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External Doors Built Tough To Handle The Harsh Australian Climate

Why The Need For Fibreglass? 

Do you have a door that is open to the elements?

Do you have a door that is exposed to the searing sun or the belting rain? Then a Doors Plus Climactive™ door is the product for you.

The Revolution

ClimActive™ external fibreglass doors revolutionised the Australian door market. Incorporating the latest in fibreglass door technology, Climactive™ solid core doors have been specially designed to suit the harshest of Australian climates.

Doors Plus has designed the Climactive™ Door range to include a fibreglass skin, for its added strength, which is guaranteed not to warp, split or crack. The core is made from polyurethane, which helps to insulate your home from the noise, heat and cold. The bottom rail is moisture proof, which stops any water seeping into the door from the bottom. Traditionally the bottom rail of a door is its weakest point; we have now made it one of the strongest. Compared to other fibreglass door products you may find on the market, the ClimActive™ range has trim-able side rails, making it so easy to be fitted into existing door frames and not compromising the structure of the product.

  • Guaranteed not to warp split or crack
  • Specially designed to suit the harsh Australian climate
  • Available in modern and traditional designs
  • Pre finished in white, saving you time and money

before and after blue door rotting replaced with climactive

What About The Finish? 

As an added benefit all there is no painting necessary as the Climactive™ fibreglass doors come prefinished in white, saving you time and money. Although, if you do wish to paint your door simply roughen the surface by giving it a light sand and repaint in the colour of your choice.

With all these great features you would think that you won’t have much of a choice when it comes to the design of this product, but when you visit a Doors Plus showroom you will be pleasantly surprised by the range available, both modern and traditional designs with smooth or grain etched finishes. You will be sure to find a style that suits your homes décor. Glass options also include clear double glazing, which provides insulation against heat and noise transference, great for hot days, busy roads and your pocket.

Glass Options Too 

Because the safety of your family is important, all of the glass featured in the in the Climactive™ range is Doors Plus SafeGlass™, which is up to 500% stronger than ordinary glass and if broken with extreme force, will break into small harmless granules not long dangerous pieces of sharp glass that can cause serious injury.

Visit a Doors Plus showroom today and speak to one of our showroom consultants to view the entire range and arrange a free measure and quote.


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