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External Door Fitting Cost

As you compare the various materials, styles and configurations of external doors, you will probably have an affordable budget in mind but it’s important not to overlook the additional costs of things like installation, finish and hardware.

If you fall in love with a door that’s right at the top of your realistic budget, you might get a surprise when the final cost adds up.

Hardware is often not included in the external door cost, as well as certain finish options, but you may want to hire a contractor to finish your door in the colour of your choice (or do it yourself and avoid the extra cost).

When it comes to installation, if you’re not confident about how to install external doors, it’s worth paying for a professional to get the job done right.

You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to the security, weather-resistance and visual appeal of your home.

So when you’re budgeting for new external doors, you need to know the differences in cost between the various types of external doors, and also understand a bit more about how much you should expect to pay for fitting.


How Much do External Doors Cost?

Asking, “how much does a front door cost?” or about external door cost in general, is like asking, “how long is a piece of string?”

The simple answer? It depends.

The cost of external doors depends on the material and style you choose, and the size and specifications of your doors.

If you’re looking for the best price external doors, it’s best to go for standard sized doors that are ready to hang.

Custom made doors, such as panoramic patio doors, will come with a higher price tag.

You can find out more about external doors sizes to check whether your entrance is a standard size.

Other factors that can add to the cost are the fit and finish.

How much to hang a door?

The cost of fitting your doors will depend on the style, size and configuration you go for.

Single or double hinged doors are generally quicker and easier to hang than multiple panels of folding, sliding or stacking patio doors.

If there is also work to do to prepare or replace your existing framework, this will add to the cost too.

You usually pay the contractor a call-out fee, and then an hourly or daily rate, so the cost will depend on how long the job takes, with more complex installations being more costly in the end.

If you have the tools and skills to hang your doors yourself, you can save money at the installation stage, but sometimes it’s worth paying a professional to get the job done well.


Cost to replace exterior doors

If you’re replacing old exterior doors then you need to factor in the time and cost of removing the existing doors, preparing the framework for the new doors, installing the doors and fitting new hardware.

Again, the complexity of the job, and therefore the cost, will also depend on the material, style, size and configuration of your doors.


External door material options vs cost

Material and construction play a significant role in the cost of a new external door, because each material has its own qualities and characteristics.

Solid core doors tend to be the most economical, with a single door being around somewhat cheaper than the equivalent door in solid timber.

Composite front doors can at times be cheaper or a little more costly than timber as they combine the benefits of multiple different materials, and aluminium is a premium choice for both its look and its durability.

Doors with glass tend to cost more than the equivalent solid doors.

It’s worth thinking about the durability and longevity of your doors, and their ongoing maintenance, as well as the up front cost.

Sometimes it’s better to pay more up front for doors that will last.


External door finish options

For external doors that look right at home, suit your tastes, and boost your curb appeal, you can either choose fully finished doors or have your doors supplied with an undercoat if they’re composite doors.

This gives you the option to paint or stain them yourself, or hire a painter to do a professional job.

Our timber doors can be painted or stained to bring out the natural woodgrain, while composite doors can be painted white or undercoated, and the smooth HMR skin is easy to paint.

Our exclusive fibreglass ClimActive doors are supplied painted white, so they are ready to hang.

Aluminium doors offer a choice of contemporary colour options.

nullDoors Plus - Climactive Front Door - Fibreglass

External door styles

The good news is that there are budget-friendly options for a wide range of door styles.

In general, simple and versatile flat panel doors are the cheapest external door style, but incorporating some moulding and even glass doesn’t have to break the bank.

Our Regent range of 4 panel doors with a pre-primed HMR skin comes in at about one third cheaper than the same style in solid timber from the Balmain collection.

If you’re looking for something that makes a bit more of a statement, such as an extra wide timber and glass front door from the Eden range, a Californian style solid timber door, or sleek aluminium bifolds for the patio, then you will probably have to consider the investment, but the transformation will be well worth it.


What’s the cheapest external door option?

If external door cost is a concern, your cheapest option is likely to be a flat panel solid core door, with a pre-primed skin that’s ready to paint.

These come in at about half the price of our Pyrmont timber and glass doors, or our advanced fibreglass CimActive range.

• Simple and versatile style
• Smooth skin for painting any colour
• Ready to hang
• Easy to clean
• Lightweight

If you can get a package deal that includes installation, you will save yourself even more.

We are currently offering packages across many of our ranges to include delivery, installation, hardware and warranty, giving you ultimate value for money.


Check out the Doors Plus catalogue to see our current deals and get a better idea of how the costs compare.

If want to improve the insulation performance of your more economical doors, find out more about how to insulate external doors and protect your home from the elements.

DIY vs Professionally Fitted External Doors

So, how much do external doors cost?

As you can see it’s not quite that simple, and it’s easy to get caught out by the added cost of the installation on top of the external door cost.

Some packages include fitting, or you can hire your own contractor, but be sure to do your research, ask around for recommendations, and compare quotes before making your choice.

Otherwise, you can end up paying more than you should.

If you decide to hang your doors yourself, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and know-how to do the job well, and safely (find out more about how to install external doors).


For example, is the carpenter experienced with installing the door and various types of locks, including mortice locks and pull handles?

Getting it wrong and having to call someone out to fix it can end up being far more costly than hiring a professional in the first place.

Exterior doors are your first line of defence against the elements, and against intruders, so getting a good fit is crucial.

At Doors Plus, many of our external door packages include installation.

We can come to your home for a free measure and quote, based on the exact specifications of the job and the condition of your existing framework.

This means that, when installation day comes, there are no surprises.

The best way to understand your options and compare external door costs is to visit your nearest showroom and browse the products on offer.

You can arrange a one-to-one consultation with one of our specialists and ask as many questions as you like!


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