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Cost of French Doors: A Quick Guide

The popularity of French doors has never really waned, and it’s not hard to see why.

These elegant, glazed doors are a classic choice for external patio doors, inviting the outside in, but are also a stunning and uplifting solution for interior connecting doors.

The glass panels encourage light filtration between rooms, helping your living spaces to feel bright and airy, and giving your home an interconnected flow even when your doors are closed.

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There are many different types of French doors, from a simple frame and clear glass panel to a 10 lite design with multiple smaller panes.

You can choose from various materials and finishes to suit both traditional and ultra modern homes, as well as a wide range of sizes and configurations.

In this quick guide, we will talk you through the various factors that play into the final cost of French doors.

With this information to hand, you can set about finding the right French doors for your home at the right price.

What Factors Impact The Cost of French Door Installation?

The cost of installing French doors in Australia is determined by several different variables, but the key considerations are as follows:

  • The Size of the Installation

The cost of French doors will depend on the size and scale of the fit. A single door will be quicker and easier to fit than double patio doors, for example. An extra wide entryway is likely to be a bigger job, with custom-made doors, and this will add to the time it takes to complete the installation. Find out more about French doors sizes.

  • The Materials Used (Wood & Glass choice)

French doors tend to consist of either timber, composite or aluminium frames, with one or more glass panels. Of course, the material you choose affects the cost of French doors, as well as the specific nature and complexity of the installation.

Composite doors can be an economical option, but are less durable and weather-resistant for exterior entryways. Aluminium is lightweight, sleek and resilient, and tends to be less expensive than timber. Solid timber is likely to be the most costly option up front, but your doors are rich in character and built to last. Double-glazing is popular for Single Lite French doors, for sound and thermal insulation (either from outside, or between living spaces), and this can add to the cost of the installation itself as it is a more complex and specialist fit.


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  • The Complexity of the Project

If your doors are custom made to fit a non-standard opening, or installation is more complicated because space is restricted, the install is likely to take a little longer and therefore cost more. If the framework needs replacing or adjusting for new doors, or if you are replacing windows with French doors, this will increase the labour costs as it is a bigger and more time-consuming job.

The cost of French doors to exterior entryways tends to be higher than the costs for internal doors. This can be because the doors themselves are more heavy duty, for security and insulation, as well as extra considerations such as sealing against the elements, or the use of double-glazing or SafeGlass.


What Are The Labour Costs for Installing French Doors?

The cost of French doors installed will include the labour costs for the fit, on top of the price of the doors themselves.

Most contractors will charge an hourly rate, so the final cost will depend on the complexity of the installation.

If you are sourcing your own contractor, it’s always best to get a recommendation from someone you trust.

It’s essential that you ask certain questions up front and compare quotes from three or four professionals.

Make sure that you give prospective contractors an accurate picture of the job that needs doing so that they can provide a realistic estimate of how long the installation will take.

Preferably they need to visit your home and see for themselves exactly how complex the job is going to be before giving you a quote.

At Doors Plus, we offer a complete package on some of our internal and external French door ranges.

This means that you get an end-to-end service from trusted professionals at an affordable price – no nasty surprises.

For example, you can choose from our Mascot collection of internal French doors and get delivery, installation, hardware and warranty included in the price.

Our Claremont external French doors can even include new framework, if necessary.

These package deals can save you hundreds of dollars on the overall cost of French doors, as well as the time and inconvenience of having to find a contractor that you trust to give you a good service and a fair price.

This way, you know exactly what you’re paying, with nothing extra being sprung on you further down the line, and we guarantee that all of our contractors are fully licensed, experienced and highly professional. Check out the Doors Plus catalogue to find out more about our package deals, specific prices, and current offers on French doors for your home.

French Door FAQs 

  • Is aluminium or wood more expensive for French doors?

The cost partly comes down to the aesthetic you want to achieve. Aluminium is sleek and durable, and is a popular choice to complement a contemporary home scheme, while timber has a classic charm and warmth that embodies the continental chic of this timeless design. It also depends what is required from a door framework and hardware point of view, and the complexity of the project which can affect labour costs.

Doors Plus - Timber Door and Aluminium Door

  • How much does it cost to replace an interior French door?

The total cost of replacing an interior French door will depend on whether you’re replacing like for like, or whether there will need to be adjustments to the framework to accommodate your new doors. If your door opening is a standard size, this will be less costly than custom sized doors. The cost will also depend on your choice of material, the size of your door, and whether you get a package that includes installation or whether you have to source and pay a contractor to install it for you.

  • How much do French patio doors cost?

The cost of French patio doors will depend on the style and size of your doors, and the materials you choose. If you are replacing windows with patio doors, the framework will need to be altered, which will add to the cost, and you will need to ensure the opening has a lintel. The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost of new French patio doors is to find a style of door that you like and then get a professional in to measure and quote for the installation.

  • Should French door installers be qualified or can you DIY? 

If you know how to install French doors, it is possible to DIY rather than paying a professional but you should only attempt this if you are confident that you have the expertise, experience and tools to get the job done right. If your doors are not installed correctly, or not properly aligned, they will lose their visual appeal and may not function as they should. This is particularly important for external doors, where weather-proofing, insulation and security are key. Hiring a professional may seem like an added cost, but you can end up paying more in the long run if you have to get someone in to fix your mistakes. A qualified and experienced professional will get the job done quickly and to the highest standard. If you want to boost the insulation performance of your existing doors, find out more about how to insulate French doors.

Get French Doors At The Right Price

The cost of French doors in Australia depends on the particular doors you choose, and the specifications of the installation.

When budgeting for your new doors, it’s important to do your research, factor in the labour costs of a professional installation, and gather quotes from several different contractors.

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If you want to maximise affordability, convenience and quality, a Doors Plus package deal makes it easy to budget and plan ahead with complete confidence and no surprises.

Browse the online catalogue to see our latest offers, or visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom and speak to one of our experts.


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