom on each vertical side and use the longest measurement. (Be sure to take into account any flooring that has yet to be laid!)

The most common external door height in Australian homes is 2040mm. Some homeowners choose a taller door for a more grand and majestic entrance, so some types of external doors offer extra tall heights of 2340mm or 2400mm.

Standard Door Width

To work out the width of external door you need, measure the inside of your door frame from left edge to right edge.

Take three measurements – at the top, middle and bottom of the frame – and use the widest measurement.

The most common external door width is 820mm, but standard widths include 820, 870, 920 and 1020mm.

Some door styles offer an extra wide option at 1200mm for an entrance door that really turns heads. (This is also convenient for moving large items of furniture or appliances into and out of the house!)

Standard Door Thickness

If you’re replacing an external door but keeping the same frame, your new door will need to be the same thickness as the old one.

Measure the thickness of the door itself, and the thickness of the rebate in the frame (which should be almost identical).

External doors are usually 40mm thick.

Thickness plays an important role in sound and thermal insulation performance, so external doors are generally 5mm thicker than internal doors.

Find out more about how to insulate external doors.

Doors Plus Can Help With External Door Sizes

The most common external door dimensions in Australian homes are 2040mm x 820mm x 40mm, but the standard door sizes include a range of heights and widths that most door styles cover as standard.

If you’re looking for standard external door sizes, you can save time and money with the convenience of ready made doors, and then give them the personal touch with the finish of your choice.

There is a huge range of standard sized external doors to choose from, from solid timber to fibreglass, so you don’t have to choose custom made doors to be spoilt for choice.

When you buy standard sized external doors from Doors Plus, they can be trimmed down by a few mm on each edge and still remain under warranty, so you should be able to install them into your existing opening and framework – no fuss.

Find out more about how to install external doors if you plan to do this yourself.

But if the standard door sizes don’t meet your requirements, or you want to do something a little different and create a bespoke look for your home, there’s no need to be restricted by the external door sizes on offer.

Custom made doors are made to measure and can put a breath-taking edge on a home renovation.

Doors Plus - Custom Made Door With Side Lite Painted Grey

Whatever your plans, you can explore a full collection of standard sized doors and custom options in various materials, styles and configurations at your nearest Doors Plus showroom.

Our door specialists are on hand to guide you through the different ranges and help you make the right choice for your home.

We can also arrange a free measure and quote so that you know exactly what you’re looking for, and can plan and budget accordingly.

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