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Cost of Entry Doors

Why Do You Need a Front Door Replaced?

Replacing your front door can come as part of a larger scale home renovation, as you update or remodel your property to your tastes, or it might just be that one DIY job that’s been hanging out on your to-do list for months.

Whatever your reasons for replacing your front entry door, it’s undeniable that a new front door has the power to transform the overall look and feel of a property.

Your front door should be a welcoming entrance, for you and your visitors, and plays a massive role in your property’s curb appeal.

Doors Plus - Double Entry Door - French Door with 9 Glass Panes Painted White

It may that your current door is old and tired, and is letting the rest of the house down with its lack of style.

Perhaps you want something more in-keeping with the architecture of your property and the design choices you have made in other areas of your home.

Another pressing reason for replacing your front door is to bolster your home security.

If your current door isn’t up to scratch, you could be leaving your home, family and possessions vulnerable to intruders.

Similarly, an old front door that may be creaky or warped is likely to let in draughts or leaks and fall short when it comes to insulation.

Doors Plus - Before and After Images of Front Door - Fibre Glass Door

External doors tend to be more costly than internal doors because they are generally thicker and more robust.

It is their job to withstand the elements and keep your home safe, secure and comfortable, so they are constructed to be solid and stable.

The cost of entry doors can vary greatly, though, so it’s important to do your research and find a door that meets both your needs and your budget.

What Factors Affect the Front Door Cost?

There is a huge range of doors to choose from, in different materials, styles, sizes and configurations, and all of these variations will affect the final entry door cost.

The cost of front doors is also affected by things like the condition of your existing framework, and the complexity of the installation job.

Type of Entry Door

Once you begin to explore the wide-ranging types of front doors on offer, you can hone in on the ones that best suit your home and budget.

Material and construction play a key role in the cost of entry doors, and this affects the look, performance and longevity of your doors.

Engineered wood is popular for front doors, with plenty of different design and finish options, and can turn out to be one of the more economical materials to choose.

Solid Core doors are a lot pricier than hollow core but have a far superior performance when it comes to security, sound and thermal insulation.

You can find out more about how to insulate front door to get a better idea of how to maximise your home comfort.

Solid composite doors combine the benefits of several different materials to form a robust core, with a primed high moisture resistant skin that can withstand weather exposure.

Doors Plus - Double Front Entry Door - Solid Composite Door

Fibreglass can be costly but offers excellent weather-resistance, even in extreme conditions, and is therefore ideal for highly exposed front entrances.

You may decide that it’s worth paying more up front to be sure of a front door that can stand up to the task.

Aluminium also tends to be at the higher end of the cost of entry doors.

It is lightweight and resilient, and doesn’t rust with time and exposure, so you know that it will look its best for years to come.

Configuration can affect’ the cost of entry doors, with single hinged doors being more economical than double doors with side panels.

Another factor to consider is your choice of design – a simple, flat panel door is generally less costly than a more moulded or distinctive style, such as a striking French Door.

Doors Plus - Double Entry Door with Side Lite - French Doors Painted White

Some styles and designs are more complex than others and therefore may also be less straightforward to install.

Advanced functionality also adds to the entry door cost.

For example, the Doors Plus Guardian 2in1 integrated secure stainless-steel mesh combines enhanced security, flexibility and convenience, with durability and style.

You can choose either solid timber or composite with a primed HMR skin, and you also get the benefit of an integrated stainless steel mesh and extra strong SafeGlass.

Doors Plus - Guardian 2-in-1 Door Comparison - Solid Timber-Composite

Size of Front Door

Front entry doors come in a range of standard sizes to fit most homes, but it is also possible to get custom made doors if you have a non-standard opening.

The most common front doors sizes in Australia 2040 x 820, 870 or 920. We are starting to see a trend on wider openings in 1020 or even 1200

Standard sized doors are generally cheaper to buy than custom made doors, and are likely to be quicker and easier to install, which keeps your total door replacement cost down.

Some front door ranges include extra wide options, for a grand and eye-catching entrance.

Doors Plus - 1200mm Front Entry Door with Transom Stained Dark Maple

These doors will come at a higher cost because more materials are required for construction, and they may be more complex to install – especially if there is any structural work to do in order to accommodate the larger size.

If multiple people are required to lift and hang the door, this will obviously add to the labour and increase your entrance door installation cost.

Framework & Hardware

The most cost-effective way to replace your front door is to fit a new door into your existing framework.

This relies on your new door being the same dimensions as the old one, and on your framework being suitable.

If any part of the framework or door jamb needs replacing, you should expect to pay more for the materials and labour.

Front door hardware includes hinges, handles, locks and letterboxes, and you may also choose to add sidelights.

There are various style and finish options when it comes to choosing your hardware, and you should be sure to include these when you budget for the cost of entry doors.

Some door knobs and handle styles are more pricey than others, but the right hardware can put the finishing touch on your door if the aesthetics are a high priority for you.

Hardware also has a vital role to play in the overall security of your new entry door.

You may choose to add deadbolts or smart locks for enhanced security and peace of mind, but these will come at a higher cost than standard locking mechanisms.

Doors Plus - Assorted Hardware

Installation Costs

Proper installation can affect the functionality, security and longevity of your door so it absolutely pays to get this right.

Before you choose a contractor, be sure to do your research, get a personal recommendation if possible, and verify their credentials.

Your entrance door installation cost will likely include a call-out rate as well as the actual labour time.

The call-out fee might be dependent on the distance that the contractor will need to travel to get to you, so it can be more cost-effective to choose someone local if you can get a good recommendation.

Doors Plus - Lady at home - Measure & Quote 2

The amount that you pay for labour will depend on how long the job takes.

A typical installation time is anything from 4 hours to a day, so obviously this can significantly impact the final door replacement cost.

The more complex the job, the longer it will take – for example, if the existing door needs to be removed first, if there is any structural work to do to prepare the doorframe, and if the new door is a non-standard size or configuration.

It’s important to get a quote up front, once your contractor understands the full scope of the job.

If you go for a standard sized door, and your existing framework is in good condition, you may feel confident hanging the new door yourself.

Find out more about how to install front doors to be sure that you have the tools and the skills to get the job done right.

Getting an Estimate on New Front Doors

When you start shopping around for doors, you will find that prices can vary widely. It’s a good idea to compare different offers from multiple suppliers, and be sure to find out exactly what’s included in the price that you’re paying.

For example, does the front door cost also cover the necessary hardware?

Are delivery and installation included?

Will the door be supplied raw or finished?

You can view the Doors Plus catalogue online to compare the costs of different door types and styles for an idea, but the best way to get in the know about the cost of entry doors is to visit your local Doors Plus showroom in person.

That way, we can take the time to fully understand your needs, preferences and budget, and walk you through the best options for your home renovation project.

Doors Plus - Customer with Sales Person at the Showroom

You can explore the different materials and styles for yourself and get a better idea of how they compare to one another.

Once you’ve found your new front door in the showroom, we can arrange a free measure and quote and give you a comprehensive estimate for your door replacement cost.

This is the best way to be sure that you know what you’re getting, and how much to budget.

So How Much Does a Front Door Cost?

As you can see, an entry door cost includes more than just the door itself – don’t get caught out!

The final cost is affected by the material and construction of the door, and the exact specifications, but you also need to factor in hardware and installation costs.

If any framework repairs or restructuring are required, you will need to budget for more labour time and potentially additional materials.

For an idea of the cost of front doors in a wide range of materials, styles, sizes and configurations, you can browse the Doors Plus catalogue online.

You will also notice some limited time package offers that include delivery, installation, hardware and warranty, so that you know exactly what to expect up front.

Choosing a new front door for your home is a big decision, and it can feel pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to balance cost with things like security, style and performance.

Doors Plus - Front Entry Door with Sidelite and Transom - Stained Light Maple

For a personal consultation with an experienced doors specialist, visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom and let us break it all down for you.

We can help you find the door of your dreams, without breaking the bank.

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