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DIY vs. Do It For Me – Which Path is Better?

 Some people run a mile at just the thought of DIY, while others can’t wait to get their hands stuck into the next project. Some find it calming and therapeutic, while for others it’s the complete opposite! So, what are the benefits of Do-It-Yourself vs. Do-It-For-Me, and is it worth it?

DIY – Do It Yourself

At Doors Plus, we can supply you with the raw doors, framework and handles and leave the rest to you. You can either collect from your nearest showroom or we can deliver everything you need, straight to your front door, so that you can get started right away! If you’re a fan of getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself, you might be tempted by this option. After all, it’s always satisfying to see your own handy work pay off. This might look like the most cost-effective choice, too, as you’re only paying for the actual product and not the time and expertise of one of our specialists.

Before you go down this route, though, you need to ask yourself some questions: Do you have the knowledge and skills required to fit these types of doors to a professional standard? Do you have the right tools on hand, or will you end up having to spend more money on specialised equipment? Will you have help? The fitting of many of our doors – and particularly large sliding or bi-fold doors, with multiple panels – is not just a one-person job, and takes a certain amount of specialist skill and experience.

Maybe you’ve done this kind of thing plenty of times before and you’re confident that you’ve got the know-how, and the tools, to get it done right. But what happens when an unexpected obstacle crops up, or something doesn’t quite go to plan? For example, we often find that the existing wooden framework is rotten and needs replacing before we can fit the new doors. You might know what you’re doing when it comes to the fit, but if you’re suddenly faced with this additional challenge you’ll likely find yourself researching carpenters and comparing quotes…and your DIY job is put on hold.

It might seem like a low cost option and a fun and rewarding challenge at the start, but with the demands of a busy lifestyle it’s easy for a DIY project to drag on and become a burden, and you’d be amazed at how much the costs can spiral. So, what’s the alternative?

DIFM – Do It For Me

We, at Doors Plus, pride ourselves on our start-to-finish service. This has always been our way. We will advise you about the right doors for your home and your family, and will then measure, make, paint, stain, deliver and fit your doors so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! We design, manufacture and deliver superior products that are made to measure for today’s homes and lifestyles, but we also want to deliver a great finish and fit for every customer, as well as a warranty on our work. For us, this is the complete service, and this the best way to be sure that you’re getting the quality, fit and finish you deserve.

With our expertise, experience and cutting edge equipment, we can update, refresh or transform your home in a day, and all without you having to lift a finger. Whether you’re updating your internal or external doors – or both – this is what we know, and what we love to do. We know our doors and we’ve fitted them in homes all over the country. Whatever your space, restrictions, concerns, or the condition of your existing framework, there’s nothing that we haven’t already seen! When necessary, we will hire a qualified carpenter on your behalf, so you don’t have to waste time and money sourcing someone you can trust.

When you go down the DIFM route, we are also able to give you a warranty for your newly fitted doors, because we’re confident in our workmanship and we know that every stage of the process has been carried out to the highest possible standard. All of this is included in one price, for the full Doors Plus service. In the end, you’ll almost certainly find that DIFM gets the job done faster, to a higher standard, with no fuss, and is more cost-effective in the long run. No fuss – that’s Us. Doors Plus, No Fuss!

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