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What Are Standard Bifold Door Sizes? Common Sizes & Custom Doors

One of the things that makes bifold doors so appealing is that they are a convenient solution for narrow spaces, where there isn’t room for a swinging door, but they also make an excellent choice as wall-to-wall moveable room dividers or panoramic al fresco doors.

Doors Plus - Wooden Bifold Doors for Tight Space

The bifold design is a great way of maximizing your living space, both inside and out, giving you flexibility and creating a seamless flow. Not only that, but bifolds are also very popular as closet doors. So it’s not surprising that bifold doors come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit these different spaces and functionalities.

Here, we will look at the standard bifold door sizes for Australia, as well as the options for custom sizes if you have a non-standard opening.

Standard Sizes Available for Interior and Exterior Bifold Doors

Standard bifold door sizes are available for both interior and exterior options, making it easy for you to find the right fit for your space.

Standard Interior Bifolds

Many standard interior doors can be installed as folding rather than hinged doors, either because of restricted space or as a stylistic choice. In this case, if you’re wondering what are standard bifold door sizes, the answer is the same as the standard sizes for interior doors in general – but two or more door panels will be combined.

These interior bifold doors will typically range in width from 620 to 920mm, with a standard height of 2040mm. At Doors Plus, some of our interior door ranges offer an extra tall option at 2340mm.

Doors Plus - Black Internal Bifold - Aluminium Zone Living


Zone Living or Closet Bifolds

For bifold doors that stretch across an open plan space to create a moveable wall, standard sizes tend to range from 900-4200mm in width. Heights of 2100mm and 2400mm are the most common standard bifold door sizes in Australia. This also applies to standard bifold closet door sizes.

The overall width of the doors and frame will depend on high many door panels you combine, for example:

2 lite: 1330, 1570, 1690 mm

3 lite: 1810, 2330, 2530 mm

4 lite: 2690, 3110, 3370 mm

5 lite: 3110, 3590, 4210 mm

6 lite: 4310, 4790, 5050 mm

When exploring your options and researching what are standard bifold door sizes, it’s important to be aware that the actual size of the opening will need to be about 60mm wider and 40mm taller than the size of the frame. Learn more about how to measure for bifold closet doors, how to frame a closet for bifold doors, or how to trim bifold doors for a snug fit.

Exterior Patio Bifolds

For exterior al fresco doors that lead out onto a patio, garden or decking area, you can again combine multiple door panels to fit your opening.

At Doors Plus, we have both aluminium and timber options to suit the following types of opening:

Aluminium:Doors Plus - White Internal Bifold Doors - Aluminium Zone Living

H 1950-2400 x W 2100-3000 mm (3 doors)

H 1950-2100 x W 2800-3950 mm (4 doors)

H 1950-2100 x W 3500-4900 mm (5 doors)


Timber:Doors Plus - 2 Panel Bifold into Kitchen Pantry with Glass Panels

H 2400 x W 620, 720, 770, 820 or 870 mm (2-5 doors)

Not all manufacturers will necessarily have the same bifold door sizes standard, so it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure you’re getting the right size for your space.

Can Bifold Doors Be Made-to-Measure?

Now that you have an idea of what are standard bifold door sizes, you may find that your opening is more unusual and requires a custom size. This isn’t a problem – many homeowners have bifold doors made to measure for their particular specifications.

Doors Plus - Black Aluminium Bifold Doors - Room Dividers

At Doors Plus, we regularly help our customers to choose and install custom bifold doors to fit their space. We have a range of styles that can be made to measure, up to 2400 x 1200 mm. For much wider openings, our internal Zone Living range allows multiple sets of folding doors to be combined. For example, 8 folding panels can fit an opening of up to 3900 mm.

We offer a free measure and quote, which involves a member of our team coming to your home to take exact measurements of your space and assess your detailed requirements. We can also help you to choose the best material, finish, glazing and hardware for bifold doors that look right at home. Once your doors are ready, one of our experienced and qualified carpenters can install them for you – no fuss!

If you would prefer to DIY, make sure to read our guides on how to remove existing bifold doors and how to install bifold doors, step by step.

For the finishing touches, check out our tips on how to paint bifold doors or how to update bifold closet doors.

Do You Need Help Planning or Measuring a Bifold Door?

Bifold doors are a versatile and practical choice for many areas of the home, and there are a huge number of options – from size and configuration to materials and finish. The details above are a guide to what are standard bifold door sizes, for both interior and exterior doors, but custom sizes can also be made to measure if your requirements are more unique.

For more information about your bifold door options, a better idea of the cost of bifold doors, or help deciding what size of door you need, visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom and speak to one of our experts today!

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