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At Doors Plus, we offer a huge range of front entrance, internal and external doors spanning a variety of styles, colours, and applications. Doors are often the first point of interest of any home and the right choice of door can make a serious statement.

Styles for all tastes and budgets

The Doors Plus team understands that design is expression. How you choose to decorate your home reflects your style—and that style should never be limited by your budget! We have beautiful timber, leadlight and wooden doors Sydney-wide, all set at affordable prices. It’s now easier than ever to achieve your dream home.

Choosing the right style of door for your home and family

Well, before you begin thinking about colours and styles, consider your practical needs. Is security a priority? Would hinged, bi-fold, French or sliding doors work better? Which material would work best for your home? These aren’t always easy questions to answer—but with the help of a trained Doors Plus expert, and our free one on one consultations, you’ll soon know which doors are best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

If you’re serious about home security, consider a security screen door. Made from a combination of stainless-steel mesh and aluminium framing, these impenetrable screens offer a robust extra layer of security against potential intruders. Available in hinged, sliding, and large varieties, Doors Plus has security screens available to suit any homeowner’s needs.

For internal doors, Sydney-siders should consider the following factors

  • Budget: can you afford to splurge, or would you prefer a more economical option?
  • Noise reduction: how important is noise insulation for your home? Insulated doors are a great option for bedrooms and other quiet spaces, especially in homes with young children or pets.
  • Space: how much space can you spare? Do you need a specialised, space-saving solution for your small room—or are you well-equipped to live large?

Now you’ve got the practicalities out of the way—it’s time to think about style!

When it comes to external doors, Sydney locals should consider the impression they’d like to make. Bright, vibrant painted doors offer a unique and eye-catching presentation, while neutral, earthy tones blend well with any design philosophy and boast a timeless charm.

Entrance doors Sydney-wide are varied in appearance, ranging from simple wooden doors to the most extravagant entranceways embellished with intricate engravings and ornamental glass panelling, such as the elaborate leadlight front doors Sydney natives love.

If extravagance is your style, consider external French doors, featuring a stylish combination of solid timber and ornate glass. French doors are both beautiful and functional, creating a graceful blend of outdoors and in as guests move freely through your home.

For simpler front doors, Sydney locals tend to gravitate towards hinged doors—the ideal choice for buyers seeking ultimate convenience and simplicity. Available in solid timber versions or combined with glass panels, hinged doors can be customised to suit all tastes and budgets. For entry doors Sydney-style, you can’t go wrong with the huge range at Doors Plus.

Wooden doors are a solid choice through sweltering Sydney summers and cool winters, acting as a natural insulation device against the elements. Your home will stay comfortably cool during summer and warm during winter.

So, you’ve got your external door choices down pat—now it’s time to consider internal door options. When it comes to internal doors, noise reduction, space and privacy considerations come into play. Glass doors, for example, simply won’t fly for personal spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms!

Think about material and function

Simple timber doors are an excellent choice for a stylish, functional interior design philosophy. Doors Plus supplies a range of fashionable internal timber doors Sydney-wide, including space-saving bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors are a stylish choice for dividing open plan living areas, providing added benefits of extra privacy, noise reduction and temperature control. In small rooms or tight spaces where hinged doors aren’t an option, bi-fold doors provide an elegant, unique, and functional alternative.

Sliding doors are another excellent space-saving option that can be customised in a variety of ways

  • Choose from left or right sliding
  • Select from an array of styles, ranging from simple to elegant designs
  • Available in composite or solid timber
  • Available with or without glass panelling

And for simple bedroom, bathroom and laundry doors, the classic hinged door is the ideal choice. At Doors Plus, we offer several customisation options for our hinged doors, including:

  • A choice of left or right opening
  • Painted or stained varieties
  • Varied design and material options
  • A choice of composite or solid timber materials
  • Optional plain or decorative glass panelling

To enquire about the enormous range of internal, external, and front entrance doors at Doors Plus Sydney, contact our friendly team today. We’ll gladly work with you to arrange a free measure and quote or choose the perfect door style for your home.


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