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Hinged doors are a classic choice and they work all around the home, from front entrances to side and laundry doors. Your doors can be left or right opening and are available in a range of materials, including lightweight composite, solid timber and fibreglass, to suit your tastes and your budget.

You might even choose to add a matching side panel for a more grand and welcoming front entrance.

Our extensive hinged door collections include both elegant and traditional routed designs and sleek, contemporary ranges, with a choice of finish options, so you can find a look that complements the style and architecture of your home. You might also choose to incorporate glass into your external hinged doors to allow a flow of light into your hallways and living spaces.

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Supersize your front door

An extra wide front door can be a striking way of creating a statement entrance. Our Eden and Arcadia ranges offer a selection of oversized widths including 920, 1020 and 1200mm for either a traditional or contemporary home style. Not only that, but the wide opening also comes in very handy when moving large furniture or appliances in and out.

Laundry doors that work extra hard

For external laundry doors that go the extra mile, we offer the Harmony range of hinged doors with an in-built Venetian blind. This gives you the benefit of extra natural light in your laundry area, with the option of privacy when you want it. With our Guardian 2in1, you can open the window to let the air circulate without compromising on security.


A glimmer of light

For external doors that deliver on style from the outside but that also uplift the interior of your home with natural light, our Hartley doors are a popular choice. These solid timber doors incorporate thin panes of glass in a choice of 3 designs, for a sleek and contemporary look.

Doors that weather the storm

We have a range of hinged external doors that is tailor made for the Australian climate, keeping your home protected and insulated whatever the weather. Our fibreglass ClimActive doors are guaranteed not to warp, split or rot, and feature a moisture-proof bottom rail actively draws water away from the door to avoid peeling or swelling.


Solid & practical – no fuss

For those areas around the home where you just need something that does the job, we offer a selection of economical solid core doors. For laundry, or utility areas, where practicality is key, these doors are up to task and make a solid choice.

Doors that embrace traditional charm

Our Balmain collection makes the most of our quality Pacific Ash timber to create a range of classic, solid doors with a traditional elegance. Optional raised or cricket bat moulding gives extra character and depth to these stately doors, they can be finished in a dark maple stain or left raw for you to finish in the style and colour of your choice.



  • Timber, composite or fibreglass
  • With or without glass
  • Painting or staining options
  • Fully finished or custom made
  • Left or right opening
  • Optional side panel, can be hinged too!

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A pivot door swings on a spindle rather than being fixed to a frame with hinges. Pivots are fixed to the top and bottom of the door so that it swings on an axis. A hinged door is fixed to the framework by hinges that fold to open or close the door.
At Doors Plus, we do not offer pivot doors as part of our range as we have found it to be extremely hard – if not impossible – to install a screen with this type of door. Considering the climate in Australia, most front entries are installed with a screen door so that the main timber door can be left open to let the breeze flow through the house, while keeping the bugs out. Pivot doors also have a tendency to warp and require added overhead structural support that is not necessary for a hinged door.

It is most common for hinged doors to swing inwards. This is not only convenient for pushing the door open when you arrive home with full hands, but it’s also safer and more secure. If a door is fitted to swing outwards, this usually leaves the hinges more exposed to potential tampering, and it is also easier to close the door on an unwanted intruder if you can push it closed from inside the property. It’s also much simpler to attach extra security hardware, like latches and chains, to a door that opens inwards. A door that swings outward could be a potential hazard to anyone standing on the other side, and it is also more exposed to the elements when open. The most common configuration for a front door is where the frame has a double rebate, which allows for a screen door to open outwards, while the main door opens inwards.

The first step is to choose a product that has been specifically designed as an external door, and is therefore 40 mm thick, giving added protection against the outside world. We recommend that external doors are made from a solid construction, whether solid timber like our Arcadia, Eden and Balmain ranges, or solid composite materials, such as our Regent, Torrens and Clifton options.
Installing the right hardware, such as deadlocks and entrance sets, will also help to keep your doors more secure and your home protected. Most Doors Plus entrance sets have a double throw deadlock, which means that you turn the key once and the latch inserts about 20mm into the frame, then you turn the key again and the latch goes even further into the frame, creating a more secure door. 
Ensuring that your framework is sturdy and in good condition will also enhance the security of your door. 

External hinged doors come in a variety of heights and widths. The most common heights are 2040 and 2340 mm, while the standard widths are 820, 870, 920,1020 and 1200 mm. For homes built before the 1970s, when Australia was still using the Imperial system for construction, standard door heights were 77’ x 29’ (1960x755 mm). Our hinged doors can be trimmed down and still remain under warranty, which means they can be retro-fitted into existing framework and even slightly out of square door frames.

We offer single or double hinged doors, with one or two side panels. For taller openings, there is also the option to add a top light.

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