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Types of Glass Doors For Your Next Home Renovation


Have you ever noticed how much of a difference it can make to a room to let in a bit of natural light? It’s instantly refreshing, uplifting and warming, making you want to spend your time there. You’ll know what we mean if you have areas around your home that are always a little bit dull and gloomy – these end up being the rooms that you try to avoid spending too much time in! But it doesn’t take much to completely transform these spaces and give your whole home its day in the sun. The answer? A touch of glass. Introducing glazing into your exterior and interior doors is a quick and simple way of breathing new life – and light – into your living spaces. But it’s not just a case of “glass or no glass”. As ever, there are decisions to make depending on where your doors are in your home, their day to day function, and your own stylistic preferences. As with every element of a home renovation, picking the right glass doors is ultimately about how you want your living space to look, feel and work for you and your family.

Types of Glass Doors

For the exterior of your home…

Choosing glass for the front doors is an excellent opportunity to boost your curb appeal, as well as creating a warm welcome into the front door way. Decorative glass makes a stylish and eye-catching feature, while clear glass panels maximize light flow into dimly lit hallways. There are also certain glass doors that not only brighten up your space but also enhance your lifestyle. French doors, like our exceptionally versatile Claremont range, allow you to expand your living and socializing space into your outside areas – onto a patio or veranda, for example – giving you more freedom and flexibility in how you use your space, all year round. Our Claremont doors offer a choice of 6 styles, including a traditional Victorian design. When closed, you can enjoy the views from the comfort of your home and keep an eye on children playing outside. When considering the various glass doors for the exterior of your home, it’s important to think about the elements. The good news is that there’s no need for the extremes of the Australian climate to put you off glass exterior doors, certain types have double glazing as an option, this will help you to maintain a comfortable living environment inside your home, whatever the weather. Our innovative and resilient Bona Vista aluminum doors can now be installed as a hinged door, as well as stacking, folding or sliding doors, making them ideal for giving external access to wet areas, such as laundry rooms or mud rooms. For added privacy from the outside, you can choose to go for translucent glass, and we can also update your tired old laundry window with an aluminum sash window to match!
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